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Winter Camp / Movie / Winter Camp: The Movie: Behind the Scenes

Winter Camp: The Movie: Behind the Scenes

The idea of capturing Winter Camp on film has been with us since at least 1986, when Roger Horn added a video camera to his equipment list. Those early efforts consisted primarily of a lot of poorly focused, jittery shots of incessant volleying. In short, they weren't very promising.
Despite these shortcomings, filming was conducted at Winter Camps X - XIV with a near-religious fervor. In the early 1990's a serious effort was made to gather that footage and make some sort of movie from it. For about a week, Steve Donohue's basement was converted to a state-of-the-art recording studio, with multiple VCR's, several hundred dollars of stereo equipment, hundreds of CD's, and a battery-powered sound mixer that Doug Wilson's dad had picked up surplus somewhere.
The result of that effort was "The Winter Camp Promo Movie". A reasonably slick highlight reel of famous Winter Camp events (such as there were) linked with a variety of musical selections.
The movie was okay, but it left one with a distinctly unsatisfied feeling; the sense that there should have been something more

At Winter Camp XVI, that feeling came to a head and we made our first attempt to film a movie at Camp. This one had a basic plot and was meant to be filmed throughout the week. The premise was that one young camper would encounter Frankenstein's monster and befriend him. The movie was to culminate with a scene where the campers finally met this mysterious benefactor and things got ugly.
As the crucial moment arrived, the camera batteries died, but it was decided to go ahead with the activity despite this set back. As it happens, things did get pretty ugly, but not for the monster

Still this unfinished feeling lurked in the back of our minds and so, at Winter Camp XIX, we once again resolved to film a movie. This time, we were untroubled by such concepts as plot and wardrobe. Basically, each scene was shot, then a brief conference was held to write the next scene and the movie proceeded. The result is actually a reasonably good, unpolished production.

To see the "ViewMaster" version of the movie, just click on the arrow below to advance to each scene.

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