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Today's News

Paths of the Wise

To get something done a committe should consist of no more than three people, two of whom are absent.
Robert Copeland

Paths of the Not-So-Wise

Her voice had that tense, grating quality, like a generation thermal paper fax machine that needed a band tightened.
Bad analogies on high school papers

Milestones on this Date in History

1892: Movie studio chief Jack Warner of Warner Bros.

1905: Actress Myrna Loy

1924: Author James Baldwin

1924: Actor Carroll O'Connor

1932: Actor Peter O'Toole

Music on this Date in History

1891: The composer Arthur Bliss was born in London. Bliss put himself on the musical map with something called the "Colour Symphony," premiered in 1922 just before the first of his two stays in the States. By his middle age, Bliss was director of musi

1945: Pietro Mascagni, who composed "Cavalleria Rusticana," died in Rome. His one big hit opera had poured from his pen in his twenties. Mascagni died at the age of 81, his international reputation marred by his support for Italian Fascism.

World Events on this Date in History

1776: The Declaration of Independence, adopted on July 4th, was actually signed by members of the Continental Congress.

1968: A major earthquake in the Philippines rocked Manila, killing 307 people.

1974: John Dean, counsel to President Nixon, was sentenced to one-to-four years in prison for his part in the Watergate cover-up.