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Moms also say: "Wildly underpriced! I'd have gladly paid twice as much to send my boys away for the week."

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Today's News

Paths of the Wise

We tire of those pleasures we take, but never of those we give.
John Petit-Senn

Paths of the Not-So-Wise

Her vocabulary was as bad as, like whatever.
Bad analogies on high school papers

Milestones on this Date in History

1736: Scottish engineer James Watt, inventor of the steam engine

1807: Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee

1809: American short story writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe

1813: English metallurgist Henry Bessemer

1923: Actress Jean Stapleton (Edith on All in the Family)

1943: Singer Janis Joplin

1946: Country singer Dolly Parton

1953: Desi Arnaz, Jr.

World Events on this Date in History

1861: Georgia seceded from the Union.

1977: President Ford pardoned Iva Toguri D'Aquino, who had been convicted of treason for her World War II Japanese propaganda broadcasts as Tokyo Rose.

1993: Celebrities ranging from Barbra Streisand to Michael Jackson to a reunited Fleetwood Mac threw a nationally televised pre-inaugural bash for president-elect Bill Clinton.