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Generic Schedule

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This is the current proposal for the generic schedule. The initial work was laid out by Jeff Rand. Comments should be kept constructive, or I'll make this area passworded and require that you e-mail me to get a password. (And yes, that does mean I could kick Big Bro, Casual Observer and a host of other morons off the wall any time I chose to -- I just choose not to). Now the schedule; comment space appears below and works pretty much like the Wall we're all used to. Once you've read it, you can skip ahead by clicking here

Day 1
  12:00 Meeting
  12:30 Lunch
   1:00 Quest/Super theme event
   4:00 Free time
   6:00 Dinner
   7:00 Blind hike
         Level 1 -  Road hike
         Level 2 -  Trail
         Level 3 -  Trailess
   8:00 Special projects session #1
  11:00	Snack

Day 2
   9:00 Continental breakfast
  10:00 Sporting event #1
  12:00 Lunch
   1:00 Theme event update
   1:30 Scouting action event
   4:00 Free time
   6:00 Dinner
   7:00 Night adventure event
   9:00 Gaming/Casino etc.
  11:00 Snack

Day 3
   8:00 Hearty breakfast
         (Cook omelets in both cabins)
  10:00 Service project
   1:00 Lunch on the run
   2:00 Service project	
   4:00 Free time	
   6:00 Dinner (Caveman)
   7:00 Theme event update
   7:30 Mental event
   8:30 Special projects session #2
         (Pizza served during session)

Day 4
   9:00 Continental breakfast
  10:00 Sporting event #2
  12:00 Lunch
   1:00 Theme event update
   1:30 Hobby/Craft event
   4:00 Free time
   6:00 Banquet
   7:00 Mini work session
         (Clean kitchen, pack gear, newspaper, etc.)
   8:30 Time capsule ceremony
  10:00 Spiritual activity
  11:00 Snack

Day 5
   9:30 Oatley Breakfast
  10:30 Sporting event #3
  12:00 Conglomerate lunch
   1:00 Clean up

Activity Descriptions

Quest/super theme event
Premier kickoff event with three update sessions for teams
Sporting events
Choose from list as conditions and interests dictate: golf, soccer, kickball, volleyball, croquet, Olympics, bowling, ultimate, sledding, horseshoes, etc.
Scouting event
Traditional or nontraditional such as orienteering, hike, wounded spy, pioneering, search and rescue
Night Adventure
Winter Camp favorite or new idea such as Capture the Objective, Murder-Clue, Predator, drop-off hike, abandoned railroad excursion
Mental event
Mental competition by individual or team such as Jeopardy, genius night, trivia
Spiritual event
Meditation, religious service, philosophy discussions
Special projects sessions
  • Group #1 (physical support)
    • Publish newspaper
    • Set up activities
    • Make souvenirs
    • WC or D-A improvement projects such as paint silverware box, remove tarnish from silver platter, prepare Winter Camp Worship and Meditation Book, mint coins for candy machine, fix springs on cots, construct coin box for trading post
  • Group #2 (cooking)
    • Bake bread (during second session make pizza)
    • Make breadsticks
    • Prepare and package Winter Camp cereal for continental breakfast
    • Make donuts, muffins and bagels for breakfast
    • Can Winter Camp sauce for pasta meals
    • Churn Winter Camp butter
    • Make Winter Camp hard candy
    • Make cakes as needed
    • Make Winter Camp pancake syrup
  • Second session switches groups

Activity Balance Analysis

Category            Occurences   Time
 Sporting events         3        4.0 hours
 Theme event             1        3.0
    Theme updates        3        1.5
 Blind Hike              1        1.0
 Gaming                  1        2.0
 Mental challenge        1        1.0
 Scouting                1        2.5
 Hobby/Craft             1        2.5
 Spiritual               1        1.0
 Ceremonial              1        1.0
 Service                 1        5.0
 Night adventure         1        2.0
 Camp projects           2        6.0
 Free time               4        8.0

Previous comments:
On Tuesday, 02-Jun-98 22:31:49 EDT,
H-Pac said
I don't think it should be so much the same every year. I think we should have a new idea every year. I also think we should keep a point tracking system. After the planning meeting when everything is settled, I can do this. Make everything worth one point. I want this to be completely different from every other Wintercamp. Some people might not not like it, but this is a democrecy anymore. Some things I will make sure we do(being legal of course) And I want to prove that the DHQX has what it takes to beat the Goons. I will probably come up with an alternate sceduale once we have descided what events we want to do for sure. Well, later. I also think that the schedule doesn't leave much room for the theme. I don't think we should have the caveman dinner this year. Maybe the Savage Indians meal which would be the same thing with a different name. I just want to remember this Wintercamp as something original and special.

On Tuesday, 28-Apr-98 18:35:26 EDT,
Lou said
I agree with John about it being too structured. Maybe just nameing the catagories as physical and mental would allow a bit more freedom.
On Thursday, 16-Apr-98 11:14:47 EDT,
Mark--> said
Upon further review...the following items seem worthy of mention. 1. The Time Capsule festivities for this year are likely to be more involved than usual, since we're digging up the 10-year capsule. That might have some schedule implications--perhaps we need an unveiling ceremony of sorts on Day One. This could be merged with the first special projects session if one of those groups is sent out to get the thing, for example. 2. I'm not sure that cooking omelettes in both cabins is a good idea. I can see a lot of the reasoning behind the change, but I don't know if the advantages outweigh the down side. 3. The mega-game which is being planned is likely to require more activity time than is allotted, at least as it's currently shaping up.
On Tuesday, 14-Apr-98 12:05:07 EDT,
Mark--> said
Perhaps, but we need to start somewhere. I view this as something set in a medium less firm than stone. Chewing gum, perhaps.
On Tuesday, 14-Apr-98 11:58:09 EDT,
John said
It still seems a little "too planned, too analyzed" I think?
On Tuesday, 14-Apr-98 03:01:23 EDT,
Steve said
Somebody always has to go first
Special projects are both at night and would likely preclude things like setting up the Ranger Alarm or anything like that. Also, to be successful, they would require a great deal of planning and would probably need a youth director for each major project. (This would be a good thing if we could find them, a bad thing if we couldn't).