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Meal Review

This is a list of meals which attempts to show how complete their description is along with the number of times they've been served.

Completeness is based on a review of the fields in the database and is not weighted. The fields included in the count are description, difficulty, time, equipment, cost, ambience, cuisine, type (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack), concept (ambience or cuisine), and detailed equipment (not counted if the equipment is light).

100-Dish Banquet100%1
1000 Calorie Meal50%Never
16-Dish Banquet100%Never
162-Dish Banquet100%1
A-Z Banquet50%Never
Achatz Lunch60%1
Adam & Eve Snack60%1
Afghan Meal50%Never
Airdrop Meal50%Never
Airmail Meal50%Never
Alamo Meal60%1
All Day Lunch50%Never
Alliterative Meal50%Never
Alphabetic Banquet60%2
Anemic Meal50%Never
Animal Lunch60%1
Anniversary Banquet60%1
Anniversary Breakfast60%1
Anniversary Dinner60%1
Anti-Gravity Meal50%Never
Anti-Oatley Snack60%1
Anti-Obedience Snack60%12
Anti-Obedience Snack for the Aged60%1
Anti-Stone Sink Meal60%1
Apres Smoke Dinner 60%1
Apres-Cardiac Meal 60%1
Arabian Adventure50%Never
Ark Dinner60%2
Aromatic Meal50%Never
Asymmetrical Meal50%Never
Automated Breakfast60%2
Autotrophic Meal50%Never
Awards Banquet60%1
Baby Meal50%Never
Back of the Box Dinner60%1
Backpack Meal50%Never
Bacon Breakfast60%1
Bacon Palooza60%1
Bake-Off Snack60%1
Bakery Snack100%21
Bali Breakfast60%1
Bar Meal60%1
Barbecue Dinner60%2
Barbecue Lunch60%2
Battle Grits60%1
Bavarion Bistro60%1
Beggar’s Banquet50%1
Behind Enemy Lines Lunch50%Never
Bellissimo Banquet60%1
Birthday Party60%3
Black Knight Meal60%1
Blazing Saddles Meal60%2
Blind Beggar's Banquet60%1
Blind Lunch60%5
Blowtorch Snack60%1
Boat Meal50%Never
Body Temperature Lunch60%1
Bollmano’s Pizza100%20
Bomb Meal50%Never
Boodle Fight60%1
Boomerang Bash!50%Never
Boot Camp Meal50%Never
Bottle Meal50%Never
Bouchard’s Bonanza60%1
Box o’ Chocolates50%1
Brain Snack60%1
Bring Me a Bucket Lunch60%1
Brontosaurus Burger Feast60%1
Brotherhood Breakfast60%1
Brotherhood Dinner60%2
Brown Bag Lunch50%Never
Buffalo Meal50%Never
Buffoon Lunch50%Never
Bureaucratic Lunch60%1
Burger Kabobs50%Never
Burger Time Dinner60%1
Burglar Meal50%Never
Buried Treasure Snack60%1
Business Lunch60%2
CAG Funeral Feast60%1
Cajun Lunch60%1
Campfire Snack60%3
Candidate Lunch60%4
Candle-cooked Meal50%Never
Candyburger Campfire Snack60%1
Canned Meal50%Never
Cannonball Lunch60%2
Cantina Lunch60%1
Carnivorous Lunch60%2
Casino Buffet60%1
Casino Cuisine60%6
Casino Party60%3
Casino Snack60%17
Caste Breakfast60%4
Catch of the Day60%1
Catered Meal50%Never
Caveman Dinner100%29
Ceremonies Day Snack50%Never
Challenge Meal50%Never
Chicken Cacciatore60%1
Chili Cook-off50%Never
Chili Cookoff60%2
China Poverty Buffet60%1
Chinese Dinner60%2
Chops5tick Breakfast50%Never
Chopstick Snack60%1
Christmas Banquet60%1
Christmas Party60%1
Civil War50%1
Civil War Lunch60%2
Class 10 Meal50%Never
Clearwater Meal50%Never
Clubhouse Luncheon60%1
Clue Meal50%Never
Coastal Cuisine60%3
Coded Recipe50%Never
Colazione Breakfast60%1
Cold Meal50%Never
Come-back Meal50%Never
Communal Straw50%Never
Competition Lunch60%1
Competitive Eating50%Never
Concentration Meal60%1
Conglomerate Breakfast50%Never
Conglomerate Lunch100%37
Continental Breakfast100%28
Continental Lunch60%5
Counter-Weight Meal60%1
Cowboy Meal50%Never
Crude Meal60%1
Cube Meal60%1
Dark Knight Dinner50%Never
Darkyard Ravioli50%Never
Decades Meal60%Never
Decibel Meal50%Never
Dehydrated Meal50%Never
Deli Meal60%1
Dem Bolmano's Pizza60%1
Desert Meal50%Never
Dinner and a Movie60%3
Dino Chili100%Never
Disaster Snack50%1
Do or Die(t)60%1
Doggy Style Lunch60%1
Doughboy Breakfast60%1
Dragon Dinner60%1
Dried Orange Peel Snack50%Never
Dutch Oven Meal50%Never
Easy Breakfast60%1
Eat Like a Celebrity Meal60%Never
Eat on the Run50%Never
Eat Out50%Never
Eating Contest60%1
Eggss in Space60%1
Electric Lunch60%8
Emily Post Dinner60%1
Emily Post Meal50%Never
Emperor's Dinner40%Never
Engineering Breakfast60%1
Epic Anniversary Dinner60%1
Epicurious Snack60%1
Ethan's Speakeasy60%1
Ethiopian Meal50%Never
Fallout Meal50%Never
False Dilemma Lunch60%1
Fancy Ice Meal60%1
Fast Lane Meal50%Never
Fido Food50%Never
Find Your Food50%Never
First Class Meal50%Never
First Meal on the Moon60%1
Fish Slappin Supper60%1
Floor Meal50%Never
Foil Pack50%Never
Food 91160%1
Food Song Meal50%Never
Food Tube Lunch60%1
Foraging Lunch50%Never
Fortune's Grits60%1
Found Meal80%Never
Freeze Drying50%Never
Freeze-dried Ice Cream Sandwiches50%Never
Frisbee Meal50%Never
Frugal Roman Meal80%Never
Fuhget About It Lunch60%1
Future Snack50%1
G vs E Lunch60%1
Gag Meal50%Never
Game Meal50%Never
Gamer's Snack60%2
Gatherer Meal60%1
Gelato Social60%1
Generic Lunch60%1
Geometric Lunch60%1
Geometric Snack60%1
German Embassy50%Never
Giant Meal60%1
Giant Popcorn60%1
Gilligan's Island Meal50%Never
Global Breakfast60%1
Grandmother's Meal50%Never
Grape Snack60%1
Greco-American Meal60%1
Greek Gourmet50%Never
Green Eggs And Ham60%1
Green eggs and Some Kind of Pork60%1
Grit Breakfast60%1
Grits Smorgasbord50%Never
Grovel Snack60%1
Gruesome Snack60%9
Gumball Grits50%Never
Guru’s Birthday Party60%1
Had 'em on the Strawberries Meal50%Never
Half-Moon Dinner60%1
Hartman Dinner60%1
Hash Meal50%Never
Hawaiian Luau60%2
Heart Stupid Breakfast60%9
Hearty Canadian Breakfast60%2
Hell Meal60%1
Hell Snack60%1
Herbivorous Breakfast60%1
High Speed Meal60%1
Hindu Dinner60%1
Historic Banquet (1994)60%1
Homemade Ice Cream Social60%1
Hospital Meal50%Never
Hot Dino Meal60%1
Hot Irish Potato Lunch60%1
Hot Meteor(ite) Lunch60%1
Hot Potato Lunch60%16
Hume Lunch60%1
Hungarian Breakfast60%1
Hunter's Feast50%Never
Ice Cream Snack60%1
Idiot's Delight100%Never
IED Lunch60%1
IED Meal50%Never
Imagination Meal50%Never
Immigrant Meal50%Never
Inclined Plane Meal50%Never
Indian Lunch60%1
Indigestible Meal50%Never
Infommercial Meal60%2
Insect Meal50%Never
Inside-out Candy Burgers50%Never
International Smorgasbord60%1
Intravenous Snack50%Never
Iraqi Meal50%Never
Irish Feast60%1
Irish Lunch60%2
Israeli Breafast60%1
Jackpot Grits60%12
Jamaican meatloaf50%Never
Japanese Dinner60%1
Jewish Mother Meal50%Never
Johnny Appleseed Snack60%1
Juggling Meal50%Never
Junk Snack60%1
KFC Meal60%1
Kimball’s Dinner60%1
Korean Meal50%Never
Koreshan Snack60%1
Kosher Meal50%Never
Lake Meal50%Never
Last Chance Potluck50%Never
Latrine Meal50%Never
Lazy Man Meal50%Never
Lechter Meal50%Never
Leftover Dinner60%1
Liquid Meal50%Never
Little Ozzie’s Pizza60%6
Live Turkey Meal50%Never
Lumberjack Breakfast60%4
Lunch on The Run60%1
M.A.S.H. Meal60%1
Made in Michigan Lunch60%1
Maid and Butler Meal50%Never
Majestic Meal50%Never
Man vs. Wild Meal50%Never
Mann's Midnight Deli50%Never
Manufacturer's Suggestion60%Never
Marching Meal50%Never
Mash Meal50%Never
Masquerade Lunch60%1
McDonald’s Breakfast60%3
Meal by Numbers60%1
Meal from Home50%Never
Meal on Wheels60%1
Meat Slapping Meal50%Never
Medieval Feast60%3
Mestizo Meal60%1
Mexican Breakfast60%1
Mexican Dinner60%5
Mexican Meal100%6
Mexican Team Dinner60%1
Midday Breakfast60%1
Midget Meal50%Never
Midnight Snack60%1
Missing Meal50%Never
Moebius Meal50%Never
Mog Lunch60%1
Mold Dinner60%1
Mollusk Meal50%Never
Mom and Apple Pie Dinner60%1
Monochrome Lunch60%1
Monochrome Meal60%1
Moon Meal50%Never
Mosaic Meal50%Never
Movable Feast50%Never
Movie Snack50%Never
MRE Meal50%Never
Musical Meal60%1
Mystery Meat50%Never
Name That Tune Banquet50%Never
National Identity Dinner60%Never
Nautillus Lunch60%1
Naval Dinner60%2
Naval Lunch60%1
Never tell me the odds Dinner60%1
Night at the Tavern60%1
Night of the Living Dead Meal50%Never
No Breakfast50%Never
No Waste Meal60%1
Noodle Cleaning Meal100%Never
Normal Banquet60%1
Normal Dinner60%1
North American Aboriginal Lunch60%1
Oakes Lunch60%13
Oatley Breakfast60%17
Officer and Enlisted Breakfast60%1
Olympic Meal50%Never
On a Spit Meal50%Never
On Beyond Zebra Lunch60%1
One Item Meal50%Never
One-hand pancakes50%Never
Oracle Bakery Snack60%1
Orbital Meals50%Never
Organ Fest50%Never
Organic Meal50%Never
Oriental Odyssey50%Never
Osterizer Meal50%Never
Pac-Man Snack50%Never
Palamedes Lunch60%1
Pancake Breakfast60%3
Pancake Dinner60%1
Pancake Eating Contest60%4
Pancake Stack Lunch50%Never
Pass Along Meal50%Never
Pass or Play Meal50%Never
Pass-out Meal50%Never
Pasta Meal60%2
Patty Melt50%Never
Payload Eggs50%Never
PDCRNA Lunch60%1
Peasant Lunch60%1
Pee Wee Herman Meal50%Never
Pemmican Picnic50%Never
Picnic Lunch60%3
Pie Snack60%2
Pie Snack/Ice Cream Making60%2
Pineapple Upside down pancakes50%Never
Pioneer Meal50%Never
Pirate Snack60%1
Pirates of the Carribean Cuisine60%1
Pirates' booty50%Never
Pizza Smorgasbord100%5
Pizza Wars60%1
Pizza Work off50%Never
Play with Food50%Never
Playful Meal50%Never
Po' Folk Banquet50%Never
Polish Breakfast60%1
Polish Buffet60%1
Poor Man’s Banquet60%1
Popcorn Festival60%1
Popcorn Panoply60%1
Popcorn Plethora60%2
Pope's Lunch60%1
Potato Meal50%Never
Potluck Lunch60%1
POW Meal50%Never
Powder Meal50%Never
Prank Meal50%Never
Prison Breakfast60%4
Prohibition Snack60%1
Puzzle Meal60%1
Quiche Cookoff50%Never
Raccoon Meal50%Never
Rack of Spam50%Never
Radioactive Lunch60%1
Radioactive Meal60%1
Rainbow Repast60%2
Ramen Repast60%Never
Random Dinner50%Never
Random Lunch50%Never
Random Meal60%2
Rat on a Stick60%1
Raw Deal Meal60%1
Reading Meal50%Never
Records Meal50%Never
Reverse Meal50%Never
Reverse Tool Meal50%Never
Right Angle Dinner50%Never
Roadkill Cafe50%Never
Roast Beast60%1
Roaster Lunch60%1
Roget's Meal50%Never
Roman Snack60%2
Rotating Meal50%Never
Ruminant Meal50%Never
S.O.S. Dinner60%1
S.O.S. Lunch60%1
Sallee Manger Supper60%1
Salute to The States Banquet50%1
Sampler Meal50%Never
San Francisco Meal50%Never
Sausage Snack50%Never
Scavenged Meal60%1
Scout's Own Fundraiser Breakfast60%1
Scramble Breakfast60%1
See-saw Meal50%Never
Servent Leadership Meal60%1
Seven Bro’s Banquet60%1
Sharecropper Meal50%Never
Shovel Lunch60%2
Silent Breakfast60%1
Silent Lunch60%1
Silent Picnic60%1
Singles Meal50%Never
Slavery Meal50%Never
Sleeping Indian Breakfast60%1
Sling Shot Meal50%Never
Slow Motion Meal60%1
Slow Motion Snack60%1
Smoked Beast60%1
Smoked Meat Meal60%1
Snack in The Hat60%1
Snack on the Run50%Never
Social Distancing Meal100%Never
Some Sort of Stew30%Never
Some Sort of Stew Lunch60%1
Something Is Out There Snack60%1
SOS Meal50%Never
Soup Line Lunch60%1
Southern Breakfast50%Never
Southern Hospitality Banquet60%1
Southern Hospitality Dinner60%1
Space Faring Dinner50%Never
Space Lunch60%1
Spam Meal50%Never
Spanish Embassy Dinner60%1
Splash Down Lunch60%1
Splashed Fish60%1
Spoiled Brat Meal50%Never
Sports Meal50%Never
Stan Lee Breakfast60%1
Stiff Neck Meal50%Never
Stop and Go Meal50%Never
Story-book Meal50%Never
Stove top waffles50%Never
Streamer Meal50%Never
Stylish Seafood60%1
Surfer Meal50%Never
Surprise Baking50%Never
Survival Lunch60%4
Swinging Meal60%1
Synchronized Lunch60%1
Synchronized Supper100%3
Szechuan Meal50%Never
Tag Lunch60%1
Tailgating Lunch60%1
Tarzan of the Apes60%1
Tasty Wheat60%1
Thanksgiving Feast50%Never
That Looks Good Snack50%2
The Doug Wilson Dinner50%Never
The Jeff Rand Experience70%Never
The Keith King Caboodle50%Never
The Kristie Donohue Breakfast70%Never
The Last Breakfast60%20
The Mark Bollman Snack50%Never
The Mexican Dinner60%1
The Michelle Matowski Snack60%Never
The Steve Donohue Dinner50%Never
Theater Snack100%3
Time Capsule Snack60%1
Timed Meal50%Never
Toaster Breakfast60%1
Traveler’s Meal50%Never
Tripoli Dinner100%Never
Trivia Meal50%Never
Troi Meal60%1
Troop Favorites50%Never
Turducken Dinner60%1
Turkey Roost Dinner60%2
TV Dinner60%1
Twister Snack60%1
UFO Meal50%Never
Undercover Dinner60%1
Underground Meal50%Never
Unique Meal60%1
Unprocessed Food Meal50%Never
Vendor Lunch100%1
Vendor’s Lunch60%1
Vesuvias Dinner60%1
Vietnamese Meal50%Never
Vigil Breakfast60%Never
Viking Feast60%1
Viking Outdoor Feast60%1
Vulcan Meal50%Never
Water Feast50%Never
Wayfarer’s Lunch60%1
WC Historic Banquet50%Never
Weenie Roast100%3
Weight Gain Meal50%Never
What's for Lunch?90%Never
Willy Wonka Meal100%2
Winter Camp Historic Banquet50%Never
Working Mom Lunch60%1
World Christmas Dinner60%1
Wretched Excess50%Never
X-Ray meal50%Never
Xylophone Meal50%Never
Yak Butter Meal50%Never
Yooper Meal60%1
You Ruined Winter Camp!60%Never
Youper Dinner90%Never
Zan-Tec Snack60%1