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Winter Camp Final Planning Meeting
Friday, November 26, 2021 at 1:00pm
First United Methodist Church
22124 Garrison St
Dearborn, MI

Winter Camp / Planning / Remote Control/Artificial Intelligence/Robotics

Remote Control/Artificial Intelligence/Robotics

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Suggested Activities

Acronym Contest
Alien Design Contest
Could be rethemed as a Robot or AI design contest.
Are you smarter than an Artoo unit?
Artificial Intelligence
Blind Hike
Retheme to Black Box and its like the typical understanding of coding.
Casino Night
Could be retitled either Applied Statistics, Pitfalls of Probability, or Never Tell Me the Odds (more droid-related).
Flowchart Follies
Frankenstein's Droid
Games for Programmers
Machine Learning
Machinery Midway
Retheme to Computer carnival and have a bunch of old computers on display.
Mr. Roboto
Remote Orienteering
Robot Maze
Slide Rule Race
The Big Dig

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Suggested Meals

Automated Breakfast
Retheme to Robot Breakfast
Binary Soup
Bollmanoís Pizza
Any sort of pizza and tech pretty much go together.
Gate Lunch
Machine Learning Meal
Programmer's Perogative
Remote Control Meal
Robo Meal
Visual Interface

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