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Active Activities

This is the list of all activities either held or proposed in the last 5 years.

4-way Volleyball
2 Nets criss-cross creating a nice X. One team is in each side and the game is played much like volleyball
An overnight activity based on a nuclear holocaust.
Arrowmen Bingo
Arrowmen are given a card with descriptions of campers. They get the card signed in a spot of their choice and it becomes their random card for a later bingo game.
Assemble the Rebel Fleet
Mixing, kneading, and waiting for the bread to be ready to bake.
Battle Chess
Played on a life-sized chess board. When attempting to capture a piece, the defender decides on a physical or mental challenge and the winner retains the square
Behind the Enemy Lines
Yet another Capture the Objective variant
Black Rhombus
Inside the rhombus is a drama called The Artifact
Blind Hike
Destination Unknown
Bolas Throwing
Attempt the use of this South American weapon
Build nuclear survival shelters
Build a shelter designed to withstand a simulated attack
Burn the Witch!
Set creations from earlier in the week ablaze.
Capture the Objective
he classic Winter Camp sized game of Capture the Flag is back. Plays much like Capture the Flag except we add additional treasures to be stolen and if you're caught, it just costs your team points. After two hours of play, whoever has scored the most (or
Card Draft
Pick cards to be used in the market game.
Casino Night
Players are issued chips and then get a chance to test their skill at a variety of gambling tables. Usually, we include blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, and volkswagen racing. We even had Banco one year (pretty much like blackjack, but cool enough for J
Chariot Racing
Once around Ranch Road in homemade chariots.
Cheeseball Machinegun
Uses cheeseballs and a leaf blower for an automated weapon.
Chinese Percussion
Gongs, chimes and other chines percussion instruments
Chinese Prohibition
You can not do something Chinese
Clout Shooting
Long distance archery
Decode the encrypted message
Commando Stalking
Track down the target
Communication Game: Evading the Dinosaurs
Continuous Storytelling
Everyone tells a little of this tall tale
Couch Potato Triathlon
Crew Baking
Each crew bakes bread and other items to completion.
Crew Competition
Crews compete in three events: Tall Tales, Genius Night, and Write and Follow Directions
Try not to hit a batsmen or get caught in a sticky wicket.
Croquet Kickball
Use kickballs to play croquet
Cross-Country Golf
The Winter Camp classic par 62 hole
Deadeye contest
Attempt to shoot or throw for accuracy.
Delegation Meeting
Introductory meeting
Demo Derby
Crash up go carts.
Deployment of Rebel Forces
Destroy the Death Star
Dinosaur Cloning
Teams hunt for the things they need to clone a dinosaur.
Dodge Ball
Dodge Juggle
Teams are formed and include at least one juggler. The juggler juggles clubs while his teammates try to hit the opposing juggler or his clubs with a ball while they try to keep him safe from the opposition.
Dr. Suess Challenge
Edge of Space Balloon
Launch a balloon which will soar to the edge of space then burst and land near D-bar-A
Emperor Race
One player rides a freshly built sedan chair
Escape Contest
Who can break their bonds fastest?
Escape Room
Build our own escape room
Fair Trial
A mock trial for the murder game.
Find the Terrorist
Search for the traitor among us Murder-style
Fire Skills
Test your skills with fire
First Class Hanging
Punishment is meted for the Murder game
Form Teams
Groups gather and form countries choosing a name and some cultural elements
Game Festival
We make space and time available to play a variety of tabletop board and role-playing games.
Geography Bee
Like a spelling bee but the quiz is on geographic locations
Gladiator Games
Winter Camp could start by driving out evil (aka unfun) spirits.
I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today
Jail construction & testing & Murder Interviews
A jail is built while others answer questions to set up the Murder Game.
King's Table Tournament
Lantern Launch
Launch Chinese Lanterns (now banned by BSA)
Launch of Sputnik
Launch an object into the air
Leg wrestling
Two players lay on their backs facing opposite directions. They intertwine arms, then lift their legs three times. On the third time, they lock legs and try to either force the other one to flip.
Lemans Grand Prix of D-A
Once around Ranch Road in hand-drawn go carts
Longship Battles
Magic the Gathering Live
Like Battle Chess but with Magic cards
Majority Rules
Separate players by category and score points using an equation
Market Game
Players use their resources to barter for lunch
Market Madness
Buy and trade resources for maximum market penetration
Mastodon Hunt
Use spears to hung mastodons
Separate players by category and score points using an equation
Lay a minefield for other teams to negotiate
Mission Control
Each team is given a set of directions, a geocache box, and a set of walkie talkies (or they can use cell phones). One team has the directions and must guide the other team to a specific location where the box will open. Inside the box is a Lego kit. The
Model Rockets
Build and launch model rockets from kits
Murder Game
Computer instructed mayhem.
Not Being Seen
Players attempt not to be seen and are marked with smoke bombs when found.
Objective Space
Find objects based on a series of hidden clues
Oracle Fortune Telling
Compass course.
Papier Mache
Teams create constructs using wet newspaper.
Payload Planning
Clean up our gear and get rid of the junk.
Perimeter Hike
Hike around the outside of camp staying within a predetermined distance from the fence.
Perimeter Hike Relay
Groups gather for the hike but do it in stages.
Pit Crew for Lemans
Prepare go carts for their trip around D-A.
Place card rockets
Each camper decorates a cheesy rocket which becomes his avatar for some events
Postcards from Space
Get some astronomical cards and send them to those who aren't at camp.
Problem solver
Genius night with a specific space related problem. Each team is given an identical set of parts with the same specific problem to solve. The problem should be something we could time or maybe the whole event is timed. Perhaps there is something on the fl
You can not do something.
Projects and competition
Teams show off their projects and choose a favorite.
Pyro Battleship
Ships built earlier in the week are loaded with flammable items and released on Beaver Lake.
Quest for the Grail
Players follow directions to find the holy grail.
Ranch Hand Games
Hold a round of games that might be skills one would need to live in the Old West.
Participants take a quiz to see who has learned the most about other campers during the weekette.
Religious Service
A scout is Reverent
Repair Crew
Players have to fix something while wearing heavy gloves and with limited vision because of helmets. Maybe they have to stack something after tossing it to each other. I.e., a chain of people throwing rings or blocks from person to person and the last one
Requiem for Boy Scouts Ceremony
A commemoration of the inclusion of females as youth members
Rescue the Princess
Rocket Building
Build both model and water rockets
Rocket Launch
Build & launch model rockets
Role-Playing Round Up
Play role-playing games
Rolling Donut Shoot
Kick a soccer ball thru an old tire
Satellite Images
We could receive satellite images live during camp
Satellite Recovery
Using GPS locate the parts of a missing satellite and create something using the salvage
Sausage Making
Make various types of sausage.
Saving the Earth: Alien Invasion
Saving the Earth: Alien Invasion
Saving the Earth: Natural Disaster
Saving the Earth: Natural Disaster
Saving the Earth: Plague
Saving the Earth: Plague
Saving the Earth: Zombie Apocalypse
Saving the Earth: Zombie Apocalypse
Service Project
Provide labor for a project to improve camp as designated by the ranger staff
Kind of like a fire drill but when someone yells Shatner everyone has to overact whatever they are doing.
Shield Construction
It a showdown you use stuff that wont hurt too much and try to kill the other team once every one dies on one team the other team wins
Sign Building and Deployment
We build and deploy fake signs for our own points of interest.
Silly Walk
Who has the silliest walk? (Python-themed)
Singing / dancing choreographed
Our very own Busby Berkeley moment
Snow Castle Building
Make a snow castle
Snow Soccer
Soccer is a game played with a round ball which is mostly kicked but can also be hit with just about any body part except the hand and arms. The goal is to put the ball in the opponent's net more often than they put it in yours before the game ends. It
Soldering Workshop
Campers are taught the basics of soldering and make a small badge.
Space Invaders (Capture the Flag)
Yet another Capture the Objective variant
Space Race
Build and launch Water Rockets
Teams have to accomplish some task while tethered to each other and to a fixed point (the ship). Could involve reaching several different points on a fairly long line which might require winding and unwinding
Re-themed Casino
Special Effects Demo
Sporting Event
We vote to play a game we've got the gear for.
Staring Contest
Competitive starting contest
STEM Space
An object streaks across the sky. It must be found and its message decoded
The Quest
Adults present various challenges for the youth to overcome
The Rush is On
Search for resources
Thou Art a Bowyer
Bow Making
Time Capsule
There are several parts to this activity, but the core is that we bury something and several years later we dig it up
Tomahawk throw
Use tomahawks to complete an obstacle course
Torch Event
Lighting of the Olympic Torch to mark the start of the Games
Trek from Independence
Simulate the wagon trip out west with a camp wagon.
Tribal Inventory
Separate players by category and score points using an equation
Trophy Put
Throw trophies for distance
Ultimate Frisbee
Kind of like football.
Uncle Ethan's Craft Hour
We make something cool with guidance from Uncle Ethan.
Unique Fact
Each person identifies one thing they think is unique about themselves and others try to match facts to people.
Video night
A night of watching videos.
Wake Up Call
Water Rocket Construction
Construct the typical Boy Scout rocket from a two liter bottle and assorted bits of foam and cardboard
WC Feud
We play the Winter Camp version of Family Feud
Weekly Pinata
Each time a team wins they designate a member to smack the pinata until it breaks open
Wheelchair Broomball
Broomball played while seated in wheelchairs
Will it Stick?
Throw all manner of sharp objects at a target in hopes of sticking them.
Winter Camp Future Olympics
Campers record their personal best in 6 events, then check it again 5 years later to see if they are doing better or worse.
Winter Camp Future Society Meeting
Wounded Spy
From your Scout Fieldbook
WWI Flour Wars
Attack the other team with flour ala Follow Me Boys!
Yeti Dodgeball
Dodgeball with a very large ball.

Total: 145