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Inactive Activities

This is the list of all activities neither held nor proposed in the last 5 years.

10 gallon hat relay
You have to fill the hat to win the race.
100-Dish Banquet
Who is the most trite?
12 hour nap
The Rumpelstiltskin moment
1977 Trivia Challenge
Answer challenging questions about the events of 1977
Like 4-Square only with three squares.
3-Way Snake Hockey
Three teams vie for the honors
4 way Dodgeball
Four teams play dodgeball
The official indoor game of Winter Camp
4-Way Dodgeball
Dodgeball is an easy activity where everyone can feel like they have a chance.
4-Way Tug of War
4 teams pull on an X of rope
Aardvark Imitation
The first on the list
Abduction Clue
Can you figure out which Winter Camper was taken by aliens?
Activity Voting Marathon
A work in progress
Needle poking for improved health
Aerial Obstacle Course
Complete the course but don't touch ground
Aerial Tram
Make a tram from BC to Clearwater
Agents Pursuit
Teams of Rebels attempt to acquire components with which they can crash the Matrix. The Agents are trying to stop them.
Air Hockey
The classic tabletop game.
Bring airsoft guns for use on the rifle range
From the DS9 Episode
Alien Design Contest
Build your own aliens.
Alien Quest
Search for intelligent life.
Anagram Contest
Scramble 'em and give it a shot
No government, no leaders
Anarchy Contest
Try to be the most disruptive
And then
Given the start of a story about a camper, you have to finish it.
Animal Balloons
Learn to make your own latex creations
Animal Sense
Approximate their limitations
Appropriate Facial Hair
Grow (or trim) facial hair to styles appropriate for thee 1870's)
Archimedes Screw
Build an ancient water pump
Area 51 RPG
Players are assigned to be aliens, skeptics, reporters, etc. and attempt to reveal or hide the truth as appropriate.
Art Contest
Who is the new Michelangelo?
Art that is cut up and then put back game
Art is drawn and shown, then torn and passed out. Those who play must trade to get back the parts they need.
Ask Doctor Beast
A live action version of the original Winter Camp advice column.
Kill your friends for points
Astrology Debunking
It's sort of scientific
Yes, and that's the north star
Attack the Fort
Take the shore batteries me hearties!
Away Team Contest
Two teams race to complete their mission
Backwards Baseball
Just like it says
Backwards Face Marching
Walk backwards up the face
Backwards Hike
Take a whole hike in reverse
Bake A Thon
An evening of baking.
Ball Blast
Volleyball-like game played over a low fence by kicking a giant ball.
Balloon camera
Use a lighter than air balloon to loft a camera
Balloon Stomp
Last one with a balloon left wins
Decorating the cabin and campers with balloons
America's favorite sport
Kind of rough without a court
Battles/Military Trivia
Trivia about military history
Battleship with Artillery (no explosives)
Create artillery and fire at your opponent's ships
Battleship with Potato Guns
Create potato guns and fire at your opponent's ships
Beach Party
The sparkling white sands are calling you
Beast Game
Highly variable and very entertaining
Beeline Hike
Walk as straight a line as possible
Who can get a good meal?
Belching Contest
Who can beat Booger?
Belly Flop Contest
Slide down the hill on your belly
Betta Battles
Buy some fish at Meijer on the way up and let them duke it out.
Big Bro Taboo
Guess the word but you get clues of just one part.
Big Wheel Marathon
Race 3 wheeled trikes around camp
Big Winter Camp Myth Show
Contestants compete to either debunk or create new myths about Winter Camp
Play billiards on a larger scale
Bird Census
A study of our avian neighbors
Mr. Wilson's soon to be hobby
Blind Basketball
Even rougher without a court
Blind Experience
The Blind Hike and more!
Blind Kim's Game
The standard memory game with a blindfold, identify by feel.
Blind Maze
Create a maze and navigate it blindfolded, perhaps with a guide.
Blind Maze (w/ sticks)
Navigate a maze while blindfolded.
Blind Puzzle Building
Yep, another Blind activity
Blind Wrestling
Wrestling while wearing a blindfold.
Blindfolded Archery
Not even Robin Hood would try this
Blindfolded Darts
Nearly as stupid as archery
Blob Tag
When you're tagged, you're the blob
Boarding Party
Conduct mock ship-to-ship combat.
Boat Construction
Make your own longboat
Bocce Ball
Robert DeNiro's waiting,
Bocce w/ bowling balls
Bocce using giant balls
Bonsai Sculpting
As long as come from inside you...
Book Building Contest
Make your own book at camp
Book Club
We all read a book in the time when camp is not held then talk of it at camp.
Book of the Year
A scrap book for camp.
Boomerang Bash!
Playing with boomerangs.
Boston Ball
Old school basketball.
Bottle Balancing
A deadzone favorite
Bottle Peeling Contest
Try to take the label off a bottle
Bottle Rocket Target Practice
Launch bottle rockets at a defined target
Bow making
Bow Making
Boy's Life Air Car
As seen in the magazine
Brain Vs. Brawn
Choose brain or brawn to defeat the obstacles.
Make a brand for camp then use it to brand some of our gear.
Bread Makers
Bring several bread machines to camp and see how they do.
Sort of like hockey
Brotherhood Ceremony
If required
BSI Wargames
Have games based on Brownsea Island activities.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
A predator/prey variation based on the popular TV show.
Build a steam-powered device.
Build a steam-powered device.
Build New Latrine
A valuable (if unanticipated) service
Bunny Slipper Relay
Teams compete in a relay race. Each member of the team must complete one station, return to the base and pass the slippers to another competitor who will attempt the next station.
Burning Dragon Boats
Build dragon boats and set the ablaze
Burning Pirate Ships
Build pirate ships and set them ablaze.
Cabbage Ball
Play football with a cabbage
Cabin Cleaning
Clean the cabins and put away camp and personal gear in preparation for departure.
Cabin Cleaning Contest
Cheap way to sneak in extra service
Cabin Crawl
Circumvent the interior w/o touching floor
CAG Funeral
Celebrating a change in the lodge
CAG Trap Contest
Creating a change in the lodge.
Daily physical training
Write beautifully
Caloric Determination
Determine calorie content of foods
Camp Set-up
We organize our personal gear and make the camp ready for use by bringing things in and organizing them.
Complete with skits and the like
Can Shooter
Knock down cans with rubber bands.
Candle Making
Dip it in the hot wax
Cannon Building
Cannon Shooting
Knock 'em down
Capture the Daimyo
International retheming of Capture the Objective
Capture the flag with boxes
Capture the flag with boxes
Capture the Objective (overnight)
he classic Winter Camp sized game of Capture the Flag is back. Plays much like Capture the Flag except we add additional treasures to be stolen and if you're caught, it just costs your team points. After two hours of play, whoever has scored the most (or
Card Tournament
Who are the real card sharks?
Cards for Trade
Make cards for each who comes to camp and trade them like sports cards.
A fun time at the fair
Cat Housing'
Build shelters for kitties
Cat's Quizzer
Seuss inspired trivia.
Catapult Building
Build an ancient siege engine
Cattle Drive
See if we can get the Ranch's supply of cows to come home.
Cattle Rustling
Steal the Ranch's supply of cows in case they won't let us have the Cattle Drive.
CC Pole Vault
Obstacle course with a stave to help you
CC Table Tennis
Create a mobile tennis table and play in teams
Celebrity look-alike contest
Who looks like Beavis?
Celebrity Roast
Choose a prominent Winter Camper for some good-natured ribbing by his companions.
Cemetery Hike
Take a walk to a local graveyard.
An ancient parlor game
Cheater's Pinewood Derby
Anything goes!
Fun with explosives
Chess Tournament
We play chess in either single or double elimination format.
Chinese acting
Big make-up and big gestures with archetypical characters
Chinese Bocce
No idea
Chinese Cabin Drill
The whistle sounded, now change bunks
Chinese Checkers
A tournament of Chinese Checkers
Chinese Chess
A tournament of Chinese Chess
Chinese game tournament
A tournament of several traditional Chinese games
Chinese Lanterns
Launch and/or create paper lanterns
Chinese New Year Celebration
New Year's Eve party Chinese style.
Chinese Percussion (Gongs & Drums)
Play traditional Chinese instruments
Chinese Prohibition (guyan)
The prohibition game (CTO variant) with Chinese Flavor
CHR Memorial Construction
Build a site to honor the gone but not forgotten camp
Christmas Party
A little late, but still...
Clearwater Stampede
Multi-event game with a western theme.
Clock Building
Build a clock of natural materials
Clock in a bottle
Make a clock inside a bottle
Cloud pictures
No, it looks like a horse, no, a dog.
BYOW (Bring your own whiteface)
Coin Spinning
Who can spin a coin the longest.?
Coin Walking
Walk a quarter across your hands.
A track and stalk variant
Compass Race
Teams compete to see who can first finish an exciting compass course.
Compass Regatta
A nautical compass course
People compete in a variety of ways.
Composite Materials Merit Badge
Work on this exciting new merit badge!
Computer Crushing
Not my computer you don't
Confucius Say
Create your own wisdom for fortune cookies
Congregate at Bollman's House
Everyone meets at the ancestral home of the Bollmen to arrange carpooling to camp.
Conservation Project
Ecology is the buzzword for the 90's
Cooking Contest
A scouting tradition
Cooperative Game
Nobody wins
Cope Course
Run a cope course at camp (or use the camp's cope course).
Costume Ball
Don't forget your glass slippers
Costume party
At least we won't have to dance
Costume Sewing
In case you forgot yours
Counter-Cultural exchange
Two differing groups try to communicate
Cow Tipping
More vengeance against the cows1
Cowboys and Indians
Dress up and fight just like little kids.
Creative Cursing
Who can cuss without 4 letter words?
View slideshows/movies of Winter Campers' homes.
Take a tour of a winter Campers home.
Cross-Country Canoeing
Use a canoe as a sled or carry it along
Cross-Country Shotput
Throw as far as you can then chase it
create a crossbow
The popular Canadian Ice game
Custer's Last Stand
Re-enact the famous slaughter.
Daily Calisthenics
Begin exercise.
Daily News
Print a daily newsletter
Dam Building
Everyone loves to increase erosion
DDA Course
A compass hike of enormous proportions
Dead Or Canadian?
Trivia about famous people who are either dead or Canadian.
Christmas decorations really liven it up
Deer Blind Inferno
Set fire to deer blinds.
Demolition Derby
Yeah, whatever
Depart for Camp
Gentlepersons, start your engines! We're on our way to Winter Camp.
Depart for Home
Pack your things, we're headed home!
Design an Alien
Evolution simulation
Design Challenge
Teams square off to design a new look for the website, newsletter or other creative endeavors.
Design Challenge!
Teams compete to create the best design for a website or newsletter.
Devise an original boardgame
Illuminati variants don't count
Diorama Building
Build the camp in miniature
Disco Discus
Throw disco records for distance
Disks Of Tron
Dodgeball with frisbees.
Do what I Did (or HORSE)
One is in the lead and does a thing then all must try it. Those who fail get part of the word Horse.
Dodge The Bullet
Dodgeball is an easy activity where everyone can feel like they have a chance.
Dog Bite Contest
Who can bite the hardest?
Dog Hunt
Find the dog who bit someone 10 years ago
Domino Tipping
Set up the maze and patterns
Play dominos, probably as a tournament
Double Frisbee Ultimate
2 frisbees for twice the fighting
Downhill Skiing
On the face!?
Dragon Boats
Create dragon boats
Droopy Drawers Marathon
Adults tried to style like youth in this event.
Drop Off Blind Hike
Get dropped off in an unknown spot
Drop-off Hike
Get dropped off and hike back
Early Adventure
Get up at 3:00 am for an activity
Earth Ball Soccer
Think about the size of the goals
Egg Roll
Roll an egg with your nose
Egg Toss
Who can toss it the furthest w/o breaking
Eggggs in Space
Round robin challenge game
Mr. Wilson's other new hobby
Elevation Hike
Pick a topo line and stick to it
Put your name on your shirt
Endurance Games
Who can last the longest?
Environmental Art Project
Aesthetically pleasing & naturally occurring.
Erect Squaw Point sign
Make a new sign
Euchre Tournament
Which team will prevail?
Everyone is John
RPG where we play the voices in John's head
Exploding Pirate Mini-Golf
Miniature golf course with a final hole that bursts into flames.
Extreme Bowling
Sled down the hill and try to score a strike.
Face Painting
Paint your faces Indian-style
Fake Trans-BC Hike
Make 'em think they're walking
Fashion Emergency
An inspection of Winter Campers for appropriate outdoor gear.
Fashion Emergency ala the Outdoor Network
Critique of outdoor fashion sense.
Fear Factor
Replicate a fear factor event at Winter Camp.
Feature Film
We watch a movie. Typically we pick one which is related to the weekly theme.
Ferris Wheel
Build a Ferris wheel pioneering project
Just like congress
Fire building
Test your skills with fire
Fire Lance
Create a flaming lance
Launch fireworks
First Mission
Just like on Star Trek
Baseball with a shaken up soda can
Flag Ceremony
Have an opening and closing flag ceremony each day
Flint Napping
Make stone arrowheads
Fly Tying
Learn to tie your own fishing flies.
Foot Bow
Create a bow that can be fired using the feet.
Foot Race
Who is the fleetest of foot?
Foot Volleyball
Play volleyball with no hands.
Touch or Flag, sorry.
Football on Lifetime or Oxygen
Powderpuff football (in more ways than one).
Forbidden Palace
Create an area where no one may enter
Forest Bowling
Roll a ball at the pins through the trees
Forgery Contest
Practice signing a different name
Ping pong on 2 tables.
Foxtail 21
Use the foxtail to play catch for points
Free afternoon
Free time for an entire afternoon
Free Time
Nap, play games, whatever; it's free time!
Frisbee Golf
Throw the frisbee through loops
Frisbee Ultimate
Somewhere between football and soccer
Frozen Cow Chip Tossin'
I am not touching that thing.
Frozen Turkey Toss
Continue to talk about this singularly uninspired event years later as if it's the worst thing that ever happened to you.
Fruit Baseball
Play baseball using assorted fruit
Full Contact Chess
Just what it sounds like
Full Contact Volleyball
Reaching under the net is fine
Full Day Trek
Hike the whole day & pack lunch
Fun with Words
The core of this thought is to have folks speak in a way that is not the way they do most of the time.
Necessary construction if you're going to have a first class hangin'
Game Design Merit Badge
Earn the badge
Game whose goal is not known
When this game starts none know how to win.
Gangnam Style Video
Shoot our own video to the tune of Gangnam Style
Garb Construction
Make you own Indian outfit
Garbage Relay
Who can take the trash out the fastest
Genetic Manipulation
Another in the Weird Science series
Genius Night
What can you make of this junk?
Get Acquainted Game
Match the little known facts.
Getting to know you, getting to know all about you
Interview a fellow camper for fun and prizes.
Ghost in the Graveyard
A game similar to tag
Giant Balloons
Inflate very large balloons
Giant Battleship
The basic idea is to create a large scale battleship board and then to play battleship on a board measured in feet rather than inches.
Giant Billiards
Play billiards with beach balls
Giant Boardgames
Set-up some games in giant format
Giant Bowling
Like Bowling, only with bigger balls, pins, and possibly alley.
Giant Dominos
Like dominos only bigger
Giant Kim's Game
The standard memory game played using an overhead camera
Giant Knightmare Chess
Play variable battle chess
Giant Mousetrap
Make a contraption to capture a man
Giant Movie
Project a movie onto the side of a building
Go Tournament
Play Go as a tournament
Golf Bowling
Golf using a bowling ball
Gong Show
Will you score a 10 or get gonged?
Goofy Golf
Hit opposite handed and ignore advice
Goofy Racers
Build a racing machine & compete
Great Cola Challenge
Taste test to identify various colas.
Great Wall event
not defined
Grid Golf
Similar to mini-golf
Gross Out Contest
Who can make you puke?
Groundless Hike
Hike without ever touching the ground
Group Eye for Another Group Guy
Members of one group attempt to help a member of a different group be more like them.
Group Eye for the Other Group guy
Winter Campers from different groups try to give each other a style makeover
Group Hobby Draw
Everyone gets the same hobby.
Group Projects
Each group is assigned a project based on the camp theme.
Guess My IQ
Participants are assigned a random IQ score and then asked to act like that's their score while others try to guess their IQ
Guess My IQ!
Randomly assigned IQ scores
Guest Speaker
Michael Davis perhaps
Ham Radio Station
Make worldwide contact
Hammock Sleeping
No bunks, everyone is pendulous
Hand Walking Race
Walk inverted
Handicap Awareness
Randomly assigned handicaps
Hat making
Build a Seuss inspired hat.
Hatchet Throwing
Just like Dan'l Boone
Helen Keller Competition
Deaf & Blind
Helium Football
Football with a lighter than air ball
Helium Singing
Dangerously funny
Hell Night
Campers are p;ut through their paces in an activity where the suffering is the fun.
History Test
Who knows the most about Winter Camp?
Hobby Demo
This will be the chance for everyone to show off the skills they've acquired as they've pursued their previous year's hobby. Bragging rights will likely be awarded for best presentation, best execution, and best pursuit
Hobby Draw
Learn a new hobby by next WC
Holbrook Contest
Who can gain the most weight in a week?
Homeless Night
The cabin doors are locked sleep elsewhere
Homemade Gunpowder
Make our own gunpowder
Hong Kong Action move by wire Movie
Make our own wuxia style movie
Go horseback riding
House of Card contest
Try to build the biggest/tallest house of cards possible.
How did that stuff do that?
Use a bunch of junk to build a way to do some task.
How tough are you?
Test how tough you are.
Human Checkers
Human-sized checkers
Human Chess
No contact version of Battle Chess
Human Clue
Can you figure out which Winter Camper was killed by whom, where and with what weapon?
Human Croquet
Use humans as wickets, stakes, etc.
Human Foosball
Use the human foosball at camp to play a game.
Human foosball.
Use the court at Jack Lord cabin
Human Othello
Players have to change colors
Human Slingshot
Primitive version of human cannonball
Human Stratego
Play Stratego on a giant board with campers as pieces.
Human Tic-tac-toe
Like Hollywood Squares
Human Wheel
Lock 'em in the tire and let 'em roll.
Humor Contest
Who can tell the best joke?
Hydrogen Ballooning
The goal is to fill a balloon with hydrogen, allow it to gain some altitude and then have it explode, typically by means of a fuse.
Okay, cluck like a chicken
Ice boats
Build our own boats to sail across ice, probably at Lockwood.
Ice Climbing
Who can climb an ice wall the fastest
Ice Cream Making
Look out Ben & Jerry
Ice Dragon
2 Parade dragons duke it out on the ice.
Ice Fishing
Bring your own tip-up
Ice Golf
Like putt-putt on the ice
Ice Hockey
On the (hopefully) frozen lake
ice hockey in indoor building
Play hockey indoors.
Ice Sculpture
Ice Skating
On the (hopefully) frozen lake
Randomly assigned personality quirks
Illuminating the World
Create an Illuminati style satire
Indian Dancing
Dance practice
Indian Leg Wrestling
An old favorite with two supine opponents locking upright legs.
Indian Lore Merit Badge
Earn the badge
Indian Olympics
Compete in Native American Games
Indian Warpath
The settlers come under attack.
Individualized Quest
Assign quest buddies
Insect Test
Strength vs. Body weight
Jacob's Ladder
The rope kind
We build a jail then put people in it if they're scofflaws
Jail construction
If you're going to have a trial, you might need a jail.
Jello Balloon Fight
Fill balloons with jello & fling them
Kick in hole
Play Crokinole using playground balls.
Kickball is similar to baseball except it uses a playground ball and no gloves or batss
Kim's Game
The standard memory game
Kite building
Build our own kites.
Kite Flying Contest
Who can fly longest and highest?
Klingon Gauntlet
Recreating the ritual
Knitting Bee
Make a scarf since you forgot yours
Knot-tying Race
Who can tie the 7 basic knots the fastest?
Kung fu movie
Make our own wuxia style movie
Labor Contest
Who can work the hardest the longest?
Play lacross.
Traditional Indian Game
Lake Billiards
Another excuse to stand on cracking ice
Lake Crawl
Try to make it around the semi-frozen lake
Live Action Role-playing
Lasso contest
Try to Lasso for points.
Try your luck at this cowpoke skill.
Last Ceremony
Performance of the classic from the '70s
Last Words
Write a tale that ends with the words drawn from a hat.
Latrine Contest
The contest started with a signin sheet. Write down your name, start-time, end-time, elapsed time and sheets used. Results are tabulated at the end of the week.
Lawn Jarts
Hey, they're unsafe, we got to play
Learn to Juggle
Have a session to teach those interested to juggle.
Letter Chanting
Chant a letter continuously
Liar's Club
Players try to guess what objects are
Life Race
Race on four then two then three "legs"
Light Bulb Manufacture
Match wits with Thomas Edison
Limerick Contest
Who can make the best 5 line poem?
Limited Computers
Leave the damn things at home
Liquid Consumption Contest
Who can drink the most?
Lockpicking (Houdini)
Lock someone up and see if they can escape
An important Scout skill
Long and Short
Try to guess the word in the most or least time.
Long Bow Making
Make a bow
Long Distance Slingshot
Shoot the target at great distance
Lost Alone
Campers are dropped off alone and must find their way back to camp.
Lost Child Search
A scout-skills drill
Lost Daha Hike
Recreating an ancient event.
Just in case the trial actually is fair.
MacGyver Escape
Use a tin can to save the planet
Machinery Midway
Various machines and their properties are explained.
Magic Contest
Who can do the best trick?
Magic Towel Contest
Will a magic towel cause mayhem?
Play this Chinese game
Major Treasure Hunt
An all day treasure map event
Make a movie
Lights, Camera, Action!
Make Ads
split the group and form teams, each of which would make a group of ads to say how good Cold Time Camp is
Make an idiot of yourself
Try to do the most embarrassing things possible.
Make me Laugh!
Have 2 or three teams, then each team pics one guy not too laugh (probably a mossboy) and the rest of the team to tell jokes.
Make our own bows
create bows from branches and string
Make Rice Paper
Make Rice Paper
Try to find the escaped felon
Make our own marionettes and have a puppet show.
Marshmallow Dodgeball
Dodgeball is an easy activity where everyone can feel like they have a chance.
Mash Trivia
Trivia about the venerable television series
Mask Making
Make a mask from an impression of your face
Masquerade Party
Wear a mask and act cultured
Math Game
Each one who plays has a strength based on things which can change, like x, y and z. They vote to change them and in the end the high strength wins.
Matter Transport
Yeah, Whatever.
Mattress Dive
Stack 'em up and leap from the roof
Maze Craze
Follow the snowy maze to its conclusion.
McElligot's Pool
Using extra-large balls, the teams compete in a game of billiards.
Meal Class
At the start and end of most meals there is a time when things are slow. We could do things in this time. One thought would be to choose folks to learn more of the theme for that day and then tell us what they've learned when the meal is done or as we wai
Meal Preparation
For really big meals like Salute to the States, the 100-Dish Banquet and more, we need some time on the schedule to prepare food.
Pause for thought.
Memorization Contest
Who can memorize a text the fastest?
Mentos Display
Toss it into the diet coke and watch the aftermath
Merit Badge Midway
A brief view of a few badges
Merit Badge of Year
Each youth can earn a merit badge
Metamora Products Tour
So, what do you guys make here?
Military Broomball
Like broomball only no holds barred
Military Dress Contest
Find out who can look the most like a soldier
Milk Drinking Contest
Who can drink the most milk?
Miniature Golf
A little putt-putt golf
Let's dig a dungeon
Mission Impossible
Your mission, should you choose to accept it.
Mock Battle
A medieval conflict ala Grand Melee
Mock Hanging
Nothing says fun like a first class hangin'
Mock Medieval Tournament
Several events combined
Mock Trial
Basically, we hold a mock trial. Some person is the prosecutor, someone is the defense.
Model Plane Bombing
Use an RC to drop for accuracy
Monk Marathon
Finish it or die.
Moonlight Night
No electric lights for an evening
Mountie Murder Clue
Can you figure out which Winter Camper was killed by whom, where and with what weapon, eh?
Mouse Maze Racing
Bring your own mouse
Movable Pioneering Project
This pioneering project moves!
Movie Marathon
Continuous watching of movies
Movie Quote Contest
Who said it and in what movie?
Make our own movie.
Multi-Baker tent game
The game isn't important, the idea is to use Baker tents as goals and have more than 2 teams.
Multi-legged Race
A human centipede
Multi-participant Juggling
1 - 2 - pass - 1 - 2 - drop Damn!
multiple way bakers tent score game
Play a game using Baker Tents as goals.
Murder Clue
Can you figure out which Winter Camper was killed by whom, where and with what weapon?
Music Appreciation
Try different styles of music
Mutant Hamster Races
Players are given similar bags of parts and must construct their own Mutant Hamsters using only ingenuity and the things in the bag
Mutation Assignment
Everyone has a bizarre new feature
Muzzle Loader
Shoot muzzle loaders
My Way Game
Each player makes his own rules during his turn
Name That Arrowman
Identify obscure Arrowmen from obscured photos.
Name that Bro
We should play a game of Clue where I was the one who was to be found and that at the end, my name would be known to all. I like that thought and will work on it.
Name that Tune
I can get it in 2 notes
Name that TV show
Kind of like name that tune
A Beast favorite
National Geographic Presents
Watch a travel show then compete for prizes.
Natural Clothing
Make clothes out of natural materials
Nature Hike
Fauna and flora Identification
Nature Project
Do a conservation project for the camp
Nerf Wars
War using Nerf weapons
New Language
Replace English as the tongue of choice
New Year's Resolutions
Assigning a new hobby is entertaining and allows some social commentary.
Newspaper (daily)
Produce a newspaper every day
Newspaper (post-event)
Mail the paper to campers afterwards
Night In Hell
A night of misery
Night Outside
Spend the night outside
Night Stalking
Try to sneak up on your prey
No Computers
Leave all of them at home
No Nintendo
Leave the gameboys at home
Nuclear Survival Exercise
Warning, detonation in 12 minutes
Number Recognition
3.14159, 144, 1760, 2204.6, etc.
Oatley Ring Fighting
Link hands and try to break the circle
Obstacle Course
Try to run through the various obstacles
Officer's Club
Create a special room or activity for selected few
Old Wives Tales
We could do a day where we tried to find which things that old wives say are true and which are not. This would take some work, since we would have to find those things first, then make up a way to test them (like a watched pot will not boil)
Explain camp to the new and remind the old of the rules.
Paper folding
Original Murder Game
Randomly assigned killers stalk camp
Osvath Wiring Maze
A confusing electrical nightmare
Other Cabin Improvements
Service is service
Outdoor Marbles
Played in the shimmering Sands
Outer Space Party
Dress like a spaceman or alien
Overnight Capture the Objective
Capture the Objective on a massive scale
Just like a night outside
Paper Airplane Contest
Participants make a paper airplane and compete in various categories.
Paper Making
Mr. Rand's new hobby
Make our own sheets of paper
Parissi Squares
From the ST:TNG Episode
Parrot Contest
Contest to see who can repeat the longest string of words.
Party Loyalty test.
Chinese flavor of McCarthyism
Paul Bunyan Olympics
Lumberjack games
Pedal Powered Dryer
Welcome to Gilligan's Island
Pedro Trail Trek
Hike the famed Pedro Trail
Peg leg Race
One leg bound up and replaced with a peg.
Pencil Making
I just want to see it done
Five athletic events
Take and develop pictures during camp
Pie Eating contest
Try to eat pies quickly
Pie Fight
Just like the comedies of old
Pinata Smash
Break it open for a tasty treat.
Pinewood Regatta
Bring a gutter or two
Ping Pong
Play table tennis
Pioneering Project
Make something of logs and rope
Pirate Kings
An original boardgame
Pirate Mini-Golf
Build a miniature golf course with a pirate theme.
Pirate Punishments
Keelhauling, Barnacle scraping & deck swabbing
Pirate Quest
Quest-style game with a pirate theme.
Pirate Ship Battles
Hit him with a broadside
Pixy Stix Contest
Who can eat a giant-sized stick the fastest?
Placemat Contest
Creation of a themed placemat for each meal. This activity would need to take place before Winter Camp,
Plant a seed
Give each one who comes to camp a small pot and some seeds or bulbs to be grown. Plant them at camp and then bring what has grown back to camp the next year.
Play RPGs
Schedule an evening of role playing games
Poetry Contest
Who can compose the best rhymes?
Polar Bear Swim
Cut the hole and dive in
Politically Correct
: This would be in conjunction with another activity. The object is that the activity must be such and must be performed in such a manner as to offend no one.
Politically Incorrect
: This would be in conjunction with another activity. The object is that the activity must be such and must be performed in such a manner as to offend everyone.
Pony Express
Race across camp to deliver a message.
Popular Languages
Learn each of the 15 most common languages
Potato Guns
Homemade cannons
Potato Torpedo Target Practice
Yeah, whatever.
Pre-Ordeal Ceremony (1936)
Recreate the famous ceremony.
Help your young reach maturity
Primate Date
Who can attract the best woman
Primitive Machines
Build primitive versions of machines
Psi Test
We could find a test that would gauge who could "read minds" and then we could all take it. I don't think it would mean much, but it could be fun.
Puzzle Building Competition
Build it for speed
Pyrotechnics Demo
Let's see what we can blow up next.
Quiet Time
Every night there comes a time when the lights are mostly off and people should speak in hushed voices. This is that time.
Quilting Bee
Sew what?
Railroad Hike
Let's go see what the railroad left
Ranch Hike
Hike Ranch road from start to finish
Rand's Believe it or Not!
Demonstrate items with unusual stories.
Ranger Alarm
Install a mechanism to identify intruders
Use the rappelling tower
Raw Deal Readiness
Raze the Village
Viking Hordes descend upon a harmless village.
Real Man Decathlon
Tough events to test your mettle
Recording Session
Record our own musical stylings.
Take the leap of faith off the tower
Return Of The Lenape
Recreate the famous ceremony.
Reunion Banquet
A get-together with food.
Reverse Hockey
The game is played the same as normal hockey, but the points are awarded a little differently. Instead of scoring a point by getting the puck/ball in the net, you score by hitting the goalie with the puck. If you take a shot and it goes in the net, the op
Revolving Activity
Go from station to station
Rhombus hike
Take a hike in the shape of a diamond
Rice Paper boats
Build boats of rice paper
Rigging Climb
Ropes for the monkeys
Rigging Race
Build rigging and race to the top.
Road Bowling
A traditional Irish game
Road Curling
Curling on the road.
Road hike
Take a hike down the highway
Robin Hood
Build a treehouse and live outdoors
Robot Wars
Build robots (real, cardboard, or virtual) and duke it out.
Rock and Jock Event
Change an event to allow Jocks to ignore some limiting rules while allowing Rock Stars unique scoring opportunities.
A D-A style rodeo
Role Playing
Randomly assigned behavior patters
Role Reversal
Pretend to be another camper
Roof Sledding
Sled off the roof of the building
Root Beerhunter
Russian roulette with a shaken soda.
Rope Climbing
Who can climb the fastest?
Rope Making
Pioneering merit badge requirement
Rotation Board Games
We make space and time available to play a variety of tabletop board and role-playing games. Players are in teams or pairs; when a bell sounds members of each team switch games.
Round Robin Murder
Try to be the sole survivor
Royal Rumble
Everyone gets into a giant brawl(not real hurting) inside a certain area. To eliminate, you have to either knock a person completely out of the ring or make them submit without hurting them.
Rubber Band Fight
Take aim and fire
Rubber Chicken Relay
Just a little different baton
Rumor Spreading
Try to make everyone believe a lie
Saloon Slide Shuffleboard
Slide the mug into the bullseye for points.
Say What Karaoke
The first round people sing along to any song of their choice. In the second round, they have like a karaoke wheel of death. Then after each round, judges assign point values to different categories (like accuracy, style and performance).
Scape Goat
Mock 'em 'til they cry or stab someone
Scavenger Hunt
Try to scrounge up the items on the list
Scheduled WCU
Put Winter Camp University classes on the schedule.
Scout Concentration
Can you remember which badge is where?
Scout Jeopardy!
Jailed Winter Campers for $500 please
Scout Skills Contest
Competition in a variety of scout skills.
Scout Tic-Tac-Toe
Set up a game where there are nine folks in the grid for tic-tac-toe. Have two play the game and get squares when they can tell if the one in the box has told the truth when asked to tell more of a thing
Scout Trivia Contest
How much scouting lore do you really know?
Scouting Heritage Merit Badge
Earn the badge
Scuba Diving
Yeah, whatever
Let's talk to the spirits of the dead
Seed Germination
Required for the defunct Agriculture merit badge
Self-defense lessons
Yeah, whatever.
Attempt to send a message using semaphore.
Sense Maze
Have a maze set up with rope or string that will buzz or make a sound when touched. The goal is for each team to send one or more through the maze. The catch is that the one who goes through the maze can not see it.
Set-Up Personal Space
Choose a bunk, make your bed, and stow your gear.
Shakespearean Theatre
Welcome to the Globe
Ships in bottles
Captain Picard makes 'em.
Shipwrecked is the pirate-themed version of the drop off hike. Campers are grouped into teams and taken to various locations by a circuitous route while blindfolded. They are then expected to find their way back to camp. In this version, the teams a
Shoot a promo video
Actual footage with a script
Shoot Guns
If the theme is Old West, then we should make use of the gun range at camp
Teams construct shooting machines and compete in a variety of categories.
A good ol' fashioned gun totin' shootout.
Shuriken throw
Throw shuriken at target
Signaling Contest
Can you get the message through
Silence Contest
Who can make the least noise longest?
Silk screening
Make a t-shirt
Sim City Market
Our own carnival.
Single Hobby Draw
Everyone is assigned the same hobby
Marathon skating session
Sled Jousting
Try to knock your opponent off his sled
Sledding Contest
Who can sled longest, furthest, fastest?
Sledding on the face
Sled on the big hill.
Sledding relay
Sled down, run up. Repeat.
Sling Shot
Yeah, whatever
Smoke Signaling
Attempt to send a message via smoke signals.
Smoker's Exclusion
No smoking at Winter Camp
Snake Hockey
A dangerous game from a dangerous troop. Snake hockey is played much like regular hockey except the puck is a piece of knotted rope and the sticks are just sticks (or hockey sticks with no blades).
Snow Battle
The mother of all snowball fights
Snow Bomb
Create a bomb of snow and loft it at something
Snow Bowling
Bowl with snowy balls and pins.
Snow Croquet
I say Heather, is that your ball?
Snow Roll
Can you make yourself into a snowball?
Snow Shelter Building
Igloos and lean-tos for survival
Snow Snake
Throw a spear through the snow
Snow Sports
A variety of snow-inspired fun.
Snowman Contest
Who can make the tallest snowman?
Snowshoe Relay
A relay race run while wearing snowshoes.
So Be It Contest
Who can yell loudest and with most feeling
Soccer is a game played with a round ball which is mostly kicked but can also be hit with just about any body part except the hand and arms. The goal is to put the ball in the opponent's net more often than they put it in yours before the game ends. It
Soccer Obstacle Course
Kick the ball through the hazards
Soda Bottling
With our very own capper
Modelled after the standard game
Song and Story
Make up songs or stories about famous Winter Campers and Winter Camp events.
Sing, sing a song...
Sound Contest
Campers compete to see who can make the most, longest, and/or loudest sounds.
Sound Hike
How far can you relay a message?
Space Invasion
Stand too close to people
Space Quest
The quest in space.
Spare Tire Roll
How far can you roll a tire?
Special Ceremony
A ceremony of some sort
Special Ceremony (Ordeal Site)
Recreating the classic ceremony
Hyper Baseball
Spelling Bee
Who is the besst spelr at Wintr Kamp?
Spike Sledding
Sled over an obstacle course
Spinning bat tee ball
Put your head on the bat and do three revolutions, then bat.
Spit or Swallow
Identify things by taste
Spy Games
A variety of double-naught spy competitions
Stage Coach Robbery
Rob a passing vehicle
Stage Play
Put on a theatrical production
Star Wars Quest
Star Wars inspired multi-station game.
Stock Market
How're your investments doing?
Put people in stocks (not a stockade) and mock them.
Stone Game
Play a game involving stones
Stone Tool Making
Chip away, chip away at the stone
Story of What?
Group storytelling.
Story-telling Game
Players use cards for the elements
String Maze
Try to negotiate it for speed
Stringed instruments (homemade)
Build Chinese-inspired instruments
Subcamp highpoints
Visit the highpoint of each subcamp
Sumo Chess
Like Battle Chess only Chinese themed
Superconductor Demo
Is it cold in here?
Surveying & Mapping
Cartography as a hobby
Survival Activity
We engage in some activities one might encounter during Wilderness Survival merit badge.
Survivor: Arctic
Everyone is outdoors and gets voted in?
Swashbuckling Contest
Errol Flynn look out!
Polar bear swim anyone?
Synchronized Sleeping
Can you wake up at the same time?
Synchronized Tree Climbing
Matched pairs tree climbing contest
Table Saw
Build a table saw at camp
Tabletop Soccer
In case of rain
Tag Team Chess
Convert from 2 to 4 players.
Tag Team Hang-gliding
I still say it should be 2 strikes
Tag Team Race
Each team must have a car which can gauge how far it has gone. The races starts at our camp and goes on Ranch Road. The car drives one half mile from camp and then the race starts.
Talent Show
Who is the most talented camper?
Tales by Lot
Each one who plays the game must write down a set of words, a Name, a noun, a verb. The things which are on the list are put in bags, one for each kind of word. Each one who plays must draw one or more things from each bag (the goal is to use all the word
Tandem Tale Tellin'
Players are paired into teams and assigned to write a story together. Each player writes a paragraph then hands it to his partner who reads what's been written, then writes the next paragraph.
Tarot Reading
What's in the cards for you?
Taste this
Identify things by taste
Telegraph Communication
Set up telegraph offices between the two cabins. It may be a good way to summon people to meals and activities.
Telescope Making
Can we do better than the Hubble?
Test o' Strength Machine
Can I win a kewpie doll?
The Big Trade
Each one who comes to camp must bring a lot of some small thing, like a bead or a shell. The names of all the things are put on lots and the things are put in a big bag. Each one who comes to camp must draw from the list of things
The Cat's Quizzer
The teams compete in a trivia contest. They get nine mistakes before they are eliminated from the contest.
The Fellowship Game
Like Newlyweds only with someone you just met at camp. No Whoopie questions.
The Mean Game
When we are done we get all the scores and find the mean, then play a game where we guess who wrecks the curve, who is close to the mean and who is more or less than the mean
The Ode Game
We had a book a few years back which had an ode for each one who came to camp. I think we should make that a thing we do each year.
The Rat Race
We could bring a group of mice or rats to camp and then give each team a group of them. The group of them could form a team of rats. The goal of each group is to teach their rats how to walk through a maze in the least time
The Stock Sale
We would have stock, but they would be live and each team would have their own herd. The goal would be to sell your stock for the most cash at the end of Camp. There could be three or four kinds of stock (either new breeds of cow, or whole new things, lik
The story of what
Group story-telling.
Thematic Olympics
Compete in theme-related games
Tibetan Golf
International retheming of Cross-Country Golf
Tightrope Walking
Another in the 'circus arts' series
Toboggan Rescue
Use a toboggan as a backboard
Toga party
Just like Animal House
Tomato Tennis
Play tennis with a popular fruit
Torchlight Parade
Think Frankenstein movie
Touch Testing
Identify things by touch
Track and Stalk (Day)
Try to track your opponent
Track and Stalk (Night)
Try to track your opponent
Tracking & Stalking
Try to track your opponent
Trading Post
Sell candy, pop & chips
Trading Post (expanded)
Sell patches & stuff too
Trading Spaces
Swap bunks with a camper in another building.
Careful, you might learn something
Treasure Hunt
Search for the pirate's gold
Trebuchet Building
Build our own medieval siege engine
Tree Climbing
Climb highest, fastest.
Tree Growing Contest
Who can raise the best tree by next year?
Tree House Building
Build a tree house and sleep in it.
Tree Tapping
Make your own syrup
Treehouse Building
Build and then sleep overnight in a treehouse.
Tribute Dinner
Choose a prominent Winter Camper for some recognition of his hard work by his companions.
Trivial Pursuit Contest
Who is the real master of trivia?
Truck Tire Sumo
Participants wear a truck tire then belly-buck to victory
Tug of War
Pull off against your opponent(s)
Tug of War with pulley
Losers wind up airborne
Turkey bowling
Use frozen poultry to clear the lane
Twice-told Tales
One from each team gets to read or watch a tale. He then gets some time to tell the tale to his team. The team then takes a quiz on the tale and the two teams try to score the most points on the quiz.
Twilight CC Golf
Play CC golf in the waning light
Twilight Zone
A card is chosen at random for the theme of the night's activity or as the nature of the Universe for the evening's events.
Two Games
We play two games which are like, but not quite the same on the same field with four teams. Each team draws by lot which game it will play, but does not know who its foes are or what game the ones who aren't its foes have to play.
UFO Building
One part Genius Night, one part solid fuel. The UFO Building portion of this event will resemble a Genius Night, with campers attempting to prepare the coolest UFO from the components provided.
Uphill Long Jump
How far can you jump up a hill?
Upside Down Puzzle Building
Now try it without the picture
Vague Game
Well, it's um, a game, where you sort of..
Variable volleyball in the Round
This is a variation of 4-way volleyball. Basically the court is a large circle which can be subdivided in four (or more sections that will vary in size throughout the game. On any given volley your team may need to defend half the circle area, or perhaps
Video Game Tournament
Who can prevail at an assortment of games?
Video Game-a-thon
Who can prevail at an assortment of games?
Videogame trivia
Answer questions about famous video games
Viking Explorers
Explore the world in this custom boardgame.
Viking Olympics
Compete in a variety of Norse events.
Vine Jousting
Swing at each other and swat away
Viral Infestation (Reverse CTO)
Attempt to plant your flag in the enemy's base.
Volleyball (conventional)
The classic game
Wacky Decathlon
Twisted version of the Olympics with 10 events
Wacky Olympics
Twisted version of the Olympics
Wacky Pentathlon
Twisted version of the Olympics with 5 events
Walk the Plank
Into a pile of snow
Walking Race
Try to arrive the fastest while having one foot on the ground at all times.
Walter Raleigh Vertical Challenge
Compete to make alternating stacks of milk crates for maximum height. Must stand on one stack at all times.
War Games
Multi-station event based on war
Warden's Rise and Shine
Campers are treated to a rude awakening courtesy of the guards.
Water Balloon Fight
Fill 'em up and try to stay dry
Water Balloon Toss
How far apart can you and your partner be?
Fighting with fire hoses.
Watershed Perimeter Hike
Hike the watershed area
WC 50 letters
Write a letter to the future
WC Album
Make a soundtrack for the event
WC Band
Combine the musicians for an original song
WC Biathlon
Running & 5 card draw poker
WC Pickup Band
Play whatever is at hand
WC Promo Song
Make a theme song for Winter Camp
WC Soundtrack
Theme music for Winter Camp
WC Standard Time
Move the clock ahead 77 minutes
Web Page School
My thought is that we should hold a class and teach those who take it how to make their own web page. We could hold one class each day and have a new group in each class
What next?
There are lots of tools which say they will tell us what is to come. We could bring some to camp, then try to use each one and make notes. We could have a list of things we want to know
What's that smell?
Identify things by smell
Where is that Light Bulb
Yeah, whatever
Which Steve?
A trivia contest based on the people with the same first name. People come up the appropriate last name to answer questions.
While You Were Out
A tv like version of Kim's Game.
While You Were Out!
A large scale Kim's game. Try to guess what was changed when you left the room.
Who the hell?
Identify people by description
Whose Line is it Anyway?
Attempt to replicate the famous improv show.
Whose Line is it Anyways?
Recognize famous quotes or complete the ceremony.
William Tell Archery
Are you sure you're aiming at the apple?
Erect the wind machine
Winter Camp Adventure
A late-night randomized event.
Winter Camp Celebrity Roast
One camper is deemed the celebrity and his friends roast him.
Winter Camp Family Celebration
Invite families to camp for a party.
Winter Camp Management Meeting
Nightly meeting of our leaders
Winter Camp Soundtrack
Create our own CD of Winter Camp music.
Winter Camp Squares
Winter Campers take to the grid in this version of Hollywood Squares
Winter Camp Trivia Contest
Who knows the most about Winter Camp?
Wood Burning
Create decorative items with heat
Woods Battleship
Fire shots into the woods to sink the opposing ships
World Games Emporium
Traditional games from a variety of regions and cultures.
Wrestling matches
A daily Big Time challenge
Wrestling: video game style
We have a wrestling video game tournament
Wumpus Hunt
Divide camp into grids, he's out there
X Marks the Spot
Teams solve a variety of clues to complete a giant tic-tac-toe game
Dissect an alien
XXX Quest
A quest type game with X's as a theme
Yeah, whatever.
Yak Herding
Joe Hall will supply all the Yaks we need.
Yarn Ball Contest
Whose is the biggest?
Yellow Journalism
Slant it without lying
Yes Man Contest
Who's the biggest suck?
Yo-Yo Contest
Who can do the best tricks?
Swiss Miss anyone?
Zamboni Construction
Yeah, whatever.
Zan-Tec's Game
A game of building and responsibility.
Zone of Death
Those who built the box would then put their box in a zone where it could fight with the works made by the rest of the teams. You would win the game if your box beat all the rest.
Create our own zoo of animals
The science of fermentation

Total: 790