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This is the list of all meals either held or proposed in the last 5 years.

Apres Smoke Dinner
A lovely meal of smoked foods
Apres-Cardiac Meal
Eat the sort of foods you're allowed to eat after a cardiac event
Bakery Snack
Freshly baked bread and other treats
Bellissimo Banquet
Fine Italian dining.
Binary Soup
We hand make pssta to make our own 1 and 0 noodles for soup.
Black Knight Meal
No matter what, it's just a flesh wound and the bits taste like chicken.
Bollmano’s Pizza
The traditional pizza smorgasbord
Boodle Fight
A Thai banquet where food is served on the table and you eat what you can claim.
Burger Kabobs
Mold ground meat into a hotdog like tube using a 2-liter bottle
Casino Snack
Watered-down drinks and bar snacks
Catch of the Day
Smoked fish and trimmings
Caveman Dinner
The other Winter Camp classic
Chicken Cacciatore
Chicken Hungarian style
Chops5tick Breakfast
Campers eat breakfast foods with chopsticks
Colazione Breakfast
An Italian style breakfast.
Competitive Eating
Attempt to eat a lot of something quickly.
Conglomerate Lunch
Rand Stew and its companions
Continental Breakfast
Optional fast food
Dark Knight Dinner
A medieval style dinner
Decades Meal
Pick a decade and eat food that was popular then but is less popular now.
Dem Bolmano's Pizza
Bollmano's pizza
Dinner and a Movie
Watch a movie while eating a culturally appropriate meal.
Dino Chili
White chili cooked in the roaster.
Doggy Style Lunch
Hot dogs
Doughboy Breakfast
Food appropriate to a WW II GI.
Down Home Dining
It's mostly about cornbread and chili. We could either have it as two items or there are a number of recipes for chili with cornbread as a crust.
Easy Breakfast
Continental Breakfast
Eat Like a Celebrity Meal
I have a cookbook with a bunch of recipes from celebrities.
Eggss in Space
A variety of egg-based dishes including eggnog
Emperor's Dinner
Epic Anniversary Dinner
Big dinner
Epicurious Snack
A snack with interesting choices.
Ethan's Speakeasy
A snack similar to Casino Snack
First Meal on the Moon
Bacon squares, peaches, sugar cookie cubes, pineapple grapefruit drink and coffee
Fish Slappin Supper
Smoked fish and trimmings
Food Tube Lunch
Food is dispensed into toothpaste style tubes
Foraging Lunch
Food must be found in the wild then added to the pot.
Fortune's Grits
Jackpot Grits with an F
Found Meal
Freeze Drying
attempt to freeze dry our own food using vacuum and heat
Freeze-dried Ice Cream Sandwiches
A snack of ice cream
Frugal Roman Meal
Fuhget About It Lunch
Business lunch
Gate Lunch
Campers are presented with a condition which allows them to eat. They then have to adjust a marble maze of and/or/nor/xor gates to achieve the correct result before they can eat.
Giant Pizza
We make a big pizza either by filling the dimensions of a camp oven or by building our own oven.
Grits Smorgasbord
Various types of grits with various toppings
Gumball Grits
Put ingredients for grits in the gumball machine and you get what falls out
Half-Moon Dinner
Pasties are the star of this show.
Hot Meteor(ite) Lunch
Participants try not to be caught holding the meteor(ite) when the bell sounds and cannot eat until it sounds again.
Ice Cream Snack
Handmade and freeze-dried ice cream treats
Idiot's Delight
It turns out there are a large number of different dishes called Idiot's Delight on the internet. We could prepare and serve a number of them as hors d'oeuvres
Incontinental Breakfast
A collection of easily prepared dishes which are rumored to cause the potential for incontinence.
Inside-out Candy Burgers
S'mores made with giant marshmallows outside and candy inside.
Is it Soup Yet?
We make a stew and serve it with varying levels broth in an attempt to gather experimental data to answer the question of how watery a stew can be before it's a soup.
Jackpot Grits
Grits with randomized additives.
Koreshan Snack
A variety of foods served inside out (like a sandwich with two layers of meat and a slice of bread in the middle).
Lumberjack Breakfast
Eat like a lumberjack.
Lumberjack Breakfast with Tang
Just what it says; a hearty breakfast with Tang instead of Orange Juice
Machine Learning Meal
Food isn't super-important, but there should be several different items, preferably that will take multiple bites to eat (think peas). The table leader writes rules and then eats using them. If someone follows the rules, they can eat. If they aren't fol
Manufacturer's Suggestion
We eat things from recipes on the back of the box.
Meal from Home
Campers write down a favorite dinner and throw it in a hat; one is drawn to serve as a late week dinner
Meat Slapping Meal
Cook meat (probably a hot dog) by imparting sufficient kinetic energy to it.
Mexican Breakfast
A breakfast made from south of the US border dishes
Mexican Lunch
Mexican Meal
Make a run for the border
Moon Meal
A meal focused on cheese of which the moon is made
National Identity Dinner
Meal constructed by each country to be their home cuisine
No Waste Meal
The meal must generate no trash -- everything edible including any packaging for the ingredients.
Noodle Cleaning Meal
You are served a delicious plate of noodles with sauce. Rather than eating it, your job is to lick the noodles clean without damaging the noodles.
Olympic Meal
Each continent represented by a dish.
One-hand pancakes
Pancakes served on a stick.
Orbital Meals
Determine menu for some meals based on position of Winter Camp in a simulated orbit of the earth.
Patty Melt
Made with ground turkey
Payload Eggs
One day eggs are launched or dropped in protective cases, next day the remains are breakfast
Tne national identity meal for the People's Democratic Republic of Nother Australiastan
Pineapple Upside down pancakes
Grill pineapple, then cover it in pancake batter, brown sugar, and a cherry.
Pizza by the Numbers
Everyone draws an outline of an image on their piece of dough (or flatbread) and adds numbers in each section. Once they're done, they go to the front where they learn what the numbers mean as they get toppings added to their crust. Pizza is baked and o
Popcorn Panoply
A large variety of copious amounts of popcorn.
Potion Mixing
Mix together various ingredients to make some unusual beverages
Programmer's Perogative
Computer programmers, kind of like gamers, are reputed to exist on a diet of caffeine, sugar, and unhealthy choices.
Ramen Repast
We have a meal of instant ramen.
Rat on a Stick
Food cooked on a stick
Raw Deal Meal
Everything about this lunch is made from raw ingredients; peanuts for peanut butter for example.
Remote Control Meal
One part of the team (hopefully the least experienced cooks) goes into the kitchen with no recipe. The other part, armed with the recipe, tries to get them to make the dish. Ideally, we'd pick something difficult and with a very specific appearance when
Robo Meal
Everything has to be eaten in as robotic a fashion as possible. Stiff, rigid moves are the order of the day.
Sausage with noodles pushed through
Not so much a theme as a cooking technique. We serve a variety of foods which have been flattened using a spatula or other tool.
Smoked Beast
Using the smoker for a better taste.
Social Distancing Meal
This meal is served family style and each table has to wear gloves and remain socially distanced while they eat.
Some Sort of Stew
Southern Breakfast
Southwestern scrambled eggs, biscuits & gravy
Space Faring Dinner
Eat dinners from countries/organizations which are considered spacefaring
Spam everywhere you look
Splash Down Lunch
A simple lunch of soup and sandwiches.
Splashed Fish
Smoked fish dinner
Stan Lee Breakfast
A breakfast where each dish must have an alliterative two-word title, thus following the Stan Lee rule for superheroes.
Stove top waffles
Use an old school waffle iron to make waffles
Surprise Baking
We bake cookies or something similar in time for breakfast.
The Doug Wilson Dinner
Salad w/ Italian dressing, meatloaf (or roast beef & gravy), mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, dinner rolls w/ butter, and cherry pie.
The Jeff Rand Experience
Campers hike somewhere to find food. Along the way they pick up things they'll need to build a stove and cook the eventual meal.
The Keith King Caboodle
Smoked salmon and other smoked foods
The Kristie Donohue Breakfast
Part of the Famous Winter Campers series.
The Last Breakfast
This will be your final breakfast for this ear
The Mark Bollman Snack
I was thinking Mark's--> meal could be all sorts of sweets. I'
The Michelle Matowski Snack
We eat old vintage recipes that are weird even by Winter Camp standards.
The Steve Donohue Dinner
The only important thing is that it starts with seconds. It should be a buffet.
Troop Favorites
We pick a troop and eat one of their favorite meals
UFO Meal
Unidentified Food Objects
Unified Meal
There is one ingredient used in each element of the meal; so every dish has to have onions (for example).
Unique Meal
Each thing must have no shared ingredients
Vigil Breakfast
Copious food to celebrate the new arrivals
Visual Interface
Cooks are given the ingredients and a picture and have to make the meal. No directions and no names of dishes. The ingredients are probably measured to the right amounts, but maybe things are combined -- like a cup of water for one thing and a cup for an
What's for Lunch?
Shoppers pick out something for lunch while shopping.
Yooper Meal
Eat foods from the UP
You Ruined Winter Camp!
We make sugar cookies in non-Christmas shapes like dinosaurs.
Youper Dinner
Pasties and other delicacies from north of the Mackinac Bridge

Total: 116