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A traditionally unconventional part of Migisi Opawgan chapter since 1977

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This is the list of all meals neither held nor proposed in the last 5 years.

100-Dish Banquet
The beginning of the excess
1000 Calorie Meal
For those on a diet
16-Dish Banquet
Sixteen things to eat.
162-Dish Banquet
One dish for each number of our lodge
A-Z Banquet
Every letter is represented
Achatz Lunch
Spanish Rice or One-pot Spaghetti
Adam & Eve Snack
Afghan Meal
An ethnic choice
Airdrop Meal
Drop the food from an airplane
Airmail Meal
Everything has to be airborne
Alamo Meal
Tex-Mex Cuisine
All Day Lunch
Graze all day
Alliterative Meal
Matching sounds
Alphabetic Banquet
One dish for each letter of the alphabet
Anemic Meal
Counteracts the carnivorous meal
Animal Lunch
Pick your animal and chow down
Anniversary Banquet
Winter Camp XX Feast
Anniversary Breakfast
A celebration of our anniversary served breakfast style
Anniversary Dinner
One unique dish from each Winter Camp
Anti-Gravity Meal
Must be hung in the air
Anti-Oatley Snack
Eat things that are bad for you
Anti-Obedience Snack
Eat foods which would generally not be enjoyed by Mr. Oatley or anyone else trying to eat healthy.
Anti-Obedience Snack for the Aged
Bad food for old people.
Anti-Stone Sink Meal
Eat a meal with the fewest possible dishes. This event aims to have very few dirty dishes. The name is a tribute to Mr. Stone having cleaned up most dishes from the 100 dish Bssquest at Winter Camp III.
Arabian Adventure
Arabian foods
Ark Dinner
Two teams cook the same basic ingredients.
Aromatic Meal
What's that smell?
Asymmetrical Meal
Must be oddly shaped
Automated Breakfast
Lay there while your breakfast is made
Autotrophic Meal
Create your own food like a plant
Awards Banquet
The typical athletic sort of thing
Baby Meal
Make a mess of your strained peas
Back of the Box Dinner
Recipes from the back of the box
Backpack Meal
Carry it with you
Bacon Breakfast
A breakfast with plenty of bacon
Bacon Palooza
Lots and lots of bacon and bacon-flavored dishes
Bake-Off Snack
Competition in the baking realm
Bali Breakfast
A light repast of fruits and bread.
Not the fried chicken
Bar Meal
Eat food from a bar
Barbecue Dinner
Barbecued delights
Barbecue Lunch
Barbecued delights
Battle Grits
Jackpot grits with the high rollers getting to trade.
Bavarion Bistro
A meal typical of a German cafe.
Beggarís Banquet
You can eat whatever you can get.
Behind Enemy Lines Lunch
Food eaten furtively
Birthday Party
Happy birthday to?
Blazing Saddles Meal
Foods specially chosen to encourage flatulence
Blind Beggar's Banquet
Seems like some kind of Dumas thing
Blind Lunch
Eat while blindfolded
Blowtorch Snack
Food cooked using a blowtorch
Boat Meal
Gently sway while you eat.
Body Temperature Lunch
Are you getting warmer?
Bomb Meal
Can you defuse your breakfast?
Boomerang Bash!
Australian food?
Boot Camp Meal
Eaten on metal trays
Bottle Meal
Everything comes out of a bottle
Bouchardís Bonanza
Fare served at a Montreal area hot dog joint
Box oí Chocolates
Chocolate covered mystery foods
Brain Snack
Everything is shaped like a brain.
Bring Me a Bucket Lunch
Another name for a popular ending.
Brontosaurus Burger Feast
Pork ribs guaranteed to flip your car on it's side.
Brotherhood Breakfast
Feed your partner
Brotherhood Dinner
Feed your partner
Brown Bag Lunch
Bring it from home
Buffalo Meal
The main course is buffalo
Buffoon Lunch
Act like a jerk while you eat
Bureaucratic Lunch
Paperwork must be in order.
Burger Time Dinner
Food is dropped from the ceiling and caught on plates.
Burglar Meal
Steal it from your neighbor
Buried Treasure Snack
Dig your food up
Business Lunch
Soup and a sandwich
CAG Funeral Feast
Celebrating the end of an era.
Cajun Lunch
Hot and black
Campfire Snack
S'mores and such
Candidate Lunch
Half a sandwich.
Candle-cooked Meal
Cooked over an open flame
Candyburger Campfire Snack
S'mores by any other name would taste as good.
Canned Meal
Everything needs an opener
Cannonball Lunch
Stacked Spheres
Cantina Lunch
Star Wars inspired lunch
Carnivorous Lunch
Nothing but meat.
Casino Buffet
Higher quality food at the Casino.
Casino Cuisine
Another name for Casino Snack
Casino Party
A festive snacke in the Casino, perhaps with some cake.
Watered-down drinks and bar snacks
Caste Breakfast
The haves and the have-nots
Catered Meal
Not likely.
Ceremonies Day Snack
Snack eaten ceremonial style.
Challenge Meal
Prove yourself worthy of your food
Chili Cook-off
A competition to make the best Chili
Chili Cookoff
Competitive chili contest as teams vie for top honors
China Poverty Buffet
An assortment of Chinese delicacies
Chinese Dinner
Assorted Chinese foods.
Chopstick Snack
Eat snack foods using chopsticks
Christmas Banquet
A goose and it's assorted trimmings
Christmas Party
A little scroogy.
Civil War
What's so Civil about War anyway.
Civil War Lunch
Argue while you eat
Class 10 Meal
Eat things most wouldn't even call food
Clearwater Meal
Eat in the other building
Clubhouse Luncheon
Eating at the golf Clubhouse
Clue Meal
Solve the puzzle to get your food
Coastal Cuisine
A seafood buffet
Coded Recipe
Solve the code before you can cook
Cold Meal
The ultimate in no-cook meals
Come-back Meal
Snappy patter earns you a forkful
Communal Straw
Everyone sucks from the same vat o' food
Competition Lunch
Prove yourself worthy of your food
Concentration Meal
You have to match two cards to eat.
Conglomerate Breakfast
Assorted leftovers
Continental Lunch
Optional fast food at lunch.
Counter-Weight Meal
Food is eaten in pairs on a teeter-totter.
Cowboy Meal
Beans and wieners Mongo.
Crude Meal
Try to be obnoxious
Cube Meal
Everything is shaped like a cube.
Darkyard Ravioli
Solar heating
Decibel Meal
How loud can you chew?
Dehydrated Meal
Everything must add water
Deli Meal
Ham and Pastrami on rye please
Desert Meal
Crackers and other dry favorites
Disaster Snack
Eat foods you might find after a disaster.
Do or Die(t)
Non-optional outdoor cooking at its finest.
Dragon Dinner
Tastes like chicken
Dried Orange Peel Snack
Prevents scurvy
Dutch Oven Meal
Cook in Dutch ovens
Eat on the Run
eat while running
Eat Out
Not likely
Eating Contest
How much can you eat?
Electric Lunch
Everything cooked on electric stoves
Emily Post Dinner
Eat using your best table manners.
Emily Post Meal
Engineering Breakfast
Carefully planned and executed
Ethiopian Meal
Not much
Fallout Meal
Food is in a bag
False Dilemma Lunch
Forced to choose between A or B
Fancy Ice Meal
Ice carvings and eating on the lake.
Fast Lane Meal
Hop in your car and eat as you drive
Fido Food
Just like Fido gets
Find Your Food
Food is hidden in a cache somewhere
First Class Meal
Top quality food and drink
Floor Meal
Eat off the floor
Foil Pack
Cooked in fire
Food 911
Teams get ingredients but no recipes.
Food Song Meal
Eat to pre-recorded songs
Frisbee Meal
Eaten from a flying disk
Future Snack
Futuristic fare.
G vs E Lunch
Foods with good and evil names like Angel's Food and Devil's Food cakes.
Gag Meal
Try to eat while bound and gagged
Game Meal
Gamer approved snack foods
Gamer's Snack
A selection of snack foods suitable for gaming
Gatherer Meal
You have to find your food
Gelato Social
Everyone hangs out while eating Gelato
Generic Lunch
Those familiar black and white labels
Geometric Lunch
Everything cut to a right regular shape
Geometric Snack
Everything cut to a right regular shape
German Embassy
Spaetzle anyone?
Giant Meal
Think Big!
Giant Popcorn
Try to pop the top off this popper
Gilligan's Island Meal
Tropical favorites
Global Breakfast
Dishes from around the world.
Grandmother's Meal
Just like Gramma used to make
Grape Snack
Everything is a grape or grape-flavoried
Greco-American Meal
Thinly themed way to eat chili dogs.
Greek Gourmet
Green Eggs And Ham
From the Dr. Seuss classic
Green eggs and Some Kind of Pork
It ain't ham.
Grit Breakfast
It's cheap if not tasty.
Grovel Snack
Beg for it you lowly scum
Gruesome Snack
Pig balls and other entrails Nummy!
Guruís Birthday Party
A birthday celebration for the youth leader
Had 'em on the Strawberries Meal
Captain Queeg's favorite
Hartman Dinner
An inexpensive dinner inspired by the longtime Scoutmater of Troop 842.
Hash Meal
Hashed everything
Hawaiian Luau
Poi and it's pals
Heart Stupid Breakfast
A variety of foods guaranteed to be bad for you.
Hearty Canadian Breakfast
A thoroughly Canadian take on breakfast.
Hell Meal
It's red or it's hot or it's both
Hell Snack
Hot or red or both.
Herbivorous Breakfast
Eat only plants
High Speed Meal
How fast can you eat?
Hindu Dinner
Eat vegetarian fare cooked Indian style
Historic Banquet (1994)
One unique dish from each previous Winter Camp
Homemade Ice Cream Social
We make our own ice cream, embellish it and then hang out telling embellished stories.
Just like the famous place only without the waitresses
Hospital Meal
Hot Dino Meal
Thematic hot dogs.
Hot Irish Potato Lunch
Irish food with a potato to pass
Hot Potato Lunch
Eat until the bell sounds
Hume Lunch
Named after a prank phone call.
Hungarian Breakfast
Greasy bread and other Hungarian delicacies.
Hunter's Feast
Game animals
IED Lunch
Improvised Eating Devices
IED Meal
Improvised Eating Device meal
Imagination Meal
Pretend you're eating something else
Immigrant Meal
Food typically eaten by immigrants
Inclined Plane Meal
The food slides into your mouth
Indian Lunch
Unlike the Hindu meal, this one just misses beef, not all meat.
Indigestible Meal
Try to recover the indigestible parts
Infommercial Meal
Competing salesman cook the same item using different methods and try to sell theirs as the best way.
Insect Meal
Bugs are quite nutritious
International Smorgasbord
Banquet class assortment
Intravenous Snack
Attach the needle and all
Iraqi Meal
An ethnic choice
Irish Feast
Corned Beef
Irish Lunch
Corned beef sandwiches and other light fare.
Israeli Breafast
A light breakfast from Israel
Jamaican meatloaf
Spicy baekd foods
Japanese Dinner
Low tables and no shoes
Jewish Mother Meal
Get nagged while you eat
Johnny Appleseed Snack
Juggling Meal
You have to juggle it to eat it
Junk Snack
Nothing but junk food.
KFC Meal
Fried Chicken and all the fixin's
Kimballís Dinner
The meal of choice for the Kimball family of Grace, Idaho on 11/29/1996.
Korean Meal
An ethnic choice
Kosher Meal
Everything prepared properly
Lake Meal
Go fish
Last Chance Potluck
A midweek conglomerate lunch.
Latrine Meal
Eat in the wonderful BC latrine
Lazy Man Meal
Eaten with minimal expenditure of energy
Lechter Meal
Cannibals & Chianti
Leftover Dinner
During the mid-week. I warned you.
Liquid Meal
Use a straw to get every drop
Little Ozzieís Pizza
The classic meal of Winter Camp
Live Turkey Meal
Do your own butchering
Lunch on The Run
Cook your portable meal outdoors
M.A.S.H. Meal
Terrible food and you have to move.
Made in Michigan Lunch
Foods from Michigan
Maid and Butler Meal
Uniformed attendants
Majestic Meal
Eat dinner with his highness
Man vs. Wild Meal
Pretend to eat survival food
Mann's Midnight Deli
Brian Mann makes and delivers a late-night snack.
Marching Meal
Eat on the move
Mash Meal
Eat like the 4077
Masquerade Lunch
Where a mask while you eat
McDonaldís Breakfast
Meal by Numbers
Like a paint by number only you fill in the blanks with food.
Meal on Wheels
We load the food into the car and drive it to the group to eat.
Medieval Feast
Fit for a king!
Mestizo Meal
Mexican Indian food
Mexican Dinner
Mexican Meal
Mexican Team Dinner
Two teams get the same ingredients to make Mexican food.
Midday Breakfast
More like a brunch really.
Midget Meal
Think Small.
Midnight Snack
Eaten in total darkness
Missing Meal
There just isn't one
Moebius Meal
Every dish has only one side
Mog Lunch
Food selected to resemble dog food.
Mold Dinner
Everything is molded before being served
Mollusk Meal
Lots of sea food here
Mom and Apple Pie Dinner
Traditional American fare
Monochrome Lunch
All the food must be the same color.
Monochrome Meal
All the foods are the same color as is much of the environment as we can manage.
Mosaic Meal
Laid out in an interesting grid
Movable Feast
Eat at different stations in camp
Movie Snack
Popcorn and Sno-caps
MRE Meal
Combat rations are soooo tasty
We eat a lot of MREs
Musical Meal
Change plates on a whim.
Mystery Meat
Can you identify it?
Name That Tune Banquet
Get the tune
Nautillus Lunch
Submarine sandwiches
Naval Dinner
Naval Lunch
A tasty lunch with a nautical theme
Never tell me the odds Dinner
Another Star Wars inspired meal
Night at the Tavern
A snack served up tavern style.
Night of the Living Dead Meal
Assorted animal brains
No Breakfast
Just what it says, even cheaper than grits!
Normal Banquet
Food one typically finds at an average banquet.
Normal Dinner
Just plain edible food
North American Aboriginal Lunch
Food found simmering on a campfire somewhere.
Oakes Lunch
A meal which was formerly served as the lunch on the last day of the Ceremonial Training Seminar. It's named after Michael Alan Oakes the ceremonies adviser who handled food for the event.
Oatley Breakfast
Healthy and nutritious
Officer and Enlisted Breakfast
The Caste system rears its ugly head (again)
On a Spit Meal
Everything is on a spit
On Beyond Zebra Lunch
A Seussian alphabetic meal.
One Item Meal
Just one thing to eat
Oracle Bakery Snack
More baked goods on Matrix theme.
Organ Fest
All sort of animal entrails
Organic Meal
All non-processed foods
Oriental Odyssey
Chinese food
Osterizer Meal
Put it in a blender as a pre-mix
Pac-Man Snack
Have to gobble food which dangles from strings.
Palamedes Lunch
Eat using randomizers
Pancake Breakfast
Pancakes and sausage.
Pancake Dinner
A traditional scouting fundraiser
Pancake Eating Contest
Who can eat the most flapjacks?
Pancake Stack Lunch
Stack 'em up and force 'em down
Pass Along Meal
Pass your plate when the bell sounds
Pass or Play Meal
Like truth or dare with food
Pass-out Meal
Eat until you pass out
Pasta Meal
A good Italian meal
Peasant Lunch
Cheap fare medieval style.
Pee Wee Herman Meal
Big utensils
Pemmican Picnic
Traditional Indian-dried food
Plenty of pies
Near the beach would be nice
Picnic Lunch
Eaten outdoors - in December, there are no ants.
Pie Snack
Everything has to be a pie
Pie Snack/Ice Cream Making
Pies and Ice Cream
Pioneer Meal
Eat like the early settlers
Pirate Snack
Lots of pirate food
Pirates of the Carribean Cuisine
Dinner and a Movie.
Pirates' booty
Who really knows
Pizza Smorgasbord
Assorted pizzas.
Pizza Wars
Bollmanos versus Little Ozzies Pizza
Pizza Work off
Lots of low-calorie foods
Play with Food
Use food to play checkers or a similar game
Playful Meal
Have fun with your food
Po' Folk Banquet
Eat like the less fortunate
Polish Breakfast
Food you might have for breakfast in Poland,
Polish Buffet
A variety of Polish delicacies
Poor Manís Banquet
A banquet of tasty yet inexpensive items.
Popcorn Festival
Plenty of popcorn
Popcorn Plethora
Just like being at Ozzie's
Pope's Lunch
Lunch based on what the Pope eats.
Plenty of pork
Potato Meal
Potatoes in every course
Potluck Lunch
Everybody brings a dish from home.
POW Meal
Eat like a prisoner of war
Powder Meal
Everything starts as a powder
Prank Meal
Call at random
Prison Breakfast
Grits in a tin cup
Prohibition Snack
you can only eat what you've snuck through the lines
Puzzle Meal
Put a piece in
Quiche Cookoff
Pit teams of cooks in a battle to create the best quiche which, of course, real men will not eat.
Raccoon Meal
Items must be washed repeatedly
Rack of Spam
Radioactive Lunch
Glowing foods
Radioactive Meal
Remember the Old Man in the Cave.
Rainbow Repast
Each food is a different color.
Random Dinner
Roll the die to see what you eat next
Random Lunch
Roll the die to see what you eat next
Random Meal
Random Meal
Reading Meal
Read while you eat
Records Meal
Who can set a record during the meal
Reverse Meal
Dessert first
Reverse Tool Meal
Cut with your fork
Right Angle Dinner
Must have a right angle
Roadkill Cafe
Cruise Sutton for some tasty treats
Roast Beast
Seuss inspired roast beef.
Roaster Lunch
Stuff cooked in a roaster
Roget's Meal
Spot the synonyms
Roman Snack
Peel me a grape
Rotating Meal
Put your plate on the spinner and go
Ruminant Meal
Chew your cud
S.O.S. Dinner
Stuff on a Shingle Dinner
S.O.S. Lunch
A navy favorite.
Sallee Manger Supper
A tribute to Canadian explorers
Salute to The States Banquet
Fifty dishes, one from each state.
Sampler Meal
Everything is a free sample
San Francisco Meal
Fruits and nuts
Sausage Snack
Delicious sausage!
Scavenged Meal
Go out and scrounge up some food
Scout's Own Fundraiser Breakfast
Pancakes and sausage
Scramble Breakfast
When the siren sounds you have to rush to eat and get dressed.
See-saw Meal
Try to balance your diet
Servent Leadership Meal
Meal cooked by the leaders
Seven Broís Banquet
Foods you might find at the Seven Bros market.
Sharecropper Meal
Share your food with your neighbors
Shovel Lunch
Eat with or from a shovel
Silent Breakfast
Shh! How little noise can you make?
Silent Lunch
Shh! How little noise can you make?
Silent Picnic
A picnic where no one can make a sound.
Singles Meal
Eat over the sink without a plate
Slavery Meal
Arrowmen are organized into teams and one is forced to feed the other.
Sleeping Indian Breakfast
Don't get caught trying to get food
Sling Shot Meal
Food is fired into your mouth
If it's good enough for Wilbur
Slow Motion Meal
How slow can you eat?
Slow Motion Snack
How slow can you eat?
Smoked Meat Meal
Plenty of meat smoked to perfection
Snack in The Hat
Food served out of a hat.
Snack on the Run
Foods suitable for cooking and eating outdoors
Some Sort of Stew Lunch
Stew without a recipe
Something Is Out There Snack
Alien fare.
SOS Meal
Chipped beef on toast
Soup Line Lunch
Stand in line for soup, sandwich, and salvation.
Southern Hospitality Banquet
Southern-style cooking
Southern Hospitality Dinner
Traditional southern favorites
Space Lunch
Futuristic Foods and Costumes
Spam Meal
Spam, Spam, Spam, wonderful spam, glorious spam
Spanish Embassy Dinner
Spies visit the embassy for some Mexican food.
Spoiled Brat Meal
Eat like the rotten child you are
Sports Meal
Eat foods similar to those one would find in a sporting event.
Stiff Neck Meal
Don't move your neck for this one
Stop and Go Meal
Stop and Go when told
Story-book Meal
Tell us a story while we eat
Streamer Meal
Pull the cord and see what you get
Stylish Seafood
Seafood but with flair
Surfer Meal
Served at the beach of course
Survival Lunch
You get it raw and figure out how to cook
Swinging Meal
The tables are swaying
Synchronized Lunch
Match your partner
Synchronized Supper
Match your partner
Szechuan Meal
Spicy beyond words
Tag Lunch
You're it
Tailgating Lunch
Cooked on the tailgate in the parking lot.
Tarzan of the Apes
Bananas, coconuts and grapes.
Tasty Wheat
Matrix-style grits.
Thanksgiving Feast
Turkey and all the trimmings
That Looks Good Snack
A snack picked by the shoppers when something looks good
The Mexican Dinner
A delicious dinner of Mexican delicacies.
Theater Snack
Popcorn and beverages.
Time Capsule Snack
Eaten while we inspect and reload the capsule; could therbe a special treat?
Timed Meal
Who can eat fastest? Slowest?
Toaster Breakfast
Everything cooked/prepared in a toaster
Travelerís Meal
Eat at the Wayfarer's Inn
Tripoli Dinner
Food from Lebanon
Trivia Meal
Answer the question or no food
Troi Meal
A cake shaped like the counsellor.
Turducken Dinner
Yep, we made turducken
Turkey Roost Dinner
Served while you urinate
TV Dinner
Eat TV dinners while watching TV
Twister Snack
Green Potatoes fork
Undercover Dinner
Don't let anyone see what you have
Underground Meal
Eaten and/or prepared underground
Unprocessed Food Meal
Everything is natural
Vendor Lunch
Hot Dogs! Soda! Get your hot dogs here!
Vendorís Lunch
Lunch is served by traveling vendors with trays of food.
Vesuvias Dinner
The spaghettie sauce Vesuvius erupts!
Vietnamese Meal
An ethnic choice
Viking Feast
Dress appropriately for Norse fare.
Viking Outdoor Feast
Cooked in the traditional Viking fashion, outside over a fire.
Vulcan Meal
Eat like Mr. Spock
Water Feast
Whatever you want
Wayfarerís Lunch
Lunch eaten while traveling.
WC Historic Banquet
One course from each Winter Camp
Weenie Roast
Hot Dogs on a stick
Weight Gain Meal
Try to gain the best percentage
Willy Wonka Meal
You can eat everything you see.
Winter Camp Historic Banquet
One unique meal from each Winter Camp
Working Mom Lunch
Food associated with work and dieting.
World Christmas Dinner
Christmas foods from around the world
Wretched Excess
Too much of a good thing
X-Ray meal
Making use of travelling Winter Campers to ensure every part of the meal is x-rayed (by airport security).
Xylophone Meal
The foods have to be hard and are served on a percussive base.
Yak Butter Meal
Create a meal using Yak meat.
Zan-Tec Snack
Eaten during Zan-Tec's game.

Total: 440