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Active Themes

These are all the themes which have either been held or suggested since 2015.

Al Capone
Campers take on the role of various prohibition era gangsters with each lead gangster having a crew of followers.
Do things backwards. Maybe one day stars with snack and ends with breakfast. Another day we could eat desserts first. There are many ways to be backwards, not just the order but we could also hold an activity, then prepare.
Winter Campers become barbarians like Conan or the barbarian brothers. They spend their week adventuring, killing dragons, and wasting all their money on idle pursuits and stupid vanity purchases.
Big Bro
We spend our time at camp in games which have names with one-part words. We speak in one-part words and we eat just foods with one-part names.
We undertake activities which would be historically popular in Celtic times.
we're all under the big top!
Classic Monsters
We devote the weekette to activities and events related to the classic Universal movie monsters: Frankenstein the Wolfman, Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Mummy, and the Invisible Man.
Cold War
We recreate our own version of the Cold War with preparedness drills and espionage.
Campers are divided into a number of teams which then identify as countries with names, flags, and other historical and cultural aspects.
Election Season
We create three (or more) political parties each of which has a specific agenda to achieve and/or candidates to elect.
Fiery Death
Everything is on fire! Activities: Meals: marshmallow roast, weenie roast, spicy foods, barbecue, roast something on a spit, from the ashes (cook on a fire from raze the village or something similar)
The campers are probably organized into gladiator stables. A few people in each are trainers and owners, the rest are warriors.
We create out own movie studios with the goal of making our own movies.
Indiana Jones
We take on the role of two-fisted action heroes seeking archeological treasures.
Masked Wrestling is popular in Mexico. In the traditional model, they don't just wrestle, they also fight the good fight and stick up for underdogs.
Merit Badge
We pick and complete a bunch of fun merit badge requirements
Campers are split into groups and each group is assigned to a historical pantheon like Greek, Roman, Egyptian, etc. Throughout the week the pantheons share their culture while competing to prove who is the best.
Throwback to events and activities at Winter Camp I.
We spend our weekette aboard an imaginary pirate ship plunging the high seas, visiting ports of call, and looking for treasure!
We adopt elements and activities common to Russia (or at least the American view of Russia.
Spy vs. Spy
If you want this to be serious, look at Cold War. In this case the groups are spies and are sent to outsmart each other.
The Rock
We could have a variety of activities based on the movies of Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock.
Tom Clancy / Call of Duty
The idea is that a small team of operatives is able to successfully complete a variety of missions.

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