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Over the years Winter Camp has accumulated a lot of history and traditions, most of which are recorded here. This section is probably of most use to those who haven't been to camp, but others may find it amusing as well.

The first recorded history was written for Winter Camp IV when we introduced the Winter Camp book. Since then, we've gone on to create a lot more reference works, some serious, some not-so-serious.

Complete RosterThis is actually just a roster showing names, dates, and emails. It's part of the webmaster's dream that everyone be mentioned in the news at least twice a year.
Encyclopedia WintercampicaAs the name implies, this exhaustive work attempts to provide at least a paragraph on practically everything in the Winter Camp Universe.
Hall of FameCombining elements of Bartlett's, Guiness and Who's Who, the Hall of Fame is one of the Winter Camp Universe's most eclectic reference works.
Hall of HonorThis shows awards received by Winter Campers.
HistoryThese pages provide an overview of Winter Camp History in general and detailed histories, including rosters, for each Winter Camp.
Hobby CenterIf you're looking for a new hobby, our "Book of Hobbies" might be just the thing.
Legendary StoriesThese are the legends and folktales of Winter Camp, the impactful stories that the geezers just keep telling.
NewslettersAll the news that's fit to print; this section links all the newsletters since Winter Camp IX.
OriginsOrigins was the first non-fiction book to enter the Winter Camp Universe. It is similar in focus to the Encyclopedia, but it provides much more detail on considerably fewer (about 30 vs. about 400) events.
Who's WhoThis page tells you who has been to how many Winter Camps. It's critical for those attempting to use the pecking order to secure a better bunk.
Winter Camp ManualThe original how-to guide for Winter Camp including information on our traditions and history as well as rules for some of our games. Much of what the WCU has become can be traced to the manual.