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Hobby Headquarters

The Hobby Draw and its companion, the Hobby Demo, have been a part of Winter Camp since 1992, when Winter Campers were first assigned a hobby to pursue during the next year and to report back on at the next camp. Over the seven years since, 63 people have been assigned hobbies. Eight campers have been in every Hobby Draw: Mark Bollman-->, Steve Donohue, John Howey, Mark Hunt, Adam Pezet, Lou Pezet, Jeff Rand, and Dave Woods.

Looking at the list of suggested hobbies, 331 different possible hobbies have been proposed at one time or another, at least semi-seriously, since Winter Camp XVI. While some of the more unusual suggestions, such as beating up Lou Pezet, bottle rocket collecting, dissertation writing, emulating Dave Radecki, and recreational sleeping, have only been pitched to the group once, certain others, more traditional pastimes all, are recurrent proposals.

Top Ten Hobby Suggestions
3.Learn a new language
(6 different languages have been proposed. Spanish has been pitched three times.)
4.Assorted model building
Bonsai gardening
8.CD/music collecting
Computer programming (various languages)

Turning to the list of hobbies which have been actually assigned at least once, one sees this list of 331 suggestions shrinking to 143 different assignments. This list includes 10 write-in hobbies, which have been pulled from thin air or from The Winter Camp Book of Hobbies when a camper's suggestions all failed to find favor with the group. Seventeen different collections have been selected-62 have been suggested at various times. While no youth member has actually proposed earning a merit badge as a hobby, Winter Camp's right of to edit suggestions or set specific goals has been invoked 9 times to sharpen someone's work, with Astronomy, Electronics, Fishing, Gardening, Insect Life, Leatherwork, Model Design and Building, Pioneering, and Theater dotting the cumulative Hobby Log. No one has yet reported earning a merit badge as a result of these challenges.

Thirteen hobbies have been assigned more than once.

Most Popular Hobby Assignments
2.Woodworking of various sorts4
3.Coin collecting
5.Amateur radio
Guitar playing
Ice skating
Metal casting
Hobby Listing
Check out the Winter Camp Book of Hobbies if you're looking for something new to try
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Personal pages!

A new feature is the personal hobby page where you can find details of one person's hobby. So far, we only have one person who has enough info, but there will be more.

Steve DonohueWeb Page DesignXX
Ron DonohueHome ImprovementXXI
Steve DonohueHaikuXXI
John HoweyInvestingXXII