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Responsible Adult Companion (RAC)

OriginWinter Camp XLI (2017)
The StoryWhen Lynda Donohue had some minor surgery done, the instructions for the appointment included the information that she would need a responsible adult companion to accompany her to her appointment. Kristie Donohue served as her RAC and the idea of the RAC has remained a common one in the family.

Fast forward to Winter Camp XLI: Steve Donohue and Jeff Rand were both planning to attend despite having had some serious health issues earlier in the year. Kristie was unable to attend, so she insisted that Steve should have a RAC. She made a clipboard full of forms and a chart for managing him to be completed by the RAC. She then made a similar chart for Jeff Rand. Steve's RAC was Doug Wilson while Keith King was to ride herd on Jeff Rand.


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