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Winter Camp Legends

Viking Olympics and the Mead Marathon

OriginWinter Camp XIX (1995)
The StoryThe Viking Olympics featured seven events, but most of them are long-forgotten. The sole exception is probably the Mead Marathon. On the surface, it was a simple event. One member of each team ran a foot race and a second member was charged with drinking water; the event was a relay.

Ron Donohue was in charge of the vent, and he decided to source his water from Old Faceful which made it pretty cold. The amount was 11 cups or 88 ounces. The water proved to be much more difficult than anyone had guessed. Steve Donohue was the only competitor who proved able to hold his water. Josh Davis and Brian Mann both made strong efforts and luckily both made it out of the cabin before they hurled. The remaining teams opted not to complete the event.


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