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Not giving my baby to some Dan Bollman guy

OriginWinter Camp XIX (1995)
The StoryJaime Howey brought a very young Kyle Howey to Winter Camp fro John to take care of him. When she arrived, we were in the middle of a service project and John was pretty busy. Dan was making lunch, so he was at the Beaver Creek building. It was suggested that she could crop Kyle off with Dan.

She famously said, "I'm not giving my baby to some Dan Bollman guy I don't even know."

John gave her directions to the BC building wand said he'd be there shortly after her. She got int he car and promptly drove out of camp. Apparently she was down to 1/4 tank and not sure she had enough gas to go to BC and then make it back to a station. The crew on John's project was pretty surprised.


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