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Winter Camp Legends - Extraction

Donohue Brothers' Knife Fight

At Winter Camp III, we had a 100 dish banquet. It was cooked at Beaver Creek and Clearwater Cabins. Each camper had several dishes to prepare, and the cooking was all done more or less simultaneously.

There were hot plates on the tables indoors and there were a number of propane stoves along the front of the BC building which used to have counters for a trading post. There were a few dishes cooked down in Clearwater cabin. It was in many ways, more complicated than the 162 dish banquet. First, there weren't nearly as many adults there (only 3) and we didn't do nearly as good a job of picking things to stagger cooking. At the 162 dish banquet some things were made the day before and either had to be heated or just served room temperature.

Even the adults that were there weren't as experienced at cooking as they are now and there wasn't any sort of team construct -- each scout had stuff to do and that was it.

Somehow, we managed to pull it off and serve 100 dishes prepared by the twenty-five people who were there.


This one happened a long time ago and it was a high stress moment. People often report seeing different things in that kind of situation. There may be some exaggeration of what exactly happened. Ron did have a knife and there was a fight. There's no evidence that anyone stabbed or tried to stab anyone else.


Usually this is told to explain/demonstrate the wildness of the Donohue brothers at early Winter Camps.

Positive Message

People change over time since the Donohues aren't really like that anymore.

Negative Message

Violence never solves things.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-11-25 11:30:00.

100 Dish banquet

At Winter Camp III, we had a 100 dish banguet. It was cooked at Beaver Creek and Clearwater Cabins. Each camper had several dishes to prepare and the cooking was all done more or less simultaneously.

There were hot plates on the tables indoors and there were a number of propane stoves along the front of the BC building which used to have counters for a trading post. There were a few dishes cooked down in Clearwater cabin. It was in many ways, more complicated than the 162 dish banquet. First, there weren't nearly as many adults there (only 3) and we didn't do nearly as good a job of picking things to stagger cooking. At the 162 dish banquet some things were made the day before and either had to be heated or just served room temperature.

Even the adults that were there weren't as experienced at cooking as they are now and there wasn't any sort of team construct -- each scout had stuff to do and that was it.

Somehow, we managed to pull it off and serve 100 dishes prepared by the twenty-five people who were there.


This story is true.


Any time someone complains about a meal being too much work or talks about banquets, this is likely to come up.

Positive Message

A group of arrowmen was able to prepare 100 dishes in basically a single cabin with very little adult assistance.


Any of the geezers might decide to tell this one.

162 Dish Banquet

A quarter mile of nails

Achatz Cake Walk

Tom Achatz was a model of good behavior. He never did anything wrong and he ad a reputation for always being squeaky clean. He was the best-behaved of those at Winter Camp II, probably by a considerable margin.

It was quite a surprise when this normally well-behaved Scout stood up during the first Caveman Dinner and walked across several tables in his hiking boots. Tom lost his balance and fell, nearly landing on a well-decorated (by Winter Camp standards) cake as he ended up sitting on the table.


This is true and there doesn't seem to be any dispute. There's even a picture of the cake with a maniacal Jeff Rand preparing to dig in.


Usually told when someone acts in a way that's out of character.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-21 09:59:20.

Ask The Beast column

At Winter Camp X, the newspaper debuted a new column, Ask the Beast. Campers were invited to ask the Beast questions on just about any topic from life advice to science and literature. Each question was answered with the sort of irreverence and humor one might expect from the Beast.

When Ron Donohue received his doctorate and a resulting change in sobriquet, the column was renamed to Ask Dr. Beast.

It has the distinction of being the only column from the newspaper ever to spawn it's own website. is part of the Winter Camp Network. It has received sporadic attention over the years since it's founding in 2003 after a six-year stint on


True, although the column sometimes took liberties.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-17 17:10:41.

Ass Adtiser and first computer program

Before Winter Camp II, Mike Osvath had received a Radio Shack TRS-80 computer. He, Jeff Rand, and Steve Donohue were all eager to learn to develop applications in BASIC.

One of the first they created for Winter Camp was a roster program for Winter Camp II. In addition to the expected name, address, phone, and birthdate, this program included their chapter position like Chief, Treasurer, etc.

For some reason, it insisted on Doug Wilson being labeled the Ass Adtiser. The code was edited and saved several times and not6hing every changed, according the computer, Doug was the Ass Adtiser.

Back then, making changes to your program and saving them entailed recording the program to a standard cassette tape which would then be played to load the program. It was not foolproof and, depending on the length of the program, it could take a long time to csave and then cload a program. Despite several attempt to save it, nothing worked.

Mike finally consulted a computer repair shop and they gave him a simple test to try; when his computer failed, it was diagnosed as a memory error and ater replacing the defective chip, Doug was once again that Ass Adviser.


This story is all true. It should be noted that it was Jeff who insisted the abbreviation for Associate be Ass.


This story is most often told to illustrate the difficulty of early computers compared to their more modern counterparts. Sometimes it is used to bemoan the fact that modern users have no idea how to write their own code.

Negative Message

You kids should get off my computer's lawn.


Most often, this one is told by Jeff.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-21 09:59:17.


Like many things, the Autograph Project started out mostly by accident. Ron Donohue was at a conference with General Norman Schwartzkopf and asked him to address an autograph to Winter Camp which he did.

This started an idea to collect more autographs with the idea that it might end up being like one of those galleries of stars one sees in movies with New York businesses. Steve and Ron continued their campaign by mail and in person collecting many celebrity autographs, many with pictures.

They never quite made it to a wall, but there is a book called "How Cool is Winter Camp?" which contains Winter Camp's autograph collection.


True as best anyone remembers.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-10 19:55:05.

BC water out so we go to Trout Lake

Beastlet Zamboni

At Winter Camp XL we had a reunion party. Unlike some of the other ones, this one was pretty casual with mostly finger foods purchased from the frozen food section at the local Kroger store. We had cheese sticks, pretzels, and really all sorts of crap but it was quick to prepare and meant everyone could participate in the party.

Ron Donohue came to the event, bringing along his children Michael and Taylor. We didn't have a lot of snow at camp, but we had more than there was in Detroit and, even better, more than his Floridian children had ever seen before.

During the event, Ron and the Hunt brothers took the kids out to see the frozen lake. There was a light snowfall and so the ice was covered with a dusting of snow. Michael, who had never really walked on ice before, took a small tumble. Mark and Tim grabbed his legs and pulled him across the ice, using him as a human Zamboni to clear a path for Taylor.

Michael turned out to really enjoyed his time as a human snow shovel.


Completely true.


Likely to come up if there's ice/snow on the lake or the fortieth anniversary is discussed.

Positive Message

A positive attitude makes everything fun.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-21 10:59:39.

Big Bro

Winter Camp X saw the introduction of the Adventure Game which was a little bit like Murder in that players were assigned roles randomly. The adventure chosen was based on 1984, the novel by George Orwell.

One player was Big Bro and he had a few lieutenants. Their goal was to spread disinformation and capture the insurrectionists among them. No one knew who anyone else was to start the game.

The other odd rule was that to simulate the dumbed-down vocabulary of NewSpeak, those who were loyal citizens could only use one syllable words. This had a range of effects. Some Winter Campers were able to shift to one part words easily, while others barely changed their speech at all. There were a lot of people in the middle who could barely speak as they weren't able to substitute one part words easily.

The game was modestly successful and most people had a good time. It did result in a few long-term things. was created as well as Jeff Rand's Low Sun in Sky All Day book of words and what they mean which took him 26 years to complete.

Less positive was his return to WInter Camp XXI, 11 years later. He wrote on the Wall and spent a good deal of his time being critical of other campers. For the most part, no adult camper was spared his wrath and at least some of his criticisms were grounded in reality.

Considerable effort was devoted to speculating about the identity of Big Bro but no one ever came to a definitive conclusion and most campers had alibis for at least some of the times when posts were made. For his part, Jeff Rand said "A lie in this case would be appropriate and acceptable" when confronted with the idea that Big Bro was not being Trustworthy.


As true as it can be given the nature of Big Bro.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-25 21:21:09.

Boom, You're Dead

In the old days of Winter Camp, we used to play the Murder Game. It had arrived at Winter camp courtesy of Jeff's days at MSU where a version of it was popular.

At Winter Camp, the game started with an interview where each camper answered a variety of questions. Once everyone answered their questions, the computer analyzed them and gave out instructions. Most of the instructions were things like write a will, argue with someone, post a suicide note, or steal something. The most desirable instruction was to be assigned to kill someone.

At Winter Camp IV, newcomer John Ferencz was assigned to kill wily veteran Doug Wilson. John was very patient and kept an eye on Mr. Wilson. His patience paid off when he saw Mr. Wilson heading to the latrine.

As Doug attended to his business, a dummy grenade rolled under the door and John announced "Boom! You're dead".

Doug waited awhile to be discovered then went back in to announce his death. John kept quiet and the case became one of Winter Camp's unsolved mysteries.




The return of John Ferencz means you might hear this story, but probably not from John.

Positive Message

Anyone can be a success if they are patient and keep their mouth shut.

Bristol sings the PDCRNA anthem

At Winter Camp XLII, campers were organized into three teams which then created their own countries. Each team was asked to come up with a name, some sort of history and maybe a flag. Michael Bristol, a first-time camper, was assigned to a team which became "The People's Democratic Communist Republic of North Australiastan". Following their brief presentation, Michael burst into son singing the national anthem of the PDCRNA. At first some of his countrymen sang along, but Michael kept going. It was a pretty crazy thing for a brand new person to do.



Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-18 14:48:14.

Bunny Slipper Relay

In the movie Top Secret, the dean is summoned to observe a crime in the early morning hours. He arrives wearing bunny slippers and the lead compliments him on his excellent taste in footwear. This inspired a bit in Paradox Metaphor where John Howey runs into the building in bunny slippers. For whatever reason, Kristie Donohue said she'd pay money to see the Winter Campers in bunny slippers.

Steve Donohue, always eager for a new calendar topic in those days, decided to procure some slippers and get campers to pose in them at the planning meeting. Since the Donohues were only dating then, Kristie had no idea what he was doing.

The slippers led to the idea of the Bunny Slipper relay where campers participated in a number of events while wearing the slippers. They were in teams and as each one completed an event, they gave the slippers to their partners. The events were fairly wacky and there was some complaining about unfair rules. In the end, the fun-loving nature of the slippers won out and the winners were Keith King and Andy Whaley, the two participants who had whined the least about rules.



Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-18 14:58:24.

Cake Decoratng

At Winter Camp II there was a plan to have a beautifully decorated cake on display for most of camp and then to serve it on the last day.

Our expectations exceeded our grasp. When we proved unable to make decorations (like rocks) from frosting, actual rocks were substituted.

The cake had many other problems including being pretty stale by the time we ate it.


This story is true. We didn't really have a cake we could be proud of until Winter Camp XXX when Kristie Donohue delivered one to camp that she had made.


There is a picture of the cake in the history and it will sometimes come up as it was the cake nearly sat on by Tom Achatz in the cake walk.


No one likes to talk much about the cake.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-21 09:59:14.

Candy Machine and Nickel candy bars

Cell-phone detonator

Winter Camp XLII included plans to detonate a number of balloons filled with hydrogen. Brian Mann was able to secure an industrial tank of hydrogen and several balloons were filled. During the filling, Mr. Donohue could be heard suggesting they take the explosive gas outside several times, but his complaints fell on deaf ears.

In the end, there were about a dozen 14 inch balloons very full of hydrogen, but there was nothing like a fuse and no one had any idea how big the explosion would be other than big. Luckily, Alan "the World's Most Dangerous Wilson" Wilson came to the rescue. He was able to take several things he happened to have on hand at camp and create a cell-phone detonator which allowed us to trigger the explosion from hundreds of feet away.


All true.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-09 14:04:17.

Centrics and the IWS

Chainsaw Training

Winter Camp XXXVII was held at Silver Trails Scout Ranch after D-bar-A was unexpectedly without power on the 24th. When we arrived in camp, Ranger Jerry Deeg had no idea who we were or what we were doing, but he adapted quickly and found some service projects for us.

One of those projects involved some work with chainsaws and Doug Wilson and Keith King volunteered to help as BSA regulations said only adults could use chainsaws. The rules also required them to complete a training course on chainsaw safety in the form of a video course.

The course took a few minutes to set up and then required them to watch a series of videos. By the time they were done, there was only time left for them to clean and maintain the saws; almost no actual chainsawing was done.



Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-10 22:05:04.

Channel 120

Chili Cook Off Stymies Rand

During the Chili Cook-Off at Winter Camp XIV, three randomly picked teams of cooks vied to create the best chili. One team, consisting of Dave Milon and Dave Woods, thought the path to success was going to be spiciness and they used many different spices (some say all of them) from the Winter Camp spice rack.

The highlight of the contest for most people was seeing the famously spice-averse Jeff Rand tossing his chili into the trash after eating less than a spoonful.



Negative Message

More isn't always better.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-11 17:00:09.

Chinese Sign

CHR Monument

In 1986, the Detroit Area Council sold Charles Howell Scout Reservation in Brighton. Like many scouters, Winter Campers mad an effort to secure some souvenirs from the former camp. Most of what was recovered were a few plaques and some signs, mostly for cabins and one subcamp.

In 1987, Winter Campers built s secret memorial to the old camp. The site is high in the hills of Beaver Creek and far enough off the beaten track (i.e., there's no trail to it) that it has remained mostly hidden. Former ranger Dave Morosky was aware of the site and said he knew who built it from the moment he discovered it.

The site has been maintained and expanded since it's creation and several campers have spent nights camping there, typically in December.

The site is the location of the Winter Camp time capsules and the location of an annual ceremony to celebrate CHR.


All true.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-07 21:08:38.

Civil Suits

At Winter Camp VI, the presence of a judiciary for the Murder Game led to a couple of civil suits using the same system. The first person to file such a suit was Paul Duran who accused Security Director Dan Bollman of failure to carry out the duties of his office. Dan responded by alleging that Paul had also been derelict in his duties as Maintenance Director.

These types of suits went on for a few years but none of them ever amounted to much.



Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-12 19:35:26.

Communist system

Contintental Breakfast and the article tradition

The first Continental Breakfast was served at Winter Camp XV. The idea was simple -- easy to prepare foods that campers could help themselves to if they were up for breakfast. If they chose to sleep in, it was fine since no one had prepared food for them. It was a great idea as it meant the cooks had only 10-15 minutes of preparation in the morning.

The first time the breakfast was served it was clearly worthy of a news article since it was a new item. The exact same article then appeared in 4 of the next 5 newsletters until there was no news for Winter Camp XXII. It returned for Winter Camp XXV, but that was the last time it was published.


Appears to be true.


Complaints about the news.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-22 21:23:43.

Dave Woods foils the windows of Clearwater

For reasons best known by him, Dave Woods decided to cover the windows in Clearwater Cabin at Winter Camp XXII. Some say it was just to keep it dark so the occupants could spend more time sleeping, but that's never really been proven. It did result it a lot less light entering the cabin.

Dave also decided to decorate the windows with a variety of headlines and images pulled from the Weekly World News. It was definitely one of the stranger chapters in Winter Camp decorating.


We have pictures. There is some dispute about how strange this behavior was.


Any discussion of Dave, the goons, or foil could lead to this story.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-26 22:45:12.

Doug is the Spy Man!

For the Winter Camp X iteration of Capture the Objective, each team had one player who was secretly a member of another team. The idea was that this spy could reveal his true allegiance at a critical point in the game and potentially swing the game in his team's favorite.

One team was at Highland campsite and their two guards were Doug Seman and Steve Donohue. For some reason, Steve was convinced that Doug was a spy for another team. He began with accusations, but eventually, his sing-song cry of "Doug is the Spy Man" rang out over the battlefield. For his part, Doug assured anyone who showed up that Steve was actually the spy and was trying to cover his tracks by accusing Doug.

After the game it was revealed that neither of them was the spy. The actual spy, Lee Gardy, admitted that he was unable to make any progress due to the general level of distrust sowed by Steve and Doug.


Pretty much true.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-06 20:43:08.

Draper's Toe Nail

Mr. Draper arrived at Winter Camp XXIII with a sore toe. After some discussion he visited the urgent care in Metamora (probably becoming the first person from Winter Camp ever to do so) for assistance. They determined it was an ingrown toenail and prescribed a cream and soaking it in warm upson salts three times per day.

After the first soaking and dressing, Steve Donohue tossed the water down the sink. Mr. Draper was not happy as he felt the water could be reused so as not to waste the epsom salt. For reference, a pound of epsom salt costs less than one dollar. Steve objected to this plan and so was replaced.

After each soaking, Mr. Drapers toe water as placed in the kitchen for safekeeping then dumped in a pot for warming before it was reused. Although there were no reported ill-effects, several campers felt that allowing the water to rest with the pus from the toe in it was probably a very bad idea.


Totally true.


Anyone with a toe nail issue. Discussions of being penny-wise and pound foolish.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-22 20:49:52.

Dutch Ovens

Eight Computers in Clearwater

In 1987, laptops weren't common and computers weren't intended to be portable. They usually had several components including monitors, keyboards, storage, and other devices. Despite the ocmplexity of bringing them, Winter zcamp XI had 8 computers including most of the top personal computers of the time from Apple to Commodore to TRS-80 and IBM compatible.


True as remembered

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-07 20:57:02.

Eric makes trifle

This was part of the Alphabetic banquet. Eric Bollman was assigned to make a trifle. Eric was not a particularly experienced cook and so his successful crafting of the trifle was definitely bragworthy.


This is true.


It has been said that Eric likes to trot this story out from time-to-time.

Positive Message

A young person given a seemingly impossible task succeeds and it becomes a memory that lasts a lifetime.


You may never hear this one since we haven't seen Eric in several decades, but it is still interesting.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-21 09:59:03.

First and only elected leader

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-22 18:32:50.

First non-fiction books

First WCFS payout

Fish in the Bed

During Winter Camp III, Chris Terry went ice-fishing and actually caught several fish. This may well be the only successful fishing exercise in the history of Winter Camp.

Unfortunately, he decided to store his captured fish in the freezer at the BC building without wrapping them, just laying on top of other things. Mr. Wilson told him that was unacceptable and they'd have to be removed. Later, the fish were found laying in the snow in front of the cabin.

Steve Donohue, unhappy with this choice, picked up the various fish and placed them, still unwrapped, in Chris' bed. When he found them he demanded to know who had done such a thing. The universal answer was "Steve".

There were several Steves in camp and Chris decided to take out his frustration on the smallest one.


This story is true and I don't think it's ever been disputed.


Successful fishing trip (unlikely) or a poorly organized freezer (likely).

Positive Message

You can catch fish in Beaver Lake. Don't store your crap in the freezer.

Flour Wars

In the old movie "Follow Me, Boys!" the Scout Troop accidentally gets mixed up in a war game being put on by the army. The Scouts win, but along the way it becomes clear that the Army is using flour to simulate some weapons and particularly for air strikes.

Winter Camp XXXIV's theme was time travel sand campers had to make their way through various eras back to the current timeline. One of those eras was World War I and in honor of the movie, we had Flour Wars. For the event teams were armed with baggies of flour to throw at each other with losers winding up covered in flour.

Unbeknownst to most, the small crew making the flour packets added some aromatic and seldom used spices to some of the packets. No one reported noticing them during the battle.


Completely true.


Any event or meal using flour. Discussion or presentation of the movie.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-22 18:57:31.

Food Spit Back into Pot

The first meal of Winter Camp XXVIII was an aboriginal stew served as part of the Trek from Independence hike. The stew was made of a variety of ingredients and kept warm over an open fire.

It was mostly well-received and several campers came back for seconds. The two most notable of these were Scott McHugh and Jeff Rand. Scott came for seconds and decided he didn't like them. He spit his first mouthful back into his bowl and before anyone could react, he tossed the contents of the bowl back into the pot. A moment later, Jeff Rand came for more. Steve Donohue had seen the whole thing with Scott but decided against telling Jeff.


100% true.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-14 18:16:54.

Fortieth Anniversary Dinner

The Fortieth Anniversary Dinner was held at Winter Camp XL. In an effort to ensure maximum participation, the food was kept simple. On the day of the event, a couple of people were sent to the local Kroger's to find an assortment of frozen finger food (aka appetizers).

These were heated up as needed and placed on tables and in chafing dishes. The net effect was that even those preparing the food were able to attend about 90% of the party.

The party drew a few guests including Ron, Taylor, and Michael Donohue, several Hunts, and a few other liminaries. The WCFS arranged for each guest to leave with a WInter Camp duffle bag.


Mostly true if somewhat short on details.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-14 18:22:40.

Frischkorn Barn Scat

At WiQinter Camp X, campers where asked to clean out an old barn on the recently added Frischkorn farm. The project would have been completely unremarkable save for the amount and location of scat in the barn.

There were piles of it everywhere and they seemed too large for most small mammals. At the same time, the locations were elevated and appeared unlikely to be spots that larger creatures like dogs or cats could reach. the source of the scat remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of Winter Camp.


Probably benefits from our lack of a true scat expert.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-11 20:26:11.

Giant Jenga

Giant Poker Pot

Casino Night started at the second Winter Camp and continued through XI and took a break. During some previous Winter Camps there was a poker game which featured a cash pot. At one such game, Steve Pejuan wrote a check to stay in the running. The cash poker game was always dominated by Jeff Rand who typically carried a few hundred dollars in cash, more than the others.

At Winter Camp XI, there was a plan to finally be able to break Jeff. The Donohue brothers arrived with over $1000 each (loaned to them by their father when he learned it was to prank Jeff). Mr. Wilson, who was also in on the plan had considerably more.

As the game began to accelerate beyond all reason, some campers believed it was real. A post-game photo shows a table-full of currency.


Fairly true.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-07 18:07:38.

Goon Net

Despite the name, many Goons are pretty smart and have responsible jobs in the real world. Tim Hunt is a support tech for Ford and in December, he was tasked with configuring a number of laptops for his site before the new year.

The laptops were temporarily configured for Goon Net, a gaming network which was used in Clearwater cabin. Since all the laptops had similar specifications, the network measured player skill rather than the quality of their systems. It also meant there were computers for everyone.

After camp the network was dissolved and the computers returned to their intended purpose.


There's probably more to it.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-08 15:49:09.

GPS Devices

Grand Prix Go Carts

Gwen tells the story of the Great Curly One.

Hooter's Dinner

Horn rescued by Beast

At Winter Camp XVI, the first event was called "The Quest". In a departure from our normal process, several adults had created challenges for the youth to attempt. One of those challenges, from Mr. Rand, called for the youth to climb up a rope using ascenders. Because they were not considered safe for descent, Jeff's plan was to lower the rope once they reached the top.

The process started well; the rope went over a branch, Mr. Horn tied in, and then he climbed using the ascenders. The next step was for him to hang a strap over the tree so that Jeff's rope would not be damaged running over the tree. Things fell apart here as Mr. Horn wasn't able to detach himself from the rope and use strap while he moved the rope.

After about twenty minutes and at least one close call, the decision was made to lower him using the rope. He no longer trusted Mr. Rand to keep him safe. Luckily, Ron Donohue happened along at that moment and Roger felt safe in having him lower the rope. Once Roger was on the ground, they asked what was supposed to happen.

Tim Hunt scampered up the rope without the ascenders and rested on the branch while he repositioned the rope, and descended using the rope in less than three minutes.


Fairly true.

Positive Message

Sometimes, you just need the right person for the job.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-11 16:51:37.

I'll eat it if you will.

At Winter Camp VIII, the Gruesome Snack included Mountain Oysters. After some discussion, newcomer Bill Harper challenged Ron Donohue saying "If you eat one, I will.". He had no idea that Ron had once eaten a ball cap for a dollar, so a pig testicle really didn't post much of a challenge for him. Needless to say, each of them wound up eating one of the oysters.


Completely true.


Unusual foods are likely to trigger memories of this event.

Positive Message

Know your enemy.


Any geezer.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-21 10:42:51.

Independent News

Winter Camp XI saw the first ever independent newsletters at Winter Camp. IN addition to the official and venerable *quot;WInter Camp New", there was also "The Allogagan" and "The Republic".

The Allogagan was somewhat critical of the camp leadership team while The Republic made no secret of it's anti-Jaff Rand viewpoint. The publishers of both papers attempted to remain somewhat anonymous.


All true.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-07 18:00:18.

Jackpot Grits

At Winter Camp XXV, we held the 162 dish banquet in honor of our then lodge number. It was, as one might imagine, a pretty massive achievement. In the planning for the next event, Steve Donohue came up with the idea of Jackpot Grits. His plan was to serve grits (a Winter Camp favorite) with a variety of toppings. He reasoned that if there were eight ingredients each with a 50% chance of being used, then the Jackpot Grits would wind u with 256 possible dishes, topping the 162 dish banquet in total dishes which could be served.

In practice, it's mostly used the roulette wheel in the popular "Wheel of Breakast" method. Although we mostly use sweet ingredients, there have been some savory attempts, mostly by Ethan Rein, over the years.


It's true!


Serving of jackpot grits.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-22 11:00:13.

Jeff Carves the Turkey Shirtless

There is a picture which shows Jeff Rand using a hacksaw to carve a turkey. He has removed his shirt and is holding the turkey in place with his stump, which means his armpit is on the bird.

Steve Donohue became very ill during this camp and one of the allegations is that it was caused by Jeff's unsanitary carving practices.


This picture isn't disputed, although Tim Hunt says the bird was carved before the picture was taken, so maybe it was posed.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-30 22:38:04.

Jeff Left

Jeff Rand shaves Brian Maghran's head.

Joe Wycoff note

At Winter Camp IV, we had some hastily prepared currency with largely irrational values, like 1 gold piece or 1 soul. For Winter Camp V, there was more time and the notes were more rational, based largely on US Currency. The notes, created by Dan Bollman, featured the liknesses of various famous Scouters and symbols.

Jeff Rand, using his power as the Associate District Executive, arranged for the notes to be copied by the Council printing office who generated about $55,000 in currency on green paper.

One of the sheets came back with a personal note from then Council Exec and model for the $5 note, Joe Wycoff. It was addressed to Jeff's boss, Lou Salute, and said simply "An interesting gimmick" and was signed by Joe himself. The note remains in the museum to this day.


True and we have the note as proof.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-25 18:22:29.

Key Lime Pie and the Czech Hoska

These two recipes were part of the World Christmas Dinner. They were found in a cookbook and then transcribed into the Menu database for Winter Camp. This had some of the typical issues, notably that most of the ingredients were changed from typical baking measurements like teaspoons and cups into weights, which left some guesswork in the process. The preparation was further complicated by being moved from the familiar Beaver Creek kitchen to the Trout Lake kitchen owing to a power outage.

The hoska had 14 ingredients and 5 steps, but since it was a baked good, almost nothing appeared of the original units. Several of the steps were actually multiple tasks and there were some complex directions about braiding the dough that really could have used a picture.

The Key Lime Pie had 8 ingredients, most of which were in their original units. On the other hand, there were 18 steps in the process. The key lime pie filling netted a photo that outsiders later assumed was photo-shopped given its nuclear neon green color.

Both recipes mostly succeeded, but it took quite a bit of man- and brain-power to make it happen.


Mostly true.

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Late-night breakfast and setting back Ron's watch

The Set-up day has a number of its own stories and traditions and the time shift prank is one of the funniest. There were six campers in attendance and at 4:00 am, 4 of them were still up. Ron Donohue and Mike Osvath had gone to bed and were sound asleep.

A discussion arose amongst the others about what to do about breakfast. If they went to bed, they'd probably get 4 or 5hours of sleep before they'd have to wake up to make breakfast. They decided it would be better to have breakfast, then go to bed. They probably could have just eaten without Ron and Mike, but that's not how Wineter Campers think. Instead, they moved very visible clock, including Ron's watch to show 7:00am, then woke them up and had breakfast. Ron finished his and went back to take a nap. Ozzie also fell asleep. The clocks were restored and the others went to bed as well.

Hours later they woke up without incident. Ron was convinced he'd napped for about an hour after breakfast and seemed happy until he was told the truth at lunch.


As true as memory allows.

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Latrine monitoring

Back in the day, we had a contest for latrine sitting. The latrine was outside and generally you didn't want to be there any longer than you had to. The contest was tracked on a clipboard where one noted the time on the seat and number of sheets used. Sometimes people provided additional notes.

The categories were predictable: most time spent, least time spent, longest total visit, shortest total, and minimum number of sheets used.

The game went on a few years with occasional accusations of cheating that were mostly intended in good humor. Then, Mark Bollan--> reported a visit with zero sheets which was fewer than Jeff's. Jeff cried foul but Mark--> said he'd used the tube since there was no paper. Jeff was less than satisfied with this answer. For the following year, there was a complicated system involving computerized signons and the toilet paper dispenser appeared.



Positive Message

Never underestimate the lengths to which some Winter Campers will go to prove a point.

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Latrine Sitting Contest

Back in the day, we had a contest for latrine sitting. The latrine was outside and generally you didn't want to be there any longer than you had to. The contest was tracked on a clipboard where one noted the time on the seat and number of sheets used. Sometimes people provided additional notes.

The categories were predictable: most time spent, least time spent, longest total visit, shortest total, and minimum number of sheets used.

The game went on a few years with occasional accusations of cheating that were mostly intended in good humor. There were also some crazy scores lodged, like people who sat in the cold for 30 minutes or more.


Pretty true

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Mac & Cheese Cones

Mac & Cheese Cones entered the Winter Camp world via FaceBook. There were pictures of people eating these wonderful ice cream cones full of macaroni and cheese which were very popular. It seemed like a natural for us to try it -- we knew how to make mac & cheese and how to make bread, so it would be easy.

Well, not quite.

The cones are conical. Our first attempt was just to make long strips of dough and wind them around each other. I didn't really work very well and it took a lot of time to make even a single cone. Luckily, Doug Wilson was involved in engineering the meal and that provided several advantages: first, he started making cones a couple of days in advance; second, he knows a lot about dough; and third, he's actually an engineer.

He eventually created the cone foiler, a conical piece of cardboard wrapped in tin foil. The cones still took a while to make, but it was faster. He and Kristie Donohue did most of the cone foiling over a period of a couple of days and they were ready for the Luncheon at Trout Lake on day 3.

It surprised no one when Doug suggested that Macaroni and Cheese Cones be added to the Historic Banquet list.


I think it's true.

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Meal by Numbers

The premise of this meal was simple- campers were given food safe markers to draw an outline of a picture on a burrito, then put in numbers in the sections, just like paint by numbers. Once all the burritos were drawn, dice were rolled to decide which ingredient corresponded to which numbers.

The idea was that they'd present their burritos for filling. Some campers had tried to work the system by making large areas and hoping for a favorable number, only a few made actual pictures. The most unexpected reaction came from a first-year camper who burst into tears when he learned that his burrito should include sour cream.

This definitely flummoxed older campers who were used to people going along with the planned activity or meal.


Mostly true


People complaining about food.

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Money makes sense

At Winter Camp IV, the issued notes had values including $1, $2, $10, $50, $66, and $5,000,000. The $5,000,000 bill became famous when Mr. Stone lit a cigarette with one after winning big at the Casino.

For Winter Camp V, the currency had more conventional values: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. Each bill featured a famous person from the history of Scouting.




Mentioning the money.

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Mouse up Ron's pantleg

During the first perimeter hike, Tom Conroy flipped over a board and a mouse ran out and up his leg. Tom's pants were tucked into his boots, so the mouse never touched him. Once it realized that waasn't a good escape plan, it dropped off his leg and ran into the grass. No big deal.

Later, several campers were up on the hill across from Clearwater looking for an appropriate Christmas tree. Suddenly Ron started screaming and yelling "It's up my leg, it's running up my leg". He thought a mouse had run up his pant leg, only his pants weren't tucked into his boot and so the mouse seemed to be inside his pants.

As the others came to see what the problem was, Ron unbuttoned his pants and dropped trou. By the light of a flashlight, we could see that a pine branch had somehow gotten into the hem of his pants and wa working it's way up as he moved forward.


This is usually told to downplay the Beast or to explain that people change over time.

Mr. Horn's raccoon and the burning Beast

During Capture the Objective at Winter Camp XXII, Mr. Horn and his teammates found the base at Cow Camp unguarded. As they prepared for their onslaught, Mr. Horn uttered the famous words, "Hang on, let me get my raccoon". He had apparently found a deceased and frozen raccoon whcih he planned to leave in the opponents' base.

At then end of camp, the raccoon threatened to make a second appearance. First time camper, Geoff Booth announced that he would be going to get the frozen raccoon which he planned to bring home as a souvenir.

Overhearing that, Dr Beast emerged from the kitchen to mock Geoff with the comment "Are you aware of the concept of rotting?".

Geoff replied by asking Ron, "Are you aware that you're on fire?"

It was true. Ron had been cleaning the stove in the kitchen and had tucked a towel into his back pocket without noticing that he had set the end ablaze. Geoff's question called everyone's attention to the situation and the Beast was able to drop the towel to the floor and stomp it out with no further injury to his body or his pride.


True as I've heard it.

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Mr. Stone lights a cigarette with a five million dollar bill

During Casino Night, Mr. Stone won big and had a lot of the unusual currency which had been made for camp rather hurriedly. He rolled up a 5 million dollar note and lit it with his lighter, then used the burning note to light a cigarette.


This story is not disputed.


Most often told during casino night

Positive Message

You can win big at casino night.


Several of the geezers might share this story. It's worth mentioning that when this happened, Scouting had not yet banned adults from smoking in cabins or in front of youth.

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Mr. Wilson loses his temper

At Winter Camp IV, we had patrols. The Black Sheep patrol, which had Steve Donohue as its leader and Doug Wilson as the adviser stayed in Clearwater cabin. One night as everyone was falling asleep, Reed "Squirelly" Shannon came into the building. He was cold at Beaver Creek and wanted to come down to Clearwater to warm up. Several of the patrol members were unhappy with this choice, particularly Jim Warren.

Reed took a spot in the corner next to the heat and Mr. Wilson turned up the heat a little to make it come on. The others took exception to this and a violent argument broke out. Steve Pejuan got out of bed and turned the thermostat back down. Mr. Wilson returned it to a higher position and forbade everyone from touching it.

Jim Warren was sleeping closest to the fuse box and while Doug was guarding the thermostat, Jim shut off the power. That's kind of when things went a little crazy. Mr. Wilson came over and turned the fuse box back on. As soon as he was out of reach, Jim turned it off again. Doug responded by telling Jim he could sleep outside if he wanted it cold. He threw a loop of rope around the bunk and began dragging it out with Jim and his bunkmate Eric Bollman still in it. Thinking quickly, Eric put his boots on. When order was mostly restored, he left them on in case of additional problems.

As Doug was pulling the bunk out, Steve Pejuan once again turned the thermostat down.

Jim promised not to turn off the power anymore if Doug agreed to let him stay in the cabin. Doug accepted. In probably the most bizarre turn of events, Doug rapidly closed with Steve Pejuan and put him in a headlock, then dragged a sheathed bowsaw across his neck until he agreed to leave the thermostat alone.

Only three people really stayed out of things. Doug Stone and Steve Donohue shared the other bunk by the front door and they just quietly opened their window and watched. Reed remained curled up by the heater the entire time.


Mostly true. There may be some details that are amiss but the biggest things are Doug trying to drag Jim Warren out and dragging the bow saw over Steve Pejuan out are both absolutely true as is Eric sleeping with his boots on.


Most likely to come up when campers are taunting someone who is normally quiet.

Positive Message

It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

Multiple directors

Murder Clue Airdrop

Navy T-Shirts

The first souvenir purchased by the Winter Camp Future Society was a navy blue t-shirt with the logo in white on the left chest and the words Winter Camp XX below it. These were presented free to each attendee at Winter Camp that year.



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New Stove in BC

New, Improved Flavor Dog Food

At Winter Camp VIII there were plans to serve an Animal Lunch where campers would have to eat a meal with no hands. It was meant to top even the caveman dinner. During the shopping trip, The Beast announced that he'd eat dog food during the lunch if we bought it.

Needless to say, we checked out dog food for him to eat. While looking over the selection, we noticed that one of the cans said it had "New, Improved Flavor". Hoping to keep Ron happy, we purchased that one since it promised to taste better. We don't know if it did or not, but Ron did eat it during the Animal Lunch


Demonstrates a dogged devotion to the truth.


Any discussion of unusual meals is likely to provoke a telling of this story.


Any geezer might tell this one.

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No Waste Meal

Not at D-bar-A

On December 24, a group of Winter Campers had just finished shopping for food for the event when Gabe Church received a worrying call from his grandparents. They had been planning to staff the Cub Winter Camp at D-bar-A between Christmas and New Year's (the same time frame as the real Winter Camp).

As we pondered the meaning of this, we received a call from Dave Morosky, head ranger at D-bar-A, to tell us that the camp would be closed during winter Camp due to a massive ice storm in the area knocking out power with no date for restoration of service available.

Jeff Rand made some calls and eventually was able to secure the use of Silver Trails near Port Huron. It was a very different event with only one large cabin and a dining hall and no idea of the available facilities. Luckily, the camp ranger found us a camp master who helped us adjust to life at Silver Trails.



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Not giving my baby to some Dan Bollman guy

Jaime Howey brought a very young Kyle Howey to Winter Camp fro John to take care of him. When she arrived, we were in the middle of a service project and John was pretty busy. Dan was making lunch, so he was at the Beaver Creek building. It was suggested that she could crop Kyle off with Dan.

She famously said, "I'm not giving my baby to some Dan Bollman guy I don't even know."

John gave her directions to the BC building wand said he'd be there shortly after her. She got int he car and promptly drove out of camp. Apparently she was down to 1/4 tank and not sure she had enough gas to go to BC and then make it back to a station. The crew on John's project was pretty surprised.



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Occasional Visitor, Big Bro, and Inner Demons

The Winter Camp Wall used to be the most popular part of the site. In 1998, it was invaded by three different anonymous personages.

The first of these was Occasional Visitor who appeared in August. For a long time, OV worked very hard to remain anonymous. She was eventually revealed to be Kristie Matz, one of Mark's students, who is now Kristie Donohue.

Inner Demons started out as a detractor and critic of camp, then became a mostly staunch supporter as the third anonymous poster appeared.

Big Bro showed up and was immediately critical of Winter Camp and most of its long-time attendees. He expressed that many people weren't doing all they could and singled out some campers who he felt were holding back progress. Speculation as to his identity raged for many years with most candidates having at some point been eliminated leading to the thought that perhspa it was two different people. Big Bro disappeared after failing to bring curling stones to Winter Camp. The source of his nearly always monosyllabic offerings remains unknown, but that doesn't stop accusations from occasionally flying.


True as I remember it.

Negative Message

Anyone can be a critic and it's easy to bitch until it's your turn to deliver.

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Olympic Nations

Peanut Butter Meatloaf

Peanut Butter Meatloaf was part of the Scavenged Meal at WInter Camp XXXIX. The whole thing was inspired by Lynda Donohue during a hospital stay. As she was eating her dinner, the mashed potatoes were sliding over into her brownie. When Kristie Donohue called her attention to it, she said "I like them that way" and that was it.

Except Steve was inspired by that weird combination during planning for the Jurassic Park theme. He remembered the scene in the movie where they have to eat all sorts of gourmet foods since they are spoiling anyways and combined that with his mom's love of mashed brownies to come up with the idea of a meal with some mismatched components.

Chocolate chip mashed potatoes were a straight homage to his mom; cinnamon peas seemed like an easy choice, and the final item, peanut butter meatloaf was just a random thought. When he started looking for recipes, there were literally dozens to choose from as peanut butter meatloaf is apparently popular with vegetarians. He picked one that was highly rated and the die was csst.

The recipe was followed carefully and the meatloaf made its debut at dinner that night. It was absolutely the worst part of the meal and probably ranks as one of the top ten worst items ever served. Most of the meatloaf wound up in the trash with few campers finishing their initial serving and on one asking for seconds.


True, especially for the part where Mrs. Donohue the elder is blamed.

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Perimeter Hike

A perimeter hike was held at Winter Camp I. There wasn't a lot of activity planning before Winter Camp I and the event was mostly hiking. A perimeter hike seemed like an interesting idea.

The hike was difficult enough that it wasn't scheduled again until Winter Cam;p XXI. Following that hike Mr. Wilson was quoted as saying "every twenry years seems like the right timing for a perimeter hike".

Without realizing it, he had sealed out fate and the hike appeared on the schedule for Winter Camp XLI. When Mr. Rand wasn't there to enjoy the hike, the group decided to postpone it a year and so it was held at Winter Camp XLII.


True as remembered.

Positive Message

It's okay to put off an activity until the people who will really enjoy it are present.

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Pinball Machine

Pizza Wars

Mike "Little Ozzie" Osvath became the proprietor of Little Ozzie's Pizza beginning at Winter Camp VII. He lasted until around Winter Camp XVII when his failure to attend camp left the door open for his former chief employee to start his own franchise.

The two had an uneasy coexistence for a few years, but eventually Mark's habit of actually attending camp left him in the winner of the Pizza Wars.

At Winter camp XLIV, Jeff Rand tried to reignite the pizza wars by serving both Bollmano's and Little Ozzies pizza, but with near Mark nor Mike there, it didn't make much difference.


Pretty true.


If Ozzie shows up on pizza night, he'll probably make a ruckus.

Positive Message

With perseverance, anyone can become a pizza mogul.

Negative Message

Out of sighte, out of mind.

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Porch cooking

During the 100 dish banquet there were so many dishes to cook that campers cooked some of them on the porch of the Beaver Creek building. Back then, the building was used as a trading post during summer camp and so there were trading post counters where the stoves could rest.

While the porch cooking is true, there were also hot plates and sterno in use inside.


There are pictures.


This is usually a fun story to tell when there's too many things to cook for a meal.

Positive Message

Scouts are resourceful and will get the job done.


Any geezer may tell this story.

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Post Horn Gallop

The Post Horn Gallop is a tune written to be performend on a post horn, a weird horn with no valves. It is a very clear song and its upbeat tempo is meant to be a rousing piece.

Starting at Winter Camp III, the Posdt Horn Gallop (at high volume) was used to wake campers up in the morning. The version we had was superb. Even when slowed to 1/4 speed, each note was evenly spaced, clear, and consistent.

The song is used as entrance music by an English football team. Looking for it in movies is a bad idea.




Anyone complaining about early wake-up times or someone else's alarm clock is likely to be reminded of the once horror of the Post Horn Gallop as a wake up call.


Usually Jeff or one of the Goons.

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Pound of Pepperoni

The shopping for WInter Camp I was done by Doug and Jeff from a list made by Jeff. The menu called for homemade pizzas and the shopping list included pepperoni.

At camp, it was clear there was more pepperoni than was reasonable for six people to eat. Despite that, the pepperoni was divided equally and everyone had a pound of pepperoni on their pizza.

Most campers managed to eat it without too much difficulty, but Mike Osvath, always kind of a light weight when it cam to eating, threw up after eating his.


it probably wasn't really a pound each, but it was way too much.


Usually you'll hear this when making pizzas.


Most likely it will be Jeff or Mark.

Puny Penis Argument

During Winter Camp VII, Ron Donohue and Dan Bollman got into an argument while posing for the fictitious (as far as we know) Child Abusers Monthly magazine. Ron had his belt out and as Dan cowered on a nearby cot. Ron said something like "Admit it, your penis is 2 inches longer than mine." It was a pretty surreal moment in Winter Camp history.


True, save for the vagaries of memory.


Rarely told anymore.

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Railway Excursion

At Winter Camp I, the railroad track near Walker's Farm had only recently been removed. There were still railroad ties stacked up for removal.

Winter Camp didn't have much of a schedule and the Ceremonial Committee didn't have much of a budget. The decision was made to go look and see if the railroad had left anything useful behind. There were a few large metal boxes along the track which probably housed electric equipment at some point.

The hike was held under cover of darkness since technically it was trespassing to wander along the tracks. Campers proceeded along Dryden road and headed north towards Sutton once they found the railroad crossing. They had perhaps encountered one abandoned box when they saw light behind them driving on the rail bed. Not sure what to do but worried they were about to be charged with trespassing, they all left the tracks and went to the bottom of the hill.

There was a small ditch there and the area was overgrown. Everyone laid down in the ditch and was very still. Eventually the truck drove past them with a flood light stabbing into the area where they were hiding. Luckily, none of them was spotted and the truck drove on. A few minutes later the campers caught their breath, overcame their fear, and left.


This story is 100% true. Sometimes it is embellished to mention the searchers having guns or the sight of the floodlights on the tall grass where the campers hid. The guns may have been there, but they weren't brandished or anything like that.

The truth is probably that the campers were bored and the hike seemed better with the possibility of salvaging gear for the committee.


This is kind of a Winter Camp horror story, suitable for campfires and to explain how dumb the folks at Winter Camp I were. Sometimes it's told to point out how hard it is to spot people who are hiding from a moving vehicle.

Positive Message

We used to be poor.

Ranger Alarm

At Winter Camp XII, two electric eyes, some random speakers, several hundred feet of wire, and a handful of relays combined to create the Ranger Alarm. It was something campers had dreamed about for years Ė an early warning of the impending arrival of a ranger or some other guest. The eyes were placed on Ranch Road, one near highpoint and the other near the spot where the road split to go to the dam. They were connected in Clearwater which was actually the command center and then a separate circuit carried the signal to Beaver Creek.

The Ranger Alarm was fun for a few years and when campers grew somewhat bored with it, the electric eyes were used as part of the computerized speed trap. Although the alarm didnít have much impact on camp, the technical achievement has stayed with Winter Camp every since and is an inspiring story of what can happen if we apply ourselves.


Very truthy.

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Rat Water

At Winter Camp I, the campers had managed to forget to bring a water jug. Luckily, they found one someone had left in Clearwater and used it. They filled it with water from the pump and used it for cooking and cleaning around the cabin.

Towards evening, Doug poured himself a cup of water from the jug and noticed something floating in the water. He investigated and realized it was probably hair or fur. Further investigation revealed there was a dead mouse in the pitcher they had used. It had been there awhile and was mostly just bones and fur. The jug was cleaned and they continued to use it.

Rumor had it that those who drank the rat water experienced no ill-effects at the time and further that they didn't get sick for some period of time afterward.


Except for the part where the dead animals was a fairly small mouse and not a rat, this story is completely true according to all witnesses. The not getting sick part is probably a bit of poetic license; it's not like a group of people in their teens and early twenties were very sickly to be beging with.


You're most likely to hear this story if someone gets sick. Sometimes it comes up if there's a bug.

Positive Message

You can survive most anything. Toughen up.

Raze the Village

Winter Camp XXV had a viking theme and this event might have been the most popular. Paul Kupser led a team which constructed a cardboard village in the area of the flagpole at the Beaver Creek Waterfront.

Vikings assembled below carrying spears, shields, clubs, and, of course, torches. At a signal they all charged forth into the village and began destroying the village.

The event, which probably lasted less than 10 minutes, was chaos and granted many campers a cathartic experience. It has also yielded a number of Winter Camp's favorite photos.


Nothing in this account is intentionally false.

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Real Man Decathlon Cancelled

The idea of the "Real Man" was popularized by the book "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche" in 1982. The book purported to provide examples of Real Men. At Winter Camp VI, the security team decided to pout on their own independent event. The event, which was somewhat tongue in cheek, was cancelled when only Al Herster entered. The Security Department claimed that Winter Camp suffered from a lack of real men.


Probably true.

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Reiver Patrol Song and Centerpiece

There were 3 patrols at Winter Camp IV. The most infamous was probably the Reiver Patrol. It was led by Dan Bollman and advised by Jeff Rand. They were the craziest patrol by a large measure. Their patrol symbol, logo and flag was a bloody knife. The patrol song was:

Pride and greed; that's our deed!

Sloth and lust; it's a must!

Ava Rice, gluttony, envy: finish the score!

Let's go out and sin some more!

Probably the worst thing was their centerpiece which depicted a Barbie who had had an encounter with a GI Joe. The Barbie came from Dan's house and his sisters were none too happy to find it missing.


Unabashedly true.


Usually told to demonstrate that Jeff has been fun sometimes.


Usually told by a geezer other than Jeff.

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Responsible Adult Companion (RAC)

When Lynda Donohue had some minor surgery done, the instructions for the appointment included the information that she would need a responsible adult companion to accompany her to her appointment. Kristie Donohue served as her RAC and the idea of the RAC has remained a common one in the family.

Fast forward to Winter Camp XLI: Steve Donohue and Jeff Rand were both planning to attend despite having had some serious health issues earlier in the year. Kristie was unable to attend, so she insisted that Steve should have a RAC. She made a clipboard full of forms and a chart for managing him to be completed by the RAC. She then made a similar chart for Jeff Rand. Steve's RAC was Doug Wilson while Keith King was to ride herd on Jeff Rand.



Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-10-23 11:03:48.

Rocket Launch

At Winter Camp XXI, Mister Horn showed up with a large number of rocket kits, more than one per person. There was a special three-stage rocket for Mr. Rand and the rest were beginner to intermediate kits.

Campers assembled and launched the rockets. Many of them were destroyed on launch, probably due to the expertise of Winter Camp's rocket engineers. Later tin the week, there was a second launch with the surviving rockets. Adam Pezets rocket was deemed the most durable having launched successfully three times before a hole was blown in the side.


Adam's rocket remains in the museum.

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Ruined Spices

At Winter Camp IV, Capture the Objective included the idea of treasures. Each patrol had a number of treasures at their site. The Rebel patrol opted to take some of their treasures from the Winter Camp spice cabinet.

During the course of the game, the other two teams launched a coordinated attack on the Rebel stronghold with the idea that the beleaguered guards wouldn't be able to catch them all. At a signal, both teams charged, the guards responded and there was kind of a crazed scuffle. In the ensuing melee, several of the spices were tipped over and/or stepped on. Since some of them were in metal tins, the damage was extensive.

The Rebels were roundly chastised for their poor choices, but the other teams didn't really suffer much abuse for their borderline cheating.


This story is true, although there may be some missing details.


Missing spices or the need for things.


Probably not one of the Rebel patrol members.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-22 10:39:48.

Salute to the States Meal lost

At Winter Camp XII, we had a Salute to the States meal with 50 different dishes. The menu was put together by Lee Gardy and the whole thing took place before the Meals database was created. We somehow ended up with no records of what was served at the meal.

Six years later, Mark Bollman tried to come up with the menu, but between the recollections of various members and the lack of dccuments, there were only six of the fifty dishes that we could identify with certainty.

Lee Gardy came to Winter Camp XX in 1996, but even he turned out not to have any record of what was served. It was very frustrating for many Winter Campers and definitely an odd moment of lost history.

At Winter Camp XXII, we dug up the first ten-year time capsule and found a set of placecards which hand been next to each item with the name of the state and some other details and, luckily, the name of the dishes. History was saved!


Not in dispute.


Lost history, big banquets (it is third in number of dishes)

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-08-26 21:31:02.

Sea Food Medley

During the shopping for Winter Camp XXXIX, the shoppers were encouraged to have one meal be something that "looked good". They settled on some assorted seafood in a bag. It was probably intended to be used to make something like a clam bake.

At camp, it was decided that we would serve it in a different location as we had some activities in the Trout Lake area. We had a limited number of cooking appliances and the decision was somewhat lat minute. It wound up being cooked in the roaster which had to rest on the floor due to the very short cord on the roaster.

This lack of quality presentation may have been part of the problem, but the truth was it was a fairly crappy assortment of seafood and had an odd smell -- the seafood wasn't spoiled or anything, it just had kind of a dirt smell. Seafood Medley has not made a second appearance at camp.


True but perhaps a little understated.

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Secret Message Money

Dan Bollman once again plied his artistic talents for currency at Winter Camp V. This time out, the bills were mostly made on a new Mac. They featured standard sizes, standard units, and a generally standardized look.

In keeping with real money-makers, Dan shose to hide secret marks in the money. The most notorious of these is the word "catholic" hidden in the ivy on one of the bills.

This was done both to reflect Dan's faith and to get Jeff Rand's goat. Jeff notoriously disagrees with the Catholic idea that larger families are better.


All true.


Any looking at the money or discussion of secret messages.

Last updated by Steve D. on 2021-09-02 09:35:03.

Secret TV

At Winter Camp VI, Al Herster snuck a small portable tv to camp in his dufflebag. He stayed at Clearwater cabin so the TV wasn't noticed. He brought it solely so that he could watch Three's Company reruns in syndication on Channel 50. The reception was somewhat disappointing, but his dedication to Suzanne Somers could not be denied.


100% true.


Any sort of personal electronics might trigger this story.

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Set-Up Day on the 26th

Starting at Winter Camp V, a group of campers arrived on the 26th and began the task of getting the cabin and the kitchen ready. Over the years, this event has developed its own traditions, like canned ravioli, garlic bread, and terrible cookies for lunch.

With the growth of nearby shopping, we've recently started finishing our shopping in Lapeer. The event usually includes retrieving the time capsule, unloading things from the attic and placing them in the kitchen or the cabin or, in some cases, putting them outside.

This even isn't without controversy as it often makes finding a ride to camp difficult and it may create a bit of a customer vibe fro those arriving after the set-0up day.


Mostly true, opinions may vary.

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Seven Bro's

For many years, the chapter had a booth at the annual Scout show where the robot EC1974SR would answer questions and hold court. The robot was originally built in 1974 by the local NESA chapter and had languished in Jeff's basement until it's revival.

The show was held at the Michigan State Fairgrounds and required a trip through Detroit to attend. Seven Mile was the road of choice for thoe who lived in the Downriver area and there was a market along the way called the "Seven Bro's Market".

At Winter Camp V, we decided to have a meal named after the market with foods inspired by the neighborhood. Some of the foods were hard to find as they were out of season, but that didn't stop the Winter Campers.

On the day of the banquet, there may have been some people who wore black-face and adopted stereotypical behaviors.


Absolutely false.

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Skittles Sausage

At Winter Camp XXXVII, Keith King brought a sausage making machine. The plan was to make some normal sausage, but of course, being Winter Camp, there were some adjustments in the later batches. The most interesting was probably skittle sausage which was made by throwing some skittles into the meat mixture before it went into the casings. Adam Haubenstricker turned out to be quite adept at getting the sausage into the casing despite it being his first try.

It was surprisingly tasty with a nice fruity punch.



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Speed Trap

At Winter Camp XV, the electric eyes which had been used for the Ranger Alarm were dedicated to a new purpose. They were placed on the road in front of Beaver Creek cabin at a carefully calculated distance. When the beams broke, a TRS-80 program written by Jeff Rand would calculate the time and convert it into a speed in MPH. This speed was displayed on a monitor in front of the cabin.

No tickets were issued.


Pretty true.

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Split Camps

Stone Sink

The 100 dish banquet gave rise to many stories and this is one of the most told. Following the dinner, the sink was stacked high with dirty pots and pans. Bob Stone rolled up his sleeves and washed every pot and pan despite being the oldest camper in attendance. Mr. Stone was not a very tall man and it is likely that at the start, the dishes may have been stacked over his head in the sink.

The story was so famous that someone suggested the "Anti-Stone Sink Meal" with the idea that there be no dirty dishes afterwards It wasn't until Winter Camp XX that we actually tried it.




Complaints of too many dishes to wash will likely get you a re-telling of this story.

Positive Message

If Fishscale-head can do the stone-sink, you can do this. Also, clean as you go to avoid a huge mess after the meal.


Any geezer might bust this one out, but Jeff might be slightly more likely.

Synchronized Dahas

Winter Camp X had a Synchronized Lunch. The idea was that random pairs of campers would try to eat their meal in as similar a manner as possible -- same order, same hand, same mannerisms. Half the names were thrown in a hat and the other half drew names.

The Donohue brothers were not happy when they were paired in the random draw, but they decided to make the best of it. What followed was part sumo, part Animal House, and pretty much all hilarious.


So true there's video.

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Table full of pop

At Winter Camp VI, Jim Warren was the food director and he planned the menu and did all the shopping with only his younger brother Chris to help him. The result was a menu unlike any other. The most amazing thing was the amount of pop we consumed. There were 27 campers and the amount of pop filled an entire picnic table, not just the top, but both benches were completely filled with 8 packs of pop in 16 oz bottles.


There's a picture.


This might come up if there are questions about shopping and menu creation.


Could be any geezer.

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That Guy Looks Like Dan Bollman

The Big Burn and Demolition at The Pines

At Winter Camp XLI, campers were asked to removed a number of structures from the Pines. Some of these were free-standing buildings and others were additions built onto structures by volunteers. There was a detailed plan for the demolition.

We had the plan in advance which came in handy as we used it to help select targets during the Make it Stick event which called of the throwing of various sharp objects at a wooden target to see which would stick.

On the day of the actual burning, the properties committee was on hand with their multi-phase plan for restructuring the Pines. Winter Campers were expected to complete phase 1 and instead finished the first two phases and made a good start on the third phase.


Completely true.

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The Bugout


In the early eighties, the Lodge had a new adviser who was a member of the Ceremonies Advisory Group, a group of adults who sought to change the way the Order did ceremonies and conducted business. The adviser in our Lodge was known simply as "The CAG". He was pretty much constantly at war with the members of Downriver Chapter.

Not only did our chapter continue to do ceremonies at night on our giant arrow, but we also had several Lodge officers who stymied his efforts to change the Lodge calendar to have only two conclaves, a fellowship, and a lodge dinner. He would have done away with things like the Lincolh Pitgrimage (which he really hated), Officer's Training, Ceremony and Dance Seminars and many other things which made our Lodge great.

At Winter Camp IX, members fantasized about the death of the CAG. During an opening ceremony, he shot the last remaining Aorrowman only to be thwarted by the Beast and the rest of the Winter Campers who had just completed their induction. A scareccrow of him hung in effigy outside the BC Building for the rest of the week and he was burned in effigy on the final night of camp. It was a glorious fire, fueled mostly with liquid copier toner and held on the huge rock near the old BC Skills building.


May benefit from the lack of an opposing viewpoint.

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The Giant Xs

For Winter Camp XXX, we had a pirate theme and decided to play a game called X Marks the Spot. Teams were given clues to various campsites where they would find Giant X's in their team colors (white and blue). They then brought them back to Beaver Creek to put them into a giant frame and play tic-tac-toe with the colors rather than the shapes. The game was played again at Winter Camp XXXI and didn't go as well.

The x's themselves were badly over-engineered. They were made up of two cross-pieces that had recesses in the middle. In that center and on all four ends, there were holes for 1/2" pipe. The idea was they could be used as standing goal posts or they could be put on their sides for an obstacle course. To date, none of that has happened.


Benefits from lack of an opposing viewpoint.

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The Goon Guide

The Heist

The Kristie Cake

The planning for Winter Camp XXX included a decorated cake to celebrate the anniversary. Kristie Donohue hadn't attended Winter Camp yet at that point, but she had seen pictures of our previous cake decorating efforts and felt we might not be up to the task (she was right of course).

Kristie is an exceptionally good baker and decorator. She constructed a three level cake in the shape of rhombus with light blue frosting and white piping. The sides of each layer had Roman numerals and eventually got t9 29. The very top of the cake was like our logo except everything inside was removed in favor of the XXX for thirty.

Kristie and her friend Jessica made a trip to camp to deliver the cake ans some other souveneirs. It was by far the best looking cake ever served at Winter Camp.



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The Medal Stand

Winter Camp XLII had an Olympic theme with three invented countries vying for top honors in a variety of contests. One of the surprise additions to the event was a medal stand constructed by Ian McKeefer. The stand was a platform about 18" tall. It was sturdy enough to hold an entire team of 8-9 people at a time.



Positive Message

Ian's skills as a carpenter were previously unknown and his medal stand was nothing short of awesome. You shouldn't underestimate people.

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The Plague

At Winter Camp XXVI, no fewer than 12 Winter Campers fell prey to some bug. It left them sick with diarrhea and vomiting; sometimes they didn't have much time to react when the urge hit them. John Howey compensated for this by sleeping on a bench in the BC shower building. All but two of the campers managed to survive the week.

There was, as one might imagine, a great deal of speculation about the cause of the illness; initially, the wild game was suspected, but it turned out John hadn't eaten any. Eventually it was discovered that some campers had arrived in camp having just gotten over a flu with the same symptoms.



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The Rafters

In the summer of 1997, Beaver Creek Cabin had a major remodel. Most of the cinder blocks were covered with drywall and wood, the sleeping area was rearranged to create two sleeping rooms, and the kitchen was improved and expanded. The most amazing change though was in the main room where the old ceiling was removed to expose the roof treusses and a new finished ceiling was installed at the foorline.

The exposed beams were beautiful and were carefully finished to make them last; the old fluorescent lighters were replaced with new horseshoe chandeliers and an entry was made into the attic above the sleeping chamber.

For Winter Campers, those beams were both inspirational and irresistible. The first year, there were two meals which relied on the beams. The Burger Time dinner found Tim Hunt up in the rafters dropping food for others to catch on their plates and the Pac Man Snack used strings between beams to hold up other strings which had food suspended from them. Campers ate the snack with no hands by taking the food off the strings.

The rafters have found other uses from decorative elements to a Newton's Cradle and an overhead soda system.


All True except maybe the year.

Positive Message

You never know what you'll find when you strip away the cover.

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The rebellion

The Roaster

The Smoker

Keith King brought his smoker to Winter Camp XL setting in motion a tradition which we hope won't ever end. The smoker was used to make salmon which proved to be a very popular dish. As time went on, smoked salmon became a staple of WInter Camp and Keith continued to bring the smoker even as he moved from an SUV to a sedan to carry it.

Keith's smoked salmon so impressed Kristie Donohue, that a smoker was added to her family's cooking arsenal.


It's true.

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The Soda Sipper

There were a number of bottles of Goon Brew and they disappeared rather quickly. It turned out that one of the other campers had decided that he preferred the taste of Goon Brew over the more conventional flavors offered by the trading post and was drinking them instead of the trading post stock.

The same camper, Steve Tapazglou, was crushing everyone at Half-Life. It was later found that he had been using cheat codes to improve his characters which shouldn't have been necessary since he was the most experienced player. This revelation led to him becoming the reviled creature known as "The Soda Sipper".


Reasonably true.

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Toboggan Rescue

Toilet paper dispenser

Back in the day, we had a contest for latrine sitting. The latrine was outside and generally you didn't want to be there any longer than you had to. The contest was tracked on a clipboard where one noted the time on the seat and number of sheets used. Sometimes people provided additional notes.

The categories were predictable: most time spent, least time spent, longest total visit, shortest total, and minimum number of sheets used.

The game went on a few years with occasional accusations of cheating that were mostly intended in good humor. Then, Mark Bollan--> reported a visit with zero sheets which was fewer than Jeff's. Jeff cried foul but Mark--> said he'd used the tube since there was no paper. Jeff was less than satisfied with this answer. For the following year, there was a complicated system involving computerized signons and the toilet paper dispenser appeared.

The dispenser was a motorized tool built by Doug Wilson which rolled out toilet-paper between two typewriter platens when a button was pushed. This put an end to any question about the number of sheets used as the rotation of the device was reported to the computer and the sheets were counted exactly.


Pretty sure it's true.

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Triple Bunk

The bunks at D-bar-A used to be army surplus. The original beds were singles and you could snap four extenders onto any bunk and then the legs from any other bunk could be used to create a bunk bed.

It turns out, you could so the same thing with the top bunk and create a triple bunk. Anymore than that, and the bunk would be too tall to fit in the cabin. There is a picture where there were seven bunks stacked outside.

At Winter Camp I, we created a triple bunk. It was very close to the ceiling and there was some doubt anyone would fit or be able to sleep if they were squeezed into the space. During the bread baking, Steve Donohue climbed up onto the triple bunk and managed to squeeze himself into the bunk even though it had a double-mattress.

Steve fell asleep there showing that people could fit and at least one person could sleep there. Of course, Steve was a notoriously deep sleeper in those days.

The others, not wanting to see an opportunity wasted, dipped his hand. He woke up in the dark with a strong desire to pee and the knowledge that a fall might be pretty dangerous. He managed to crawl out of the triple and down without injury or waking any of the others.

In the morning, Head Ranger Dave Morosky stopped by for a visit. He, of course, noticed the triple bunk and said "Well, I'm sure no one would be dumb enough to sleep up there." The assembled campers nodded their heads in agreement that no one would have been that stupid.


This story is completely true with no known dissenting opinions.


I don't think this story really has a common trigger anymore, especially now that the new beds can't be stacked.

Troi Cake

Winter Camp XVII had a Star Trek Next Generation theme and one of the snacks was the Troi Snack. The centerpiece of that meal was a Troi cake based on one which appeared in the episode Phantasms.

Following the rich tradition of Winter Camp cake decorating, the cake looked very vaguely like Deanna Troi if you squinted really hard. It was tasty.



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Tug of War with Pulley

The idea is pretty simple. The goal is for two teams to pull hard enough to lift the other team into the air. Of course, in practice it's not that practical. First, you need a fairly serious rope to have 18-25 people pulling on it, which then means a hardcore pulley and a good place to attach it. We managed to come up with all those things, but the game was still somewhat disappointing as people let go of the rope rather than be hoisted aloft.

Following the game, the rope was attached to truck and the Donohue brothers were lifted into the air using the pulley. Ron took it in stride, while Steve was clearly very uncomfortable.


True as I remember it.

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Turducken is a dish created by deboning a chicken, a duck, and most of a turkey. The three birds are then placed one inside the other with a layer of dressing between them.

At Winter Camp XXXVI, we decided to pursue making our own turducken. The first complication came while shopping -- Meijer had only one duck and we fet we would need three. Luckily, a local butcher shop was able to satisfy our duck needs.

At Camp, Steve Donohue and Doug Wilson set to work on creating the turducken under the watchful eye of Kristie Donohue and several other campers. The first difficulty was that the birds were still partially frozen. The second was that neither Steve nor Doug had actually ever deboned a bird before. After about 90 minutes, they were able to debone the 9 birds (the turkey got to keep its legs) and wrap them with the requisite dressing.

The bird were placed into roasters and cooked. The recipe probably didn't have enough dressing, so the layers were pretty thin and the birds were put in the normal way, which was upside down for turducken.

The final product ended up being tasty and unusual, the two key requirements for a dish like that. Doug and Steve promptly suggested that Turducken be added to the Historic Banquet list, a tactic often employed to limit the chances of making a difficult item again.



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Uncle Ethan's Craft Hour

Universal Measurement System

Winter Camp II used a then new measurement system called the Universal Measurement System. At that event there were three primary things measured: time in jiffies, distance in tads, and temperature.

There were some strange things with the system. Jiffies, the measure of time, weren't circular in the way that ours and minutes are; they just kept going up. The second complication was probably using the Tad (about 9') as a unit for a compass course; it was several miles long resulting in significat hiking and errors.

The system has been greatly expanded by Mark Bollman over the years.


This story is true.


ANy time there's a compass course this will come up. It sometimes comes up during hikes.

Positive Message

Usually it's invoked to describe how things could be worse.


Most likely to be talked about by Jeff or Mark.

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Viking Olympics and the Mead Marathon

The Viking Olympics featured seven events, but most of them are long-forgotten. The sole exception is probably the Mead Marathon. On the surface, it was a simple event. One member of each team ran a foot race and a second member was charged with drinking water; the event was a relay.

Ron Donohue was in charge of the vent, and he decided to source his water from Old Faceful which made it pretty cold. The amount was 11 cups or 88 ounces. The water proved to be much more difficult than anyone had guessed. Steve Donohue was the only competitor who proved able to hold his water. Josh Davis and Brian Mann both made strong efforts and luckily both made it out of the cabin before they hurled. The remaining teams opted not to complete the event.



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Walk up Window

The Black Sheep Patrol was assigned to cook the McDonald's breakfast. The other patrols would come down from Beaver Creek and eat at McDonald's aka Clearwater cabin. As preparations were under way, there was some discussion of everyone tracking their muddy boots in and the lack of space (Clearwater had two tables which would fit 8 each and there were 28 campers). Someone (it may have been Eric Bollman), suggested we should make it a drive through.

The idea was happily embraced and the doors to the building were locked. The orders were taken at the kitchen window and handed out that same window. The other campers were surprised when they arrive but played along taking their food back to the BC building.




It's kind of a fun story and there may not be a specific trigger.

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Warren shopping accident

While shopping for food, Jim Warren was involved in an accident. Based on the story we were given, the accident probably wasn't his fault. Apparently while stopped at a light, there was a chain collision where someone in the back hit a car and pushed it forward. It was apparently a five-car accident including the Warrens.


As best as I recall, this is true. Jim may never have given us the full story.

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Water Rockets

For Winter Camp XLII we had both model and water rockets. The rockets were pretty typical -- made with a two-liter bottle and some associated bits of cardboard, foam, and balsa which could be glued or taped on to help keep rockets straighter. Mr. Wilson and Mr. Mann provided launchers.

The contest was fairly typical with most rockets limited to less than 100'; a few went straight, but most had a strong curve from early in their flight. The big exception was a rocket built by Alan Wilson. Alan attached a second bottom to the top of his rocket and filled it with a mall amount of water. Most assumed the extra weight would be disastrous, but the flight proved them wrong. Alan's rocket soared hundreds of feet in the air. Later, he used it to launch a potato into Trout Lake.


All true.

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The Winter Camp Universe (WCU) began in 1997. Steve Donohue had started seeing websites for some of his other interests and felt that Winter Camp should have a similar source for information.

The initial site was created on AOL and looked nothing like the current site -- it has a very busy colored background and used a terrible script font. By October of that year, Steve had decided to take the plunge and purchased the domain He later found a hosting company and the Winter Camp Universe was born.

Apart from the site, there are a number of other sites in what Steve has dubbed the Winter Camp Network.



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Weird Fruit at Meijer

Winter Camp XXXVII started off with the Gatherer Meal. This consisted of a salad, nuts, and assorted exotic fruit. The exact nature of the exotic fruit wasn't specified; it was left to the shoppers to pick things that looked "interesting".

Some of the fruit was found in Taylor and more was found in a Meijer near Silver Trails in Marysville.

In Marysville, the clerk commented "Yíall are bringing up a bunch of stuff Iíve never seen before!". The shoppers explained that their mission was to find exotic fruit. Later, when she found the Buddha's Hand, she said "This one's not exotic, itís just kinda creepy!"

This became a high point for Winter Camp shopping trips.



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Winter Camp Future Society Formed

At Winter Camp X, Jeff Rand had the idea that we should create a Winter Camp Future Society (WCFS). The idea was that experienced campers could join the Society and invest in the future of Winter Camp. The initial concept was that members would be enrolled in classes which would mature at camps ending in 0 or 5. They would make a small investment which would be managed by the treasurer and then spent to make a later camp better.

the group formed with two officers, a secretary and a treasurer. The first of these were Jeff Rand and Roger Horn respectively and the members of the Class of XX are like a who's who of the chapter in the 80s.

The first celebration was at Winter Camp XX and featured navy blue t-shirts for everyone in attendance as well as a banquet held in the Main Lodge at D-bar-A during camp. Subsequent celebrations have been smaller and have featured additional souvenirs.

The WCFS has become an umbrella for a number of other enterprises including books and this website.


Pretty True.

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Winter Camp Movie

Winter Camp Patches

Winter Camp XIV in 1990 was the first to have our familiar logo in use. Although patches were suggested almost immediately, it took ten years for them to become a reality.

Jeff Rand had the first set printed. There were 100 blue-bordered, 50 gold-bordered mylar, and 25 of each of red, green, black, and white. The gold one became the Psrticipation Award and by tradition only youth can earn the award or touch the patch; there are tongs stored with the patches so adults can present them without touching them.

The other borders are presented by Winter Camp University for various areas of study. The red border is for History (presided over by Mark Bollman--> who really likes red), the white is for Winter Camping (presided over by Jeff Rand and now Ethan Rein), and the black border is for Engineering which was originally managed by Paul Kupser and his since transferred to Alan Wilson.

The green border had not been assigned until 2020 when it became a leadership award for the youth leader and adviser if each felt the other had done a good job.

Orange and purple borders were added in 2021 and neither has an assignment yet, although it seems like one of them will be for cooking.



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Winter Camp Savings Time (WCST)

It's always a challenge to get everything done during the day at Winter Cmap. The issue is that darkness comes pretty early and campers aren't always willing or able to get up and moving early enough to take advantage of the limited daylight we do have.

Enter Winter Camp Savings Time. By setting our clocks ahead, we allow people to sleep in but extend the day until about 6:00 pm most days. This effectively gives us another hour of daylight.

The actual interval is 77 minutes; this number was chosen based on the first Winter Camp being held in 1977.



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Winter Camp Sodas

The Donohue brothers purchased custom bottled sodas from a company called The bottles were filled with black cherry soda and included the information that they held 15.86 cubic teratits. The slogan on the bottles as "At least it's not rotgut".

They also purchased cream soda in bottles labelled "Goon Brew"; the bottles included specific instruct5ions for using the bottle as a weapon which were paraphrased from the rules for Traveler.


We still have empty bottles.

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Youth Participastion Award