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Manual: Index

When Winter Camp endured without a government, for its first three years, there was no real reason for the Winter Camp Manual to exist--the idea was that the group could function as a unit without the need for further direction. The size of the crowd at Winter Camp III led to some organizational difficulties, and a more formal structure was adopted for Winter Camp IV. Concomitant with this move toward order was the need to communicate the plans for and traditions of the event to all participants.

The first edition of the Manual included histories of the three previous encampments, detailed activity instructions, a full complement of Winter Camp recipes, and training information about the chapter ceremonial, camp promotion, and unit elections committees. As new annual editions of the Manual appeared, the contents evolved.

The second edition, produced for Winter Camp V, was the first to use a computer for printing; beginning a trend toward greater computerization which attained completion with fully un iform type in the Winter Camp IX edition. The internal budget for the encampment was added to the previous year's contents.

By Winter Camp IX, the contents had undergone extensive modification. Internal money was discontinued, so the internal budget page vanished. The recipe section was moved to a single Winter Camp Food Service Manual and no longer distributed to all participants. Training material was also dropped, since training was occupying a progressively less significant part of the program. New sections were added: a page listing Winter Camp traditions, a dictionary of Winter Camp names, an expanded explanation of the universal measurement system, and a page of songs. The Winter Camp Code made its debut in print the next year.

Winter Camp XIV saw a radically redesigned book appear. The most striking change was the use of permanent 3-ring binders, neatly adorned with the new Winter Camp logo, for safer storage. The type was set in a new uniform face, and future years saw only the addition of material pertinent to each year's Winter Camp--schedule and menu--and the history of the previous year. It was no longer necessary to reprint copies of each page for people who had been to Winter Camp before. This expandable souvenir has been maintained and improved upon throughout the following years.

I. Introduction

II. Section I: “Current Winter Camp Information”
A. Schedule - see individual years
B. Menu - see individual years
C. Duty Roster - see individual years

III. Section II: “Winter Camp History”

A. Winter Camp Traditions

B. Winter Camp Histories

IV. Section III: “Winter Camp Background Information”

A. Winter Camp Dictionary

B. Winter Camp Measurement System

C. Winter Camp Code

D. Winter Camp Songs

V. Section IV: “Winter Camp Activity Instructions”

A. Computer Use

B. Murder-Clue Game

C. Capture the Objective