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Origins was written in 1990 and was an attempt to chronicle the origins of some of the traditions of Winter Camp. Even at that time there were some stories and traditions whose origins were already fading into obscurity. The book was co-authored by Steve Donohue and Jeff Rand with most of the writing being done by Steve. It was originally produced on a TRS-80 and was never converted to IBM format. This edition was prepared by scanning a copy of the book then editing the OCR which followed.

In some cases, the book uses bad punctuation, sentence fragments and other awkward phrasing; those have not, for the most part, been changed, although the author is now keenly aware of some of his errors.

Each section has an update which describes changes since the publication of the original book. If you'd like to add new items, correct entries or provide new updates, feel free to e-mail them to Steve and he'll incorporate them in the next draft.

Baking Blind Hike
Bollman-Oakes Capture the Objective
Changing of Donohue Pot Handles Computer Use
Currency Feature Movie
Government Kickball
Latrine Contest Little Ozzie's Pizza
Lost Daha Hike Planning Meeting
Rand Stew Self-appointed Leaders
Winter Camp History Test

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