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Encyclopedia WinterCampica

Foreword--From The Editor
If you listen and pay close attention, I'll
Blow your mind with the tales I can mention. All
Of Winter Camp's curious ways
Where we are, for four nights and five days,
Traditionally Unconventional.
      --Mark BollmanMark's Arrow

"If it happened at Winter Camp, surely we can write a paragraph about it."
      --Encyclopedia WinterCampica motto

This project represents the beginning of the culmination of collected efforts over the past 20 years to preserve Winter Camp's rich and unique heritage for the ages. These efforts began formally in 1980, when the first edition of the Winter Camp Manual was produced for Winter Camp IV. Continued attention to Manual information as a record of the past led to the Winter Camp newspaper tradition as a record of the present beginning at Winter Camp IX in 1985. The next year, the first stirrings of the Winter Camp Future Society began a quest to record the future.

The past was well-served in the second Winter Camp decade, with numerous Winter Camp books chronicling the intricacies of the Winter Camp experience. Particular merit is due Origins, our first "recreational" work which appeared in 1990 for Winter Camp XIV and touched off a string of camp books. As the Winter Camp Almanac and Book of Facts emerged from this string and grew from its 1994 launch to house increasingly more of the accumulated Winter Camp tradition, it was perhaps inevitable that it too would spawn new outlets.

Hence, Encyclopedia WinterCampica, a new work, eventually to serve as the ultimate collection of Winter Camp information and lore. By the time this work is finished, I hope to have included background information on every activity, tradition, and person which have come together for better or for worse over the years to make Winter Camp what it is today.

I am guided in compiling the Encyclopedia by the firm belief that there's more to Winter Camp than the most popular events. While the Caveman Dinner, Capture the Objective, Cross-Country Golf, and Rand Stew may well rank high on the frequency chart and the popularity scale, many lesser-known events are the source of interesting stories or important camp lore. Examples include Human Checkers, the Rolling Donut Shoot, the Chili Cookoff, and the Electric Lunch. The stories behind these and hundreds of other Winter Camp events are preserved here.

As I was assembling this collection during 1997, I received an e-mail message from Steve Donohue which detailed his own plans for an online work of the same nature. We quickly merged our efforts, with the net result being a much earlier debut of this work in both print and electronic versions. The cybernauts among you may find an alternate version of the Encyclopedia on the Winter Camp web page at Many thanks are due those who have contributed anecdotes and data from the web page's update screen and elsewhere: Ron Donohue, Steve Donohue, John Howey, Lou Pezet, and Jeff Rand. Their contributions are noted by their initials after entries which they composed.

From the Publisher: Mark--> has changed the entries to show (LP) when Lou has modifed an entry. As always, your suggestions are welcome!
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