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Encyclopedia WinterCampica - Winter Camp In Space

Winter Camp XLIII went to space with its theme. Commander Matt Grimble stretched his counting abilities to their ultimate limit to divide Winter Camp XLIIIs participants into 3 squads.

The first squad dubbed themselves "Dysfunctional Technetium" (DTc for short) and adopted the motto "Were Completely Unstable", in recognition of their guardian elements status as the lightest known element with no stable isotopes. Technetium is element #43. DTcs emblem is an equilateral triangle measuring 43 millitads on a side and bearing the symbol of its element: Tc. Its colors are Kelly green and light blue. Kieran "Captain Underpants" Bledsoe leads DTc, which consists of Andrew Fountain, Keith "K2" King, Dave "Oak" Oakley, Nick Weathers, Carlos Acosta, Mark Bollman-->, Ben Ferencz, Matt Grimble, Steve Donohue, and Timmy Pfeiffer.

Team Two took on the name "State Farm". Jacob "Francis" Ferns leads this crew of good neighbors, and he was joined by Gabe Church, Alex Ferencz, Adam Haubenstricker, Brian Maghran, Jeff Rand, Alan Wilson, Chris "Sockless Wonder" Adams, Aiden London, and Ryan Shork.

The third team was known as "Migisi Opawgan Empire", taking their name from the chapter's by eschewing the historical punctuation. Billy Perkins, Kristie Donohue, John Ferencz, Roger Horn, Brian Mann, Ethan Rein, Doug Wilson, Michael Bristol, Tyler Franzel, and JJ Stephens made up this squad.

Following the division, teams assembled to draft their preferred meals for the Weekette. The snake draft format was used to assign 5 meals to each squad, with the Hot Meteorite Lunch already having occurred and the Bakery Snack being a common event involving all campers.
Entry Created: 2021   Last Update: 01/01/2021

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