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Winter Camp Final Planning Meeting
Friday, November 26, 2021 at 1:00pm
First United Methodist Church
22124 Garrison St
Dearborn, MI

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Information for Scouts

What is Winter Camp?

Winter Camp is a weekette of fun and fellowship held each year between Christmas and New Year's.

As we approach our 50th anniversary, it is no exaggeration to say that Winter Camp is the most successful chapter event in the history of the Order of the Arrow. This is mostly due to the efforts of more than 300 youth and adults who attended and led Winter Camp.

Winter Camp IS Scouting. We use the aims and methods of Scouting in a safe, friendly environment to give Scouts the chance to try new things and use familiar skills in unfamiliar ways all with guidance from caring and experienced advisers.

Adult Association
Winter Camp is different because adults also participate in activies. They don't just sit around drinking coffee while you're out doing things. They cook, play games, hike, pretty much everything you're going to do (only usually they're slower).
Leadership Development
Winter Camp gives you a chance to hang out with adults who used to be like you. They were mostly Scouts, many were Eagles, and they were officers of the chapter back in the day. They know better than most what it's like to be a youth in the Order of the Arrow.
We have outdoor activities every day and they are often much bigger than troop activities would be.
Winter Camp teams of youth and adults who work together to prepare meals and defeat other teams in fun contests.
Winter Camp first had computer-aided activities and planning in 1978 (no, not a typo) and computers have been used to help plan and as part of the program ever since.
Winter Camp has a day of service during the event, but that's the only plan and most of time we get to demolish and burn things.
Winter Camp provides you with a chance to use your skills in a big way.
Traditionally Unconventional
Winter Camp offers lots of chances to try new things and the adults are always eager to try out new ideas.