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We were holding Winter Camp before any of the Star Wars movies sucked

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On 2020-06-29 17:11:56, Steve stopped by and said:
Yeah I thought about putting it on the gone pile but I couldn’t delete the Sam visit.
On 2020-06-29 11:55:07, K2 stopped by and said:
1997 called and said they wanted their guestbook back!
On 2020-06-27 12:07:52, Steve stopped by and said:
After being shutdown for a number of years, the guestbook is back on with our standard Scout Law question.
On 2003-04-19 14:35:12, Flowers stopped by and said:
I loved your site. You must have spent hours in Photoshop doing the graphics
On 2003-02-03 11:59:33, Mark stopped by and said:
Just checking out your site.
Please visit our site sometime @
Thanks and keep up the good work.
On 2003-01-08 19:21:21, Portia Campbell stopped by and said:
This is a very kowl web site.
On 2003-01-02 13:37:07, Big Zach stopped by and said:
Winter Camp is more important then LIFE! Winter Camp 27 is going to be the best Winter Camp in history.
~zach polifroni
On 2002-11-17 22:14:31, Dave stopped by and said:
The next person who signs our guestbook and is selling something online had best keep it to themselves....
On 2002-01-20 19:49:49, Devin Richardson stopped by and said:
Hey there, just looking for fun activities to do in the snow with high school kids!!! Your help would be appreciated!!!
On 2001-10-12 23:41:29, Dave Cushway stopped by and said:
Would love to come to your place some time. Nice web site.
We just had two days of snow. I'm going out on Saturday to start grooming my new trails.
I hope you have a great winter. If you want to make it better try KMA,
On 2001-09-15 08:56:10, sam stocker stopped by and said:
my car broke down today in a parking lot at the University of Michigan. Finding myself with a wealth of time on my hands I figured I'd enter the Winter Camp Universe and check it out. This website is awesome and to my OA bretheren up at Conclave today I
On 2001-04-04 21:50:28, J stopped by and said:
I'm from 1st East Ryde Venturers located in Sydney, Australia.
I was just surfing the net and I came across your site. Good job!
Please take a look at my Unit's site ( and while you are there, please sign our Guest Book too!
On 2001-01-22 15:39:25, gary allen stopped by and said:
Hello Steve Donahue, please e-mail me
On 2000-12-29 14:26:09, Rick Gray stopped by and said:
Less pictures of Kupser!!!!!!!
On 2000-11-17 20:06:33, Andi Whaley stopped by and said:
I cannot wait to go on Wintercamp. It should be fun
On 2000-04-22 18:29:25, Traci Dwyre stopped by and said:
Hey Steve,
Love your work whats up with the go button. I think you should just select the option and it should go to that page. Let me know if you need any help with it.
On 2000-02-02 21:22:47, marilyn hale stopped by and said:
I liked your page. what I am looking for is information on wintercamping at I can use for reasearch in a collge papper.
On 2000-01-26 16:16:30, Mike Kelly stopped by and said:
What a site! As a fan of winter camping and 1 of 2 scouters trying to get a similar although slighlty shorter (weekend?) event off the ground, you've assembled quite a resource. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has come across any truly traditional
On 2000-01-04 16:50:47, Elizabeth Martin stopped by
On 2000-01-02 15:01:35, Lucy Bedford stopped by and said:
Being as I am the first visitor here in the year 2000, I would just like to wish all my Scouting Friends a Happy and Prosperous New Year...This is my 40th year in the Scouts Canada organization and sure do enjoy your web page... Good Hunting...Lucy
On 1999-12-30 15:45:21, Francis Xavier Coughlin stopped by and said:
Just wanted to see if there really is a Wintercamp and do you really take vacations Steve D.
On 1999-12-28 21:10:21, DEL LENZ stopped by and said:
On 1999-12-17 18:13:06, Tom Conroy stopped by and said:
I can't believe you guys are still alive! Heck, I have a hard time believing that *I'M* still alive ...
Great site that brings back lots of memories of WinterCamp I ...
Tom Conroy
(Avoiding Winter whenever possible in Sunny California
On 1999-12-02 15:02:08, Danny L. stopped by and said:
I think this a great site loaded with good graphics and info on awards. Thanks
On 1999-11-07 12:56:42, Jim M. stopped by and said:
By the way, I'm OV's father.
On 1999-11-07 12:53:31, Jim M. stopped by and said:
OV said I should stop by and see what this place is all about. While I was up for a visit, I got the tour....beef fizz and all. Interesting.
On 1999-11-03 17:51:29, Barry Farnsworth stopped by and said:
Very nice site. I found some useful information that will help our next campout.
On 1999-10-05 21:39:49, Jean Dunlap stopped by and said:
Great Site I have booked marked it.
On 1999-09-10 13:53:11, zOJ stopped by and said:
As s/m for troop 341, I'm always looking for ideas for activities. I like your list, but some of the titles could stand to use a little explanation of what the game is all about. Keep up the brainstorming!
On 1999-08-14 00:51:44, Dan Grube stopped by and said:
I like your site. I am a Venture Crew advisor for the
"Alpha Lupus" winter camping venture crew with Central
Minnesota Council. We have been doing this for 11 years, and would love to compare notes!
On 1999-08-03 18:51:26, Tim Kriksciun stopped by and said:
Am enjoying the site, especially the movie still frames with commentary.
I recommend continuing the saga.
Rather than a sequel, in the spirit of George Lucas, how about a prequel?
Additionally, any movie format (avi, mov, etc.) for download woul
On 1999-07-31 09:00:56, JD Corder stopped by and said:
Interesting Site
On 1999-07-11 15:23:48, Jay Bottorff stopped by and said:
Arrowman, There is an event almost as special as the Wintercamp event... It least you can only come to this one once in a lifetime... That is Migisi Opawgan Lodge #162 60th Anniversary Dinner/Reunion...
Web Site is:
On 1999-02-24 13:59:59, Dave Parry stopped by and said:
Great site, i'm VSL of Bricket Wood VSU - We're sort of getting round to doing site for my unit. Hope you do nearly as well as us on Peak Assault!
On 1999-01-21 20:54:24, john stopped by and said:
Great site. Worth a long visit. One observation about the wall, either muzzle "Big Bro" or break his typing hand, his attitude doesn't say much for Scouting. --- Former Scouter
On 1998-11-28 16:51:12, Graham Url of Exminster stopped by and said:
Brilliant - given me some good ideas. I like the two navigation bars for serious and non serious.
On 1998-10-29 14:55:51, cheryl stopped by and said:
hello there.. great site you have here.. love the winter theme..
take care..
On 1998-10-18 11:58:02, Geewan Ramdeen stopped by and said:
Seeking information about scout winter camp
On 1998-10-12 20:16:38, Matt "Abe" Mittino stopped by
On 1998-09-30 07:54:40, Alyson Young stopped by and said:
I can't wait to come back and use the info here. Our pack is planning to have a winter game day this year. We should have lots of snow! I was just gathering sites to use later, but winter camping always intriques me.
Alyson Young
On 1998-08-14 04:35:50, Nancy Rand stopped by and said:
I would like to know more about the evil twin that Jeff Rand slew. I believe the current incarnation of Jeff IS the evil twin.
On 1998-07-29 16:18:48, Mark Tomilo stopped by and said:
Thought I'd check out the winter activities of some of my buddies. My only comment: I find it difficult to believe that Mark Bollman is famous for nothing.
On 1998-05-24 18:24:24, Wynterfyre stopped by and said:
*Smile* I really enjoyed your site. Sounds like wintercamp is a fun place to go. I really liked the design and how easy it is to navigate the site. Very nice. Keep up the good work. A Missive will be on it's way soon.
On 1998-04-20 23:33:22, Steve Harig stopped by and said:
I am back, and cooler than ever. I made another page just for you to place a lame link to. The url is
Well, I forgot the Goons password so gimme another one. I still wanna be the You
On 1998-04-12 23:59:54, nels&tina anderson stopped by and said:
Your site is the bomb. My wife and I are old scouts. I attended troop 368 tall pine council my wife was in 1058 explorer post detroit area council this site was refered to us by mickey oakes also from troop 1058
On 1998-02-26 06:58:12, Nancy Rand stopped by
On 1998-02-12 21:48:21, Joe stopped by and said:
Well, as the third visitor, I claim this as one of my favorite sites. This site does the Detroit Area Council proud! Best wishes to all scouts in cyberspace. Especially those in the Three Rivers District(formerly Downriver & Sauk Trails) Good Scouting
On 1998-01-28 15:30:00, Glen (Jerry) Reid, Jr. stopped by and said:
Hmmmm... What can I say? Oh yeah I gotta stop thinking outloud. No, no that's not it. Got it now... I like the page and how it looks, it keeps me informed here at Michigan State University.
On 1998-01-24 19:49:31, Tom Sweany stopped by and said:
Your page sure looks swell. I'm not sure if it's as cool as the stories told by Ron Donohue, but one can certainly get the idea.
On 0000-00-00 00:00:00, Mister Horn stopped by and said:
just testing
On 0000-00-00 00:00:00, Michael Jon Osvath stopped by and said:
Just Siting here with Mr. Horn, Mrs Osvath, and one upset tired Benjamin Osvath
On 0000-00-00 00:00:00, stopped by and said:
This is a test comment
On 0000-00-00 00:00:00, Danny L. stopped by and said:
Nice site hope you recieve more awards to apply to. Please visit our site at and sign the guestbook.