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Project Manager:Jeff Rand
Start Date:2000-07-01
Target Date:2000-11-30
While the idea had been kicked around off and on for many years, it was only at Winter Camp XXIV that a Winter Camp patch was available. Jeff Rand arranged for their manufacture in two versions: the Winter Camp rhomboidal logo with a gold border, awarded to youths completing the requirements for the new Winter Camp Participation Award; and the logo with a blue border, available for purchase at $3. Tim Hunt was the first to buy a patch. Steve Donohue posted one for auction on eBay during camp, which sold for $8. Two other patches offered on eBay were sold to campers before the sale price dipped below $3. Most of the first batch of blue-bordered patches had been sold by the end of Winter Camp XXV.<P>Winter Camp University provided motivation for several other border colors, beginning at Winter Camp XXVI. Four new colors were ordered, and the College of Winter Camping planned to award a white-bordered patch to its graduates. At Winter Camp XXVII, WCU's College of Historical Studies announced plans to award red-bordered patches-the first of these were awarded in 2005. Black-bordered patches are awarded by the College of Engineering, and the green-bordered patches await assignment.
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