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Some of the stuff that we do at and for Winter Camp are just for fun. They don't have any serious implications for the future and they don't change the course of camp

They do, however, take up a lot of time and generate a lot of interest. For that reason, we include them here on the page.


Trivia ContestEach week Mark Bollman--> posts a series of questions on the Winter Camp Universe.
AutographsCheck out our collection of celebrity endorsements!
PostmarksCheck out our collection of postmarks from towns that might have been named after Winter Campers (or, more likely, that Winter Campers might have been named after)!
Personality TestHow does the rest of the world see you?
Guy Q TestA less than scientific look at the battle of the sexes.
Ask Dr. BeastGot a question and don't know who to ask? It's simple, "Ask Dr. Beast!"
FizzballNot exactly a Winter Camp activity but too much fun to leave unpublished.
Ceremonies PicturesThese were taken in 1991 and show the arrow and the W's. It's the last time the W's were done.
AutographsCheck out our collection of celebrity endorsements!
The CaveOnce, there was a dream of a cave beneath the CHR Memorial; now there's a big collapsed hole.
CampopolyFollow the progress of our own webmaster's attempt to avoid Christmas shopping at all costs.
Mail BagYou get a lot of strange email when you have your own domain name.
Why I'm (not) Big BroWinter Campers report the confessions or denials of their fellow campers

Similar Links

Hobby CenterCheck out our hobby journal and our list of suggested new hobbies as well as our progress on this year's and previous hobbies.
WC: The MovieThe viewmaster version of our fictional murder mystery filmed on location at D-A Scout Ranch.
WC: The PromoAnother viewmaster classic, this one shows a variety of screen captures from our promotional movie.

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