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Here are some stats on existing questions. It's probably better not to ask more questions about the most common answers unless they're really interesting.

There are also more stats available, including a list by person. Please remember that the questions were resurrected recently and haven't been maintained much since Winter Camp XX (1996). We're working on it.

True/False Counts:


Multiple Choice Counts:

Answer 133420%
Answer 233320%
Answer 335221%
Answer 434520%
Answer 533820%

Most Common Answers

Steve Donohue996%
Mark Bollman-->543%
Jeff Rand463%
Ron Donohue382%
John Howey362%
Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch302%
Mike Osvath272%
Roger Horn262%
Doug Wilson211%
Jeffrey Rand211%


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