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Fizzball is a game played with a shaken can of soda (or other beverage) and a nuclear war club. The rules are otherwise similar to baseball, except there's no golden glove because catching the smashed can is really stupid!

This game looks like it was played at a Fall Fellowship or maybe an Ordeal. It must have been sometime after 1996 as Steve is wearing a Winter Camp XX shirt.

It came to our attention in the comic book Sam & Max: Freelance Police

The pitcher is on the mound, shading his eyes with his hands as Fizzball does not allow any protective equipment for those in the field. He's got the sign he's looking for.
Dr. Beast (aka the Sultan of Soda) is in the box; he calls his pitch. Note his bat, a reasonable approximation of a post-apocalypse death stick.
He's got the sign he's looking for, here's the pitch.
Slow motion as the Sultan gets ready for a devastating blow.
It looks like this is going to be one of those stupid baseball movies where he swings three times at the lob, but don't worry. The goal of fizzball is to hit it.
Not only a perfect swing and a hit, but look at the timing of this picture.
The victors enjoy the spoils.