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There are certain things you can count on when you own your own domain name. One of them, is some bonus junk mail. Another is a lot of spam, especially if you have your options set to send you anything that doesn't work.

Most of the time, it's about porn. Sometimes it's someone sending a message and unable to spell bobafett, sometimes it's a sales plan of some type. For the most part, it's all junk, but every once in a while you get something interesting. This page is about the interesting stuff (I hope)

Donny and Marie
Okay, this is by far the best one. I was contacted by Barry Thurston Jr. of the Donny and Marie Show to see if they could include us in an upcoming segment on camps. It didn't quite pan out, but it was a lot of fun when it looked like it might
Apparently, we're not the only one's in the world who've ever heard of the jimpop.
Don't ask me where they heard of us or what they really want...
Application Two
We appear to be huge overseas.
Kickball League
Apparently, any reference to kickball is enough to get you on this list.
New Value Club
Luckily, this one isn't some kind of spam (they even say so right in their message). We've been chosen to have our product advertised on their TV show!
Branded/Private Label Realtime Internet Travel Booking Engine
At long last you can book travel right on the WCU website! Even better, was offered the same opportunity a few days later.
Mutant Hamster Races
It's amazing the way people find us.
Link Request
This might be the most bizarre link request ever.