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The Dig

Winter Camp XXI, so bring your shovels and your mining handbooks!

In the beginning On the left is a very early picture of the project; later, as seen on the right, Dave Milon really started to "get into" his work.

Dave "Down Under"
Dickson digs it Left, D3's good side; right, K2 finds another interesting rock. It was widely believed that some of the rocks found in the excavation contained pyrite. There were definitely some shiny bits of quartz K2 strikes it rich
What a team!

Left, K2 and D3 make short work of the rock as Keith braces Dickson so he can "pogo" the shovel deeper into the cave. Believe it or not, the photo on the right is not a "finished" size; the cave is already bigger and wider than it appears. tea for two?
Three different tries to get some idea of the size of the cave -- the battery in the camera was dying or maybe we'd have gotten one looking from the inside out
Duh, it's a hole Duh, it's a hole with a light in it Duh, now it's a hole with two lights in it.
At the threshold Left, John poses at the entrance to the new Lime Lake Annex of the Memorial Site;Right, John stands in the new area, which increased the overall size of the Memorial by about 50%, not including the new basement. In the thick(et) of things