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Winter Camp Final Planning Meeting
Friday, November 26, 2021 at 1:00pm
First United Methodist Church
22124 Garrison St
Dearborn, MI

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On Tuesday, 02-Nov-2021 22:15:08 EDT, Steve D. said
Some thoughts I think we should consider at the next WCFS Meeting:

Charge either a late or early fee to encourage on-time payment.

Negotiate cabin costs first-quarter and probably someone other than Steve.

Make WCFS membership free but offer sustatining memberships with annual dues.

On Monday, 01-Nov-2021 12:35:59 EDT, Steve D. said
Shirt prices are in and it's about $450 total. If you'd like to contribute, please send a note to

Your contribution will be private.

On Monday, 18-Oct-2021 21:13:42 EDT, Steve D. said
Has anyone considered getting a spurtle?

On Friday, 24-Sep-2021 10:52:39 EDT, Steve D. said
Got a line on some new t-shirt ideas today. It occurred to me that lots of troops have shirts, so I asked for suggestions in our district forum. I've received a few so far.

On Wednesday, 26-May-2021 09:37:45 EDT, Steve D. said
The Wilsons noticed there was a good deal on soft drinks today at Kroger, so they're going to pick some up for El Mediodia.

On Monday, 24-May-2021 09:08:18 EDT, Steve D. said
What does anyone think about trying to get a food truck for El Mediodia?

On Thursday, 11-Feb-2021 20:14:02 EST, Steve D. said
It is in fact new as of yesterday.

I think we should see how much use there is before we roll out a notifier.

On Thursday, 11-Feb-2021 18:06:16 EST, Doug said
Is this discussion board new? Alan said it isn't included in his notification system. Should we ask him to add it?

I think Jeff may have the other color patches. Agree we should think about replenishing the supply. It was probably been long enough ago that it doesn't matter who we got them from originally.

On Wednesday, 10-Feb-2021 21:27:29 EST, Steve D. said
We are very low on the general Winter Camp patch. I guess we have 10 plus years of the Participation award left.

How are we doing on Red, Green, Black, and White and where are they now?

Should we consider ordering or at least getting some pricing on patches?